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Asian Drama!

October 4, 2007


Tokyoworld provides you with the newest dorama, anime and asian documentories on the net! In order to keep this up, we need YOUR help!

Become a TokyoWorld Encoder
If you have a good CPU apply as TokyoWorld Encoder! You can contact us here.

Requirement for encoders: 2 GHZ CPU

TokyoWorld Streamer
If you have a fast broadband connection you can become a TokyoWorld Streamer and stream your stuff LIVE on our stream. You can contact us here

Requirements for streamer: 60 KB/s Upload

TokyoWorld gives the user the choice to choose from TWO stream solutions:
A) TokyoTV1 – Winamp (Click here to watch)
This stream contains the newest anime episodes. We cover popular series like Naruto, Bleach or high quality series like Karas and Seirei no Moribito. You can watch the stream using Winamp or one of our players. More information can be found in our tutorial.

B) TokyoTV2 – On-Demand (Click here to watch)
TokyoTV2 contains Japanese and Korean drama as full episodes in a superior quality (compared to youtube, veoh). All you need is a browser with the Macromedia Flash plugin.

TokyoTV Widescreen

Current Drama Series:
- Bus Stop
- Eternal Happiness NEW
- Stand Up
- Wonferful Life

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