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Weekend Manga Update!

October 25, 2007


Kimi no Kakera Volume 03 chp 6 by M-S (I’ve been waiting for this for forever! Also, Snoopy Cool is back! Btw, torrent contains volumes 1-2, and the rest of the chapters of volume 3 also.)

Bastard!! vol 1-8 by Dead Sea Scans

Translation: Eden v14 ch 91

Time for some good news! Starting from today Manga Underground will continue to scanlate Eden v14+ !

Read and discuss the translations in our new Subboard Manga Translations! You have 7-10 days to participate in the proofreading progress (find mistakes (red), suggest changes (green) ). The chapter will be typesetted and released as full scanlation afterwards!


Death Note vol 13 ch 1a

Angel Heart ch 100 by Evil_Genius

NHK ch 39-40 by Evil_Genius

GantZ ch 260 by Binktopia

Hunter X Hunter ch 264 by Binktopia

The World Is Mine ch 46 by KEFI

The World Is Mine ch 47 by KEFI

The World Is Mine ch 48 by KEFI

The World Is Mine ch 49 by KEFI

Bleach ch 297 by MangaShare

Naruto ch 376 by Franky House

One Piece ch 476 by MangaShare

Seikon no Qwaser ch 03 by Plum-City

My Mysterious Girlfriend X by Eval Powar

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