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June 21, 2008

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MangaMeeya 7 for Windows Vista & 7

MangaMeeyaCE 2 for Windows XP

It’s 2011 already and more users upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 everyday. A newly translated version of MangaMeeya 7.4b in English (credits to NeoJam) is now available for download. MangaMeeya 7.4b resolves a few bugs in and most importantly: allows you to bind your hotkeys in Windows Vista and Windows 7. If you want to use the previous hotkey bindings, simply import your .ini setting file into the new folder!

You can download the newest translated version of MangaMeeya Version here:


MangaMeeya English for Windows XP, Vista, 7
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209 Responses to “Manga Reading Tool”

  1. CBloss Says:

    I haven’t heard of this tool before. I actually use CDisplay myself. It’s in english. Once you get the settings the way you want, you’re good to go. *shrugs* Just suggesting :)


  2. That guy over there Says:

    This is nice, but how does one set a folder that’s to be opened immediately each time the program runs? Or can it even do that at all?



  3. Ebichiyu Says:

    Cdisplay is nice, but as a former CDisaplay user, I can tell you this is a much nicer tool. Being able to open a .rar within a .rar is the most convenient thing, and one thing I’ve learned is to never underestimate convenience. ;)


  4. silverado Says:

    I was stucked on the old Manga Meeya version. This version is much better! I totally recommend switching from CDisplay to Manga Meeya.


  5. -crono- Says:

    ever try “ComicsViewer”? i feel it’s got all the essential functions, but without the excess kind of stuff. i used to use hikaru viewer from toriyamaworld, but switched to comicsviewer when i found it on this japanese winny forum.


  6. Sunfizz98 Says:

    Why is the english version 2.4 while the japanese version is 7.4 and is there any difference between the two?


  7. silverado Says:

    7.4 is another branch and equals 2.4 for windows.


  8. Sunfizz98 Says:

    Is there a dev site for the english version, cause the scroll function seems to be broken.


  9. Licho Says:

    Comix under linux is much better. But if u have windows its a nice tool.


  10. audrey Says:

    You can do that with CDisplay too…….


  11. crazyankan Says:

    Great program. Lots of smart settings and stuff.


  12. Ebichiyu Says:

    Audrey, the version i was using would never do it for me, admittedly though, I hadn’t upgraded it since last fall… So it may be a newer feature. I still prefer Mangameya now that I am using it.

    If CDisplay works for you the way you like it, who am I to tell you to dump it for something else(DO EEEET!!).


  13. jjss Says:

    It looks nice. Since it is open source, is anyone trying to port it to linux?

    Btw can anybody tell me which manga is this from?

    Thx in advance…


  14. jjss Says:

    I thought that the source link, was the source code but it isn’t. So nvm what I said…


  15. silverado Says:

    Unbalance X 2


  16. Buu00 Says:

    i know the comment isn’t to the topic but from which manga are the showing patches? (in the screenshot)
    I’m sorry for my english…



  17. Another Reader Says:

    The manga is C.A.T
    I highly recommend it, awesome read.

    And I’m gonna try to use this one. Using CDisplay for forever.


  18. Buu00 Says:

    thank you very much


  19. Anon Says:

    Thanks a whole bunch for working on this. It’s the best manga reader bar none (long time CDisplay user here) Unlike CDisplay it is blazing fast, even on 100MB+ rar files. And it does Lancoz resizing so everything looks razor sharp. Also has a bunch of features that no other reader does (AFAIK) like mouse gestures, an explorer that displays all the manga in a folder in the form of thumbnails and let’s you change almost every single hotkey and mouse button to whatever you want.

    Switching to it for all my comic and manga reading now :P


  20. Another Reader Says:

    I like it so far. A lot of extra feature which I probably won’t use but very nice.


  21. Lucifer Says:

    I am still using ACDSee for 8-9 (?) Years lol… well I don’t like CDisplay and MangaMeeya is quite good..e xD


  22. AlucardNoir Says:

    I have a question regarding MangaMeeya, a year ago when i went from ACDSee to CDisplayEX i changed all my manga files into .cbr, can this reader open them automatically like CDisplayEX can, cause if it can i ain’t changing 43.8 gig’s of manga files back in .rar format [and when i say automaticaly i mean i press the icon and it opens in MangaMeeya]


  23. silverado Says:

    Ofc course it can .CBR are nothing but renamed .RAR files.


  24. AlucardNoir Says:

    errr…. silv sorry, i didn’t mean if it can open cbr files, and too bad you already posted, i just remembered that i can do what i wanted from windows [to change the program i open a .cbr file from cdisplay to mangameeya] – really sorry for posting


  25. silverado Says:

    Yeah ofc. That’s a windows feature:

    Hold SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK any CBR file. Choose from the panel “Open with” and set MangaMeeya as your default reader.


  26. crazyankan Says:

    Some info about Comic Book Archive files.
    It is a type of archive file for the purpose of sequential viewing of images, especially comic books. The idea was made popular by the CDisplay image viewer.

    The Comic Book Archive format is a compressed archive which uses one of several popular compression file formats. The files may be opened using the appropriate compression programme simply by changing the file extension, depending on the file format:
    * .cbr →.rar
    * .cbz →.zip
    * .cbt →.tar
    * .cba →.ace


  27. linux user Says:

    For linux, it’s worth to have a look at QComicBook:
    Since 0.4.0 it also supports nested archives :)

    KDE4’s Okular has also comic book archives support, but it’s still in beta state.


  28. vries Says:

    I’m using picwalker. It have some issues with rar archives, but works fine with most of releases.


  29. Darkangel Says:

    Can someone tell me how do you readmanga on it?. I have this problem which the program that the downloaded mangas get sent to cannot use that program so i can’t read that downloaded manga on my computer. How do you change this program to another program to read the downloaded manga. I could appericate the help please.


  30. Darkangel Says:

    Another question, how do you set up Mangameeya on your computer anyway to read the manga? It saved on mine as a compressed folder and i don’t know how to start to read mangas on it. Also i notice a .RAR manga files is not playing on CDisplay, it just says the file is not there, why is that?. Sorry for posting so many questions.


  31. Ebichiyu Says:

    Ok, I think what you’re asking is how to open the .rar’s or whatever other format is used with the mangameeya.

    First off extract the mangameeya archive you downloaded into a folder somewhere on your PC.

    From there right click on one of the manga’s you want to read, and clich “Open with…”, if you don’t see mangameeya listed, then down at the bottom there is a “browse” button. Click on browse, navigate to the folder you extracted mangameeya to, and open the program from there.

    You can either save it as the default program to open files like that, or just have it in your “Open with…” menu from then on. Its up to you how you do it from there. If you have any other problems, or if I didn’t explain that well enough, feel free to ask.


  32. joker999 Says:

    For OSX manga reader
    its really good :)

    (but shame its not free but you can crack it ;))


  33. silverado Says:

    alright, lemme say this:

    mangameeya is not a nerdy, manga archivating script.

    1) It’s trimmed for mobility and performance. it runs on every windows WITHOUT INSTALLTION or any programming framework. You can put it on an USB stick and read your manga anytime, anywhere!

    2) It’s only 800 KB and it’s ultra fast loading. the pages are resized in high quality. you get no line noise with PNG (unlike CDisplay). There different portrait formats: like fullscreen, double page, double layout (it automatically recognize if an image is a double page or not). It even supports mouse gestures. You can even customize MangaMeeya to use different setting profiles. So if you got a laptop and have to change the keys, you can simply load your keysettings for the laptop or your computer. All this in only 800 KB, that’s a damn lot.

    so if you always wanted a fast loading, quality manga reader, you should use MangaMeeya. If you want a manga management tool, try out comicrack (win) or comix (linux). In my opinion those heavy tools require a lot more of your ressources for extra features, that personally I don’t give a damn, cuz i dont archive every manga I download. especially owners of older computers might find the loading time of comicrack annoying. if you are an CDisplay owner, then really should think about changing. CDisplay’s performance is CRAPPY compared to the fast loading, light MangaMeeya.


  34. AlucardNoir Says:

    mangameeya may be fast for some but on my system it was pretty buggy and loaded big files like s*** [at least the mmece [both en and jp versions], as for cdisplay, i renounces using it as soon as i got it and went for cdisplayex and now tx to you silv i’m going to comicrack, it may take an eternity to load but it’s worth it, i have like all the options i can use [and since i do archive all comics that aren’t pdf – that means all the manga i have on my pc – it is really useful tx again silv]


  35. silverado Says:

    never experienced problems with big files. what was the error?

    I just tested it with a 300 MB archive containt multiple archives. It loaded in 1 second


  36. AlucardNoir Says:

    Well, error was:
    “WaitForSingleObject TimeOut!
    LoadCacheLineClear Delete”
    and it only appears in mmece, not in mmecht [note: mmecht opened my sanctuary part 5 of 218.027 kb in about 2secs or less – sorry for not having dl your edition yet :P ], and i had the same error in both the en and the jp version, as for the time i waited for the file to load ~ approx 5 min and no result just a black screen [it did give me a small box that showed the files loading but when it was finished and normally you would get an image i get just the black background]

    note: mangameeyaCE is the 2.4 version the one translated, in jp there is also a 7.4 version – that works fine [just that i don’t know jp ^_^]


  37. silverado Says:

    The archives are either corrupted or the filepath / filename is too long.


  38. Darkangel Says:

    Thanks to Ebichiyu for the help, it wored like a charm.


  39. Sunfizz Says:

    Not sure what you’re talking about CDisplay as being crappy, but I guess that makes sense when it comes to loading huge files like Akira volumes. Anyway, I fixed the scrolling problem by transferring the english MMCE to the jap version folder and edited the ini file so that the menus are in english. I’ll be upping it to the net sometime this week and giving this site props for mentioning such a great program.


  40. Ebichiyu Says:

    Hey, thanks sunfizz, can’t wait to get it :P


  41. esso Says:

    In the next release can you support opening last archive/page read on startup. Also using the wheel to scroll through pages is broken. I can scroll back pages but not forward.

    Other than that, this so far is my favorite reader to use. I used to use CDisplay then ComicRack.


  42. 123 Says:


    where u get the new version of mangameeyaCE?


  43. AlucardNoir Says:

    @123: here i think, if i’m not mistaking the program is no longer being actively developed so chances are any new development will happen here tx to suck great guys like silv


  44. AlucardNoir Says:

    News about ComicRack, as of version 0.9.82 it introduced .7z zip support, and as far as i know is the first program to actually have inbuilt support for the .cb7 file name, yes you’ve heard correctly a new comic book file name, that technically is readable with any comic viewer and archiving tool that can work with .7z archives but that currently is supported from the install only by ComicRack, as for adoption from other programs, it will probably only happen if the format becomes popular enough, and that only time can say


  45. silverado Says:

    who needs that??? it’s as useful as adding a third cupboard in your smart. you can live without!


  46. AlucardNoir Says:

    well, true for something like 75% of all manga that are scanlated and saved in jpeg but for the other formats that use png, gif, and even tif, the better the archiving tool, the more free space, the more free space, well – the more manga to take it’s place ^_^ [and yes for dose kind of files 7z is a little more efficient then rar


  47. silverado Says:

    7z is a cpu hook. it destroys your reading experience.


  48. Kaishe Says:

    As someone who has always used Windows Picture and Fax View Slideshow to read manga I definitely prefer what i’ve been using over everything else


  49. az060693 Says:

    I used that for years, then CDisplay for a year, then MangaMeeyaCe for another year, and now I just switched to the new version, which is way faster and more stable.


  50. evaric Says:

    Thanks for the recommendation on this program, I love it! I’ve been using ACDSee for over 5 years, but was amazed what MangaMeeya can do as well as how efficient and fast it was.


  51. hiiro Says:

    thanks for the recommendation but I still prefer using picwalker since it has an explorer sidebar wherein you can explorer your different folders for fast browsing sadly the author discontinued the project oh well perhaps when this tool has an explorer bar then it will be a good replacement to picwalker


  52. silverado Says:

    mangameeya also has a sidebrowser -_-

    stop making comments if you aren’t aware of the features!


  53. silverado Says:

    Here is an updated version by Sunfizz:

    Manga Meeya v2.4 Beta Update

    It fixes some scrolling issues. Good job!


  54. Dee Says:

    Cool and thanks for the program! I’ve been using Gonvisor but it can get a little unresponsive after a while and tends to cut off the side of the pages, so this program is far better. :)

    P.S. Btw, what image is that manga from? It looks kinda cool and interesting. :)


  55. Dee Says:

    Btw, here’re some things I noticed:

    a) When I click on “Show 100%”, the image instead resizes to what it’d be like if I’d selected “Adjust to Window Size”. If I need to revert to “Show 100%”, I need to select the option twice.

    b) The program doesn’t allow more than 1 instance of it to run at the same time. I often read a few manga at the same time, so it’s a bit of a clincher.


  56. silverado Says:

    It remembers the last page of each volume, so you can close it without any problem and continue it later, even if you opened another manga title before.


  57. Xess Says:

    “Simple Comic” is the best for Macintosh.


  58. Darkangel Says:

    Can someone help me with this problem?!? Some of my manga reading tools such as mangameeya or picwalker don’t show some .RAR file manga and i don’t kno why, can someone tell me the cause, and what can u do to make your manga reading tool(s) to make them read all manga or what other tool is there which can read all manga???


  59. terrwee Says:

    I’ve been using this version 2.4 beta since last year, where’s the new one that everyone’s talking about?! Anyway MangaMeeya is still the best. None can beat its speed! And don’t mention CDisplay or it’s later variants here, I hated your grandpa’s comic reader with a passion.


  60. zzenn Says:

    I want to know where the new version is too. I thought 2.4 was it?

    Anyway, I’ve tried numerous image viewers and comic book readers. The only one that comes close to MangaMeeya is Compupic, but unfortunately that tool only supports ZIP and hasn’t been updated in ages. No unicode either, afaik.

    MM has it all. Speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! Multiple archive support and minimal system requirements AND unicode. I use it not only for reading comics, but browsing all my pictures in general. It’s simply that convenient.


  61. silv Says:

    The new version? It IS the new version, kinda like 2.4.1


  62. Alex Says:

    Is there a way to make Meeya display the page number like cdisplay does?


  63. iddqd Says:

    I don’t know what people see in programs like this.
    With a single command, ye can have every page open up in a new firefox tab and read without ever touching a mouse. Now _that_ is comfy. And multi-platform.


  64. kill Says:

    “Look! It’s a ‘Moron’ from Bitch-island!”


  65. kisa Says:

    I seem to be having trouble configuring the hotkey commands. can’t input new ones in. any help? using vista.


  66. Tarsius Says:

    Best way to describe MangaMeeya would be like this:

    MangaMeeya = Shinkansen Series N700 Bullet Train
    [your favorite other reader here] = toddlers bike

    harharhar, but don’t take my word for it -try it yourself…


  67. Darknemo2000 Says:

    My main problem with this tool is that it scrolls up and down too fast. Is there a way to make it scroll down or up slower instead of these quick jumps?


  68. Some Dude Says:

    I think this program is a worthy replacement for CDisplay. The only real issue I have with it is that the program defaults are completely retarded but with a few tweaks and several minutes of work you can get it running exactly like CDisplay. The only flaw I’ve found with it vs CDisplay is that it inserts a dummy page if you have uneven pages and use two page mode. Sadly most of the extra features are things I don’t care about… custom hotkeys is basically it.


  69. Dragon Says:

    May I ask how does it handle txt files in archives?


  70. DarkCless Says:

    Good software ; but I still like Hamana better.


  71. [BOT]Fluffy_Bot Says:

    It’s a neat little app and with some work could easily be the best of its kind, but Comicsviewer is still far ahead of it. Bookmarks, auto-resume where you left off, one-key scrolling (probably the most important feature IMO) – the list of advantages Comicsviewer holds is impressive. On top of that MangaMeeya has a fun bug switching to and from fullscreen which completely turned me off from the reader. I will admit that the interface is nicer but the application itself needs some work before I’d ever abandon Comicsviewer.


  72. hahahah Says:

    How to open URL in MangaMeeya??
    It is going to be very troublesome if I keep downloading it..


  73. Gunmahoro Says:

    I also switched from CDisplay to Manga Meeya. I needed larger icons so I took the ToolButtonS file and resized maintaining aspect ratio for the Medium (200×400) and Large (280×560)size bitmaps. Worked great.

    I have not been able to figure out the bookmarks. How do you set them, and how to you deleted previously saved bookmarks?


  74. silverado Says:

    Simply create a hotkey for “File-Add/Del Bookmarks”.
    You can open books by going “File-Open Bookmark”


  75. Gunmahoro Says:

    Thank you. It took a minute to figure out how to added and remove a bookmark with that menu function. Is the bookmark only saving the beginning of the file (page one), or should it preserve the page you are at? When I save a bookmark, it always goes to page one; it never saves the current page I am at.

    silverado Says:
    January 16th, 2009 at 7:03 am

    Simply create a hotkey for “File-Add/Del Bookmarks”.
    You can open books by going “File-Open Bookmark”


  76. dlget Says:

    This is really nice. I’ve been using it for a couple years now. It outperforms CDisplay, ACDSee, and other free third party image editor (bundled w/ a viewer). When I first started using it, after an hour, I knew MMCE exceeded where its competitors failed.

    MMCE has a nice interface, especially the the ability to customize the display by dragging it to all four corners. A nice slider, including filters to adjust images to better fit your preference; a dozen of scaling options and best of all, the amazing Modes:
    Fullscreen ENTER
    Reading Mode R
    Thumbnail Mode T
    Explorer Mode E

    I cannot live without MMCE, it’s invaluable. If one would give this manga viewer a try for what it’s worth, I can assure that disappointment will not be a huge factor. I probably spared myself a lot of hassle sticking with other programs. Thinking back, I must have saved hours of wasted time not knowing MMCE existed. -_-;`


  77. halida Says:

    hi, thank you for introducing me to mangameeya. i really love it!! :D however, i have one problem with it. if the archive contains a .txt file somehow it will not open the images and is stuck at the .txt file. is there something i can do about this? thanks :)


  78. silverado Says:

    I just tested it with a txt file. It worked just splendid. It did not load the txt file at all. So maybe it’s only at your end?


  79. Portor Says:


    Are there any settings that anyone can recommend? i am using scaling option Linear Interpolation and No sharpness filter.

    Btw will there be any new versions? and does this software have a homepage?

    Thanx a lot


  80. Ukeme Says:

    Q: if the archive contains a .txt file somehow it will not open the images and is stuck at the .txt file. is there something i can do about this?

    A: Uncheck “Text Priority” under Menu>Tools>Configuration>Text(tab)

    I had this exact same problem and got help from another user. So don’t think I’m some kind of genius. ;)


    As for settings… I’m using Reading Mode, 1 Image, Fit L/W, Avg Pixel. I think the scaling really comes down to your monitor and eyes. Some folks like things sharpened, others a bit more blurred. I think LCD users might prefer the blurring (due to sharper defined pixels in comparison to most monitors)

    I have no idea what Open URL, Guidebook and Bookmarks are doing though. Haven’t really looked into them as yet.


  81. silverado Says:

    Bookmark lets you save your favourite chapters or volumes.
    openn url lets you read ddl links directly with manameeya. it kinda streams rhe archive. works with direct links only and saves you traffic.


  82. Portor Says:

    i tried the open url as direct link. but it does not understand next pages. Hope it could understand and change link 002.jpg 003.jpg and like this.


  83. silverado Says:

    No, it only reads rar and zip archives.


  84. Portor Says:

    changing page should be easy on a direct link if software could accept link with wildcards. ex: 00(*).jpg where * = 1-10

    and one more thing software doesnt open tif file format.

    also i asked something earlier. where is the homepage of this software? and will there be new versions how can we keep ourselves up to date?


  85. kositka Says:

    Very useful files search engine. is a search engine designed to search files in various file sharing and uploading sites.


  86. Ukeme Says:


    I don’t think their is a homepage for Manga Meeya. As I understand the program’s history: it was made for a specific project, a dispute arose between the programmer and project owners, and MM was released onto the internet as a kind of copyrighted but orphaned program. Currently it’s downloadable from several sites, although no one “owns” it per se since the original programmer is not stepping forward.


  87. asdf Says:

    An earlier poster “esso” mentioned a problem that I’m also experiencing. Under Tools-Customize-Mouse 1, I set the Wheel to “Page Scroll”. Scrolling up (i.e. scrolling backwards) works fine. However, scrolling down (i.e. scrolling forward) is very buggy. I can scroll down to the end of a page, but it won’t continue on to the next page. Sometimes it flickers a bit and shows the next page, but then immediately goes back to the page I was on. Any fixes for this problem?


  88. alexei Says:

    It would be very handy if it could read .sitx archives. It is a lossless jpeg compression format that reduces by up to 30% the original size losslessly. It would be very adequate for saving space.


  89. Maniac Says:

    Nobody has mentioned the best feature about this reader, Lanczos resizing!!! Make sure to enable it in the menu… CLEAR, non fuzzy resizes, yes!


  90. NightFoxXIII Says:

    This is a great way to view comics, thanks for the program (former CDisplay user when I first started, but this is more convenient as I want to quickly read through all my archives efficiently.

    One question though, how do I change the hotkeys? I try to press the ‘modify’ button and type in a character but when I press ‘OK’ it doesn’t save it. How do I fix it?


  91. Andreas Says:

    For some reason it doesn’t let me assign cursor or ctrl/alt/… keys in hotkeys. How do I do that…


  92. tanya0001 Says:

    I have Vista and the newest version of MangaMeeya and can’t modify the hotkeys and settings to change the button compinations. When I press ‘OK’ it doesn’t save. Can this be fixed?

    The older version of MangaMeeya allowed me to change the hotkeys for example change the command for Next Page from SPACE to ->, in the new version I get a sound signal from my computer if I trie to modify the settings :(


  93. Mohit Says:

    Hello I am a new comic reader and i had downloaded Dragon Ball Comic series. But No one like cdisplay or cdisplayex has seem able to even open that but Manga Reading tool does that job. it is very nice tool since it even not require to install.

    Thank You for the Product


  94. setting Says:

    anybody know how to set this up in a way like CDisplay where you just have to press space bar and it scrolls from right to left, top to bottom. i’m kinda confuse on the configuration part. loved the software. thanks!


    • mono Says:

      i dont know to be honest,
      but i dont think you can do that.
      i just have it full screen, and use the middle button magnify circle thing to look at smaller stuffs..


  95. kixx Says:

    An English Translation (Menu & Dialog Box) of MangaMeeya 7.4b JP Version


  96. mono Says:

    i still prefer the proper eng version than this above ^
    this one is a little weird i find. unstable.
    and its not fully ttranslated


  97. neojam Says:

    Chinese version seems like it has messed up dialog windows: bottom part of the dialog box in options is covered up and you cant access some settings.

    Looks like a translation of the Chinese version (bottom of tabs in options are still messed up).
    And who was translating it anyway?
    I have no idea what a half of those “translated” options say. lol
    Example: “Disable repeat run”, which refers to using a single instance of mangameeya…or “Display file name scrolling” which should be “Show scrollbars” X_x

    I think I’ll try to find a JP version and give it a go with hex editing and Google translate ^_^.


  98. neojam Says:

    I’ve found Japanese v7.4 and unlike in the chinese version, there are no probs within option tabs…
    Aaaannnd, i’ve spent ca 10+ Hours straight editing it a hex editor and translating it bit by bit with google translate >_>

    That uber-engrish translation that kixx posted above, i’ve used it as a starting point (some of those “translations” are still included in my file), then translated all dropdown menus, buttons/key names, gesture options and did better icon-buttons (found most of them on the web) so anyway, the GUI is now “completely” in engrish and looking good.
    I also did some error/info dialog translations, but most are still untranslated…

    Here is an image of new engrish version:

    And here is the download link:
    Archive contains japanese exe as well, you can run them both if you want to.

    have phun, iam off to bed


  99. mono Says:

    NeoJam – thanks! im gonna check that out… will report back my findings.

    is that a chrono trigger doujin you are reading in the screenshot!?


  100. neojam Says:

    You’re welcome, and no, its not a doujin i’m reading there,
    its just some random image from pixiv. lol

    I’ve made some more “translations”, but it’s too few to justify a new upload. I gonna post a “new” version later once i translate some more stuff.
    Any help with translation would be great too, so if you see some “engrish” sentences and know what their proper English translation is, post it here, ill correct it. The same is with the leftover japanese data that you see. (You can use the included japanese exe as a reference for translations, if you know japanese.)

    If anyone knows a proper translation for “指定範囲拡大前のスケールに戻す” let me know, since its the only command still untranslated (i temporary renamed it to “No frikken idea what it is for” in the file ive posted, in case someone was wondering). Google says its “Before returning to the scale of expansion in the range specified” X_x…


  101. mono Says:

    well, i had a look at your new version and it seems pretty damn good!
    good job so far!


  102. Jsc Says:

    Thanks for the update. I was just wondering if there was a update for this. Surprisingly there is! thanks again.


  103. dd Says:


    i can’t find this button anywhere on the menus…

    but my guess is: returning to the original scale (the scale before you zoomed in/out). so it’s either a step back/undo for zoom, or it takes you back to the default scale before you zoomed in/out.


  104. dd Says:

    by the way, what happened to the “insert a blank page before 1st page” option in this version release?

    and i never figured out how the bookmark function works. can it bookmark multiple pages within a rar/zip file? i normally read magazines with it, and it’ll be really useful if i can bookmark pages so i can go back to them without flipping through all the pages again the next time..


  105. neojam Says:

    Hi guys, here is a new version with a shitload of new translations and engrish corrections (also added few new icons and buttons.):

    Wanted to post this one 3 days aqo, but my PC’s PSU died… :/

    “指定範囲拡大前のスケールに戻す” it’s the last function you can choose in the settings of mouse buttons.

    “what happened to the “insert a blank page before 1st page” option”?
    Where was it? need more info.

    About bookmarking, there are 3 different bookmark options in mangameeya:
    1.”Add to Bookmark list”: just adds current folder to the bookmark list at the bookmark sidebar.
    2.”Mark reading position”: marks reading position in the images list at the image toolbar.
    3.”Add/Remove image from the Table of Contents”: Marks multiple images by adding them to TOC.

    So if you want to mark multiple images, youll need 3rd option (then just open the TOC sidebar to jump to your bookmars faster).

    Has anyone checked out the “add image as book spine to the bookshelf” option? I love it.


  106. dd Says:

    thanks for the new link

    >>“what happened to the “insert a blank page before 1st page” option”?
    >Where was it? need more info.

    this was available in the mangameeyaCE 2.4, under its “view” menu. it lets you insert a blank page before the 1st page. what it does is that it places a blank page for you along side the cover page, so that it offsets the rest of your pages when you read the pages beyond. only works for double-page viewing mode.


  107. silverado Says:

    As soon as you have translated everything I will announce the new version and credit you :)

    Also there is an annoying bug. If you customize the shortkeys it doesn’t let you create a blank slot. The only way to create delete a shortcut is by clicking the right button of the mouse. I would appreciate it if you could add this information on the shortkey page so that ppl know how to deselect / delete a shortkey.



  108. neojam Says:

    its now under “General 1″ tab in configuration (2-page view settings).

    That info is already there, right on top of Keyboard settings window:
    “Keyboard settings. Click on field to assign a hotkey, right-click a field to clear it”


  109. darkrwo Says:

    @neojam, where is the thumbnail and reading mode in ver7? In 2.4, the hotkeys for it was ‘t’ and ‘r’.


  110. darkrwo Says:

    thumbnail mode was priceless. it turns the viewing to continuous without having to turn every single page.


  111. neojam Says:

    Nope, its not there anymore…no idea why it was removed, i liked it as well.
    There is a “scroll and turn” function now, which you could map to mouse wheel or keyboard keys.
    What it does is basically open next/previous image for you after you reach bottom/top of an image. Not as fancy as thumbnail mode in CE version, though…


  112. darkrwo Says:

    @neojam, alright, thanks.

    i’ll stick w/ CE for now. i’ll continue waiting for next update that will include thumbnail mode.


  113. neojam Says:

    As far as i know, there will be no new versions, since the project was closed due to some GPL violations. :(

    Here is my new translation (rev2.01) of 7.4b, nothing major to report, just few “engrish” corrections. I don’t think that there is any need to do more translations on this, so for now I’m done with it (if there will be any requests for corrections & etc, i might update it again)

    I was on a lookout for another viewer, since mangameeya’s file managing functions suck and stumbled upon another japanese viewer called “Leeyes”

    I’m currently reviewing it.
    It uses Susie plugins (doesn’t work without them), it can read archives inside archives, has various filters (sharpening, color, gamma & etc) and has decent file managing functions. I’ll might translate it as well…


  114. emkenzsiif Says:

    cwOg3X eiefjfsowdrh, [url=]jlbhtxlcmvfi[/url], [link=]rwjzbfcdvswr[/link],


  115. Hypernova Says:

    Hi. Just checked out your Mangameeya 7.4 Eng. Very awesome. I used Mangameeya for quite some time and now I can finally config it the way I want. Thank you!


  116. Some dude Says:

    How exactly do you change shortcut keys? Did anyone figure it out. I can’t seem to change them. I even tried using the ascii code for (right arrow) button but it doesn’t seem to work. Can someone help me please?


  117. mono Says:

    I dunno. I still use the old english version
    Have you tried the new version that’s a few comments up??


  118. Strangerfromafarcoast Says:

    Funny, for a software that prompts to have everything, doesnt even have a minimize button. SAD~


  119. doeshave Says:

    it has both minimize features: standard minimize and minimize to tray. Both buttons can be created on the Tool bar.


  120. Kae Says:

    wow great program!
    i was looking for a program to read mangás and this is the best program i found.

    good job and thanks a lot ^^


  121. Strangerfromafarcoast Says:


    no, there is’nt and there isnt even a way to change the hotkey for minimize


  122. doeshave Says:

    It’s there and I’m using it if you mean Mangameeya7.4 version, can’t remember if its in V2.4 though…


  123. Strangerfromafarcoast Says:

    Okay, i just found out that v7.4(eng translated) works better as in it looks more beautiful, more customizable and has the minimize buttons i was looking for. But theres one tiny flaw i found. The “minimize to tray” works on fullscreen but the “minimize windows” doesn’t.


  124. Godhand Says:

    This program is brilliant, love it!! I never use any other Manga or Comic reader now. Keep updating this program for English don’t let it diee!


  125. sukanime Says:

    Thank you very much, this the best manga reader i have found for windows.
    This simple but have alot feature i needed for reading my manga colection at work place.
    ( i’am linux user but at work place i use windows, and in linux i use comix from )


  126. neojam Says:

    MangaMeeyaCE2.4b with fixes:

    1.Gesture arrows are now displayed correctly at the bottom of the MangaMeeya’s window
    2.Better translation of resampling algorithms names and few other translation corrections
    3.Better Icons

    MangaMeeya v7.4b ENG Rev2.01a:

    1.Few translation corrections.
    2.Supports now more image formats (DDS support is added, if you’re into 3D and game modding)
    3. I’ve included MS AppLocale into the package, so people could view images with Unicode characters in the filenames.

    Leeyes 2.61b ENG Rev1.00:

    Another japanese image viewer, which i’ve started translating.
    Above is an unfinished, partially “translated” copy of Leeyes v2.61Beta.
    I’ve used Google translate to do the translations and there are still many parts that are just gibberish/engrish, since i didn’t correct them all yet. This release is only for previewing purposes. Let me know what you think about this app.


  127. Strangerfromfarcoast Says:

    @NeoJam, let me be the first to congratulate you on your new updates and thank you for that. I have tried the latest Mangameeya 7.4 and see quite some changes to the translated english. I havent tried the other app yet. Will let you know when i do.
    Again thanks for your work man!


  128. Ukeme Says:

    Has anyone found the Rotate Image function?

    In the original CE edition their is a button to rotate images in the lower right toolbar. In the 2.1 Engrish version this function is gone. Nor do I see it anywhere else in the program. Anyone know where it has been moved to?


  129. NeverMind Says:

    neojam, thank you for your hard work. The site should put his/her work on the main site.


  130. Daniel SNow Says:

    If anyone knows and wants to translate Chinese, I can provide an English version, if you have someone willing to comment on it there, I put version 7.4 in English here. I’m doing a version in my language using google to translate.


  131. Dan Says:

    @Daniel SNow
    there is no need in translating the Chinese version (if this is what you mean) into english, since that on the Internet available chinese version 7.4 is nothing else but a translation of japanese ver7.4b.
    Plus there are some dialog windows “broken” in that Chinese version.

    The best available english translation atm can be found here, check neojam’s last post.


  132. Strangerfromafarcoast Says:

    Im using neojam’s Mangameeya 7.4 and there’s always a chance of crashing. Is anyone experiencing that? Mostly the crash occurs when i switch to another cbr/cbz file while the current one is still open.


  133. EDDY Says:

    it’s better than Comical especially zoom in and out commmand


  134. koyuki Says:

    im using atm the enlgish and old version of Manga Reading Tool and was wondering if the new chinese version has any kind of advantages or major updates for which it would be way worth using the chinese one?


  135. zeldAIS Says:

    For Windows Vista and Seven people that prefer to have their hotkeys of to back page, but can’t correctly configure it, I took the liberty of checking the lines each (using notepad++’s compare plugin that saves a lot of time), here is an excerpt of what line you need to change.

    Note: I used first the .ini file from here:

    Open the MangaMeeyaCE.ini file and scroll down to where [Keyboard] is.

    Change :


    to :


    The only difference is that after the 92nd comma, the 37 and 39 are switched. So basically, 37 is the left key and 39 is the right key.

    I most of the time use XP (when I’m in Windows, but I’m usually Linux most of the time now) but my brother’s laptop has no choice but Windows Vista (tried downgrading the thing to XP, but found out laptop’s not compatible to XP) so I just did the changes in my XP & thought I also understand the ini syntax and post here.

    Hope this helps for Vista & 7 people using MangaMeeya (or go change to Linux and use Comix :P)


  136. Thorr Says:

    Can i run this on my Windows 7 64 bit ?
    Couse some friends had to reinstall their computer after installing stuff for 32 bit.


  137. silverado Says:

    This program runs as executable. It does not install anything so your system is safe. You can even put it on an USB stick and read manga with all your settings.


  138. gort Says:

    Can the Thumbnail Mode Reading be put back in version 7.4? Reading continuously with it (using wheel or trackball) is better than clicking buttons.


  139. Malih Says:

    I would like to say thank you very much, I finally found the best Manga reader that fits my requirement exactly, that is reading manga and jump to next/prev folders using just the mouse.

    Since I have a wireless mouse, I can just sit back while reading Mangas.


  140. DrakoDrakkonis Says:

    Hi, Neojam!
    I like your translation…
    MangaMeeya 7.4 is a marvelous stuff!
    Thanx alot!


  141. fantastic Says:

    This program is really GREAT. I am using “MangaMeeya 7.4 Beta Rev2.01a NeoJam Version” on Windows 7, it’s perfect, fast, hugely configurable. I was using the old MMCE_Win32 2.4beta for some time, it was very good but would CPU hog in Windows 7 quite a lot, this one is much updated and has even more config options. By far the best manga reader I know.


  142. malih Says:

    somehow I can’t open folder with Japanese/Chinese/Korean character on the latest version using both MangaMeeya7.exe and MangaMeeya-JP.exe – do I have wrong setting? I did set the hotkeys and scaling, but leave everything else in default.


  143. X Says:

    You need microsoft’s Applocale for that, since MM7 doesn’t have native unicode support. Check the links in neojams post above for the app and info.


  144. custom thumbnail mode Says:

    Really really great, but one small problem: in “custom” Thumbnail mode, MangaMeeya constantly goes back to “8 columns” mode every time you click an image.

    You must go View -> “Show Thumbnails (Custom)” every time. Annoying.


  145. custom thumbnail mode Says:

    hum, sorry, my previous post makes no sense, I had configured the mouse shortcut to “show thumbs (8col)”…


  146. marcus Says:

    the new version have a problem, (7.4b) dont have the capabilities to read an archive with kanji in the title of the file ( the eng version ) but the old version ( 2.4b ) are capable to read and are translate to eng

    i would like to upgrade this viewer that i have used for years, but this problem is really stupid ( also the folder are unable to read, give error )


  147. Kirika Says:

    “Can the Thumbnail Mode Reading be put back in version 7.4? Reading continuously with it (using wheel or trackball) is better than clicking buttons.”
    ^^ This. I don’t understand why newer versions of programs have to take 2 steps forward and one step back… The same goes for PotPlayer (previously The KMPlayer) where many things have been improved but there is no “open recent files” option, which is annoying as hell.

    I’ve switched from old MM 2.4 Beta to MangaMeeya 7.4 and all is better except one thing – I can’t find the option “thumbnail mode” (press “T” to activate it assuming you didn’t change the binding key) which in MMCE 2.4 would allow to scroll every page vertically, similar to PicWalker. The name is confusing and inaccurate but basically it allows to look at the page “x” and the next one (“x+1″) at the same time. It’s better then having two pages horizontally, especially if someone doesn’t have a huge display. Here’s a screenshot of what I have in mind:

    In PicWalker it works even better (you just have to activate “continuous pages mode” or press “C”)and that’s the only reason why I’m still using such old program (well, there’s also a fact it uses even less resources than MM).


  148. marcus Says:

    manga meeya 7.4b ( english version ) are unable to read archive with non unicode test ( alias kanji ) but the japanese native version yes

    the strange thing is this : the version 2.4b ( english version ) are ABLE to read folder and file with japanese kanji

    so this is strange, and i dunno why happen


  149. Lorenzo! Says:

    just wanted to say a big thanks to the developer!! Thanks my friend!! Your work is appreciated


  150. Kaz Says:

    Hahaha! I just found a new manga to read! Sakuranbo Syndrome! :3


  151. WhatAbout7Z Says:

    Great program but it’s really too bad that it can’t unzip *.7z files…

    Would be great to solve that unfortunate problem in the next version.


  152. gruia Says:

    this is the best soft there is, if the devs would work a little on the auto scroll feature to be nicer , and the menu/icons aspect
    this would be the perfect utility

    Thanks alot ^_^


  153. dothackjhe Says:

    Functionality-wise, this is the best software of its kind out there. The only downside I could see from this software is the plain icons used, but it doesn’t really affect the reading experience overall which is just fine. Scrolling through pages can be done in two ways as far as I know: you can either click on the page or use the directional arrows.


  154. Bob Says:

    So… is there any fix to the part where it can’t read unicode characters? 2.4b worked like a charm in that area.


  155. Bob Says:

    Also, it would be really awesome if the jumping up one level worked more like it did in 2.4. Otherwise 7 is great.


  156. zsweds Says:

    It needs a feature to scroll down the images sequentially. that would be nice.
    For all the people looking for a feature like that try: MANGARIINI is the only thing that mangariini does but it make it, cool to use.


  157. Kago Says:

    The only thing keeping me from stop using CDisplayEx to switch to any other comic reader software is the smooth scrolling feature. For me, the smooth scrolling implemented in CDisplayEx is the -right- way to go; each scroll has to have a short forepart and a long dragging follows. The smooth scrolling setting in MangaMeeya is customizable, but sadly not in the way I like it to be.


  158. Shashwat Black Says:

    this is a very good program.. it has lots and lots of options to customize controls, navigation and viewing.. i’m very satisfied with it..


  159. Tiffany Says:

    The only problem I found with this one is that it doesn’t appear to have any kind of detection of whether it’s looking at a single page or double page, so if you’re viewing in the double page view then sometimes when you come to a double page you end up with 3 pages open, which is a bit awkward. Other software doesn’t seem to have this little snafu.


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  162. mozilla firefox Says:

    Good day! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after reading through some of the post I realized it’s new
    to me. Anyhow, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be book-marking and checking back frequently!


  163. kvothe Says:

    Just quickly found this after looking for a new manga reader; great tool and easy to use so far; thank you a lot!


  164. CD Campbell Says:

    This is a really awesome software. My days of waiting of waiting on a manga to load online are over. I just download the manga using a manga downloader like domdomsoft and read them all day using this software. Thank whoever developed it a lot.


  165. Fanff Says:

    Great application.
    On ipad i’m using


  166. Anglokraut Says:

    Shared this in the another MangaMeeya thread on this site as well. I’ve found a MangaMeeya Wiki written by the main original developer with a Tutorial and various other information, the last of which is a Note to the Public explaining the reasons he stopped developing MangaMeeya. Apparently, it was all due to the inclusion of PDF elements under GPL licence, a licence that, as he later found out, had an unusual clause that forces its users to make the code of their software public. He wasn’t prepared to do that, so he rather discontinued the product. On the same page, there’s also a box that allows to comment on his question whether it might not be better to get rid of the “useless” PDF (yes, he appears angry about what it did to his project). If you, who reads this, think it a good idea, perhaps you could leave a comment there, encouraging him to rather kick out PDF and than leave MangaMeeya without further development. Its a bit late for that kind of feedback, perhaps, but I’m sure it can’t do any harm if he gets some input from the non-Japanese public as well.

    Here’s the link:
    ttp:// /mangameeya/pages /31.html

    (Add an “h” in front of the URL and remove spaces to make it work. And, should you share links to that site elsewhere, please cloak them too, so they become unrecognisable to link spiders. That’s a request I found on that site. Apparently there’s a risk the author may be obliged to shut down the Wiki if it becomes too public. An explanation why he prefers it this way might be that proper links that would be collected by search engines’ spiders would result in it loosing its obscurity by getting higher search rankings and appearing too high up in search results to keep the required obscurity)


  167. Anonymous Says:

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  178. neojam Says:

    Hi guys,it’s been a long time :)

    Anyway, I made bigger icons for MangaMeeyaCE 2.4b not so long ago (was a request from a buddy) and thought maybe you guys want to have it to.
    I also changed few dialog windows a little and preconfigured the working area to my preference, so check it out.




  179. Lenora Says:

    I delight in the knowledge on your internet site.
    Thanks a bunch!


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  181. Bony Yousuf Says:

    Try out “Manga Viewer” extension for chrome. It lets you read online mangas in full screen with image/chapter caching. It also lets you subscribe to a manga series so you will get notification upon latest releases.
    Here is the link, read the feedback of other people if you have any doubt about it


  182. Eric Says:

    This is user a user-friendly manga reader. It’s exactly what I need. Thanks!


  183. Tourri caccamo Says:

    Hi. First i want to tell you all that this is the best manga reader/editor/creator i’ve seen. it has so many cool features. I want to advertise this to many manga site. lol.


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