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New Manga & New Music Player

July 13, 2008


Liar Game ch25 by Null
Psyren ch30 by Binktopia
Blazer Drive ch4 by Moqwai’o

Library War: Spitfire! ch 1 by LetterBee

Full Metal Alchemist ch 85 by Franky House

The World Is Mine ch 82 by KEFI
The World Is Mine ch 81 by KEFI
The World Is Mine ch 80 by KEFI

Bradherleys Coach ch 1-6 by Kotonoha and Omanga
I am really happy to see that omanga are back! – crazyankan

Look Me in the Eyes When You Talk(oneshot) by Kotonoha

Angel Heart ch 124-125 by Evil Genius

Zetman ch 91-92 by Evil Genius
Due to high demand I’ve renabled the mp3 music player and added a batch of new piano tracks!


Ok, here comes some new manga! I also uploaded a really cool series awhile back and had forgot to add it here in a post. So I’ll put that down at the end, along with Alive! and Fuguruma Memories, two really cool one-shots!

New Release’s:

Double Arts c16 by Manga Addicted
Eyeshield21 c289 by Binktopia
Gantz ch273-276 by Binktopia
Rosario+Vampire Season 2 ch9 by Helz0ne
Assassin Story ch02 by Domo Scans (I don’t really like the style of this manga so far, but some people love it, so I thought I should post a link anyway)

Threads of Time(Complete): This may have been posted complete before I started writing for the site, but even if it did… its worth a double post ^^!

Threads of Time v01 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v02 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v03 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v04 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v05 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v06 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v07 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v08 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v09 by [M-S]
Threads of Time v10-11 by [M-S]


Alive! by Omanga & SnoopyCool (no, this is not the series frankyhouse is working on right now, this is a one-shot but is actually 13 chapters, very good little story. Was instantly one of my favorite when I first read it!)

Fuguruma Memories by Kotonoha (this is by one of my favorite mangaka’s, and is a really cool one-shot)

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