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New server, more speed, new updates

December 3, 2008


Welcome back! You’re now entering manga underground’s site with daily manga updates. I know that the site was offline for a long time, because I’d been away for a long time, lurking around forests, driving dangerous boats while eating uneatable creatures. Now that I’m back the site was also revived and needs a little polishing. I’ve also checked the list of new donations and updated the donator list. I can’t say how grateful I’m for every donator that helps me to run the site. I wish you all happy christmas holidays and hope you enjoyed your stuffed turkey! Thanks to our donators and sponsors who helps us to run our site on a fast server! Alright, now that the site is up, the scanlation group Manga Underground is also back on track and our motivated team is dying to write new updates. So be sure to come back very soon! hehehe. Of course we used the time to work on several Eden & Emma chapters? You can expect them before christmas lol ^^.

PS: Beginning from today our releases will include an extra page listing all generous donators who help us to run the site and support our group by reading our manga :)

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