Random Wednesday update RAWR! >8D

December 17, 2008


Miiko Desu!
Miiko Desu
Miiko brings us to see how things are from the eyes of a 4th grade child. This one will be fun to read, not only for kids, but also for adults who want to remember how everything was from the child’s perspective. must read! (from fairyfly)

Miiko Desu! c1
Miiko Desu! c2
Miiko Desu! c3

Metroid v2c13 by SnoopyCool
History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi c317 by Sugooi
Franken Fran c17 by SnoopyCool
Bamboo Blade v6 c52 by CxC Scans

Gantz c286

DBCDogs: Bullets & Carnage c35
Bleach c339 by Franky House

Edit as you like, adding more updates, titles, descriptions, pictures, mirrors, ect.
Ill get back to it later in the day when more updates become available.



2 Doro chapters just came out.
i noticed curse 25 was out while the site was down too so here are all 3:

Doro 25
Doro 26
Doro 27
by GantzWaitingRoom


No Responses to “Random Wednesday update RAWR! >8D”

  1. zack Says:

    Wednesday* :)


  2. ï ® têh ©få©ê Says:

    :o how come i didn’t notice that? :p


  3. mono Says:

    ooo nice bleach is really fast this week

    nice cface


  4. ï ® têh ©få©ê Says:

    yeah i’ve notice bleach is coming out more quickly now.


  5. AlucardNoir Says:

    ooh, dogs, gantz, franken fran and bamboo blade, nice, dunno hwo you are but hope you stay, nice up


  6. gama Says:

    could someone post all the History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi releaces so far please ^.^


  7. ara Says:

    Humm, the Dogs chapter torrent is for chapter 25, not 35.


  8. ï ® têh ©få©ê Says:

    Sorry it seems that im blind *fixed*


  9. mono Says:

    updated with doro and couple images
    sleep now


  10. moondo Says:

    oh, thank you for the doro update!
    i think it’s my fave manga now


  11. ï ® têh ©få©ê Says:

    how the heck did you add the picture to the post?
    I was trying to figure it out when i was putting miiko.


  12. silverado Says:

    as usual, read the faq !


  13. ï ® têh ©få©ê Says:

    … cant be bothered with looking through a faq =p


  14. mono Says:

    in the edit page, you add the “featured”, “image” and “thumb” custom tags… you’l see them if you look. just add the image path in all 3


  15. morten Says:

    Thanks for the Doro upload as always. Think we have our biggest fans here :)

    Please check the GWR poll for our next projects:


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