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January 14, 2009

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Version 2.4 English with Scrollfix | Mirror

MangaMeeya belongs to one of the most popular tools among manga readers. Since many people seem to had problems with the previous MangaMeeya scrollbar I decided to upload MangaMeeya 2.4 with the scrollfix


-Scrollbar movement was decreased
-Adding reading compatibility with PowerPoint presenters (read manga from your coach)


-Supports imprecated archives (archives within archives)
-Read Image albums ( Mangas, Comics, or any picture/photo album) in RAR (CBR) or ZIP (CBZ) formats, including password protected ZIP or RAR archives
-Read all common picture formats ( BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG), and can be used a standalone picture viewer
-No installation required
-Extract ZIP and RAR archives

I compiled a list of all hotkeys used in the default setting here. Of course you can change the hotkeys in MangaMeeya’s menu (Tools->Customize). I’ve made two settings. Setting#1 is used with a keyboard and Setting#2
for wireless input devices like powerpoint presenters.

MangaMeeya Settings#1 (Default Setting, reload the setting by pressing F1)

((best way to hide your hentai :P ))

Next Page SPACE
Previous Page BACKSPACE
1p Forward Shift + ->
1p Backward Shift + < -
Go to FIRST Page HOME ((on some keyboard this is known as ‘POS 1′))
Go to LAST Page END
Scroll Up Arrow up
Scroll Down Arrow down
Scroll Right -> (Arrow right)
Scroll Left < - (Arrow left)
File Navigation:
Open File CTRL+O
Open Folder CTRL+D
Read NEXT File SHIFT+Arrow Down ((reads the next file in the same folder))
Read PREVIOUS File SHIFT+Arrow Up ((reads the previous file in the same folder))
Next Folder ALT+Arrow Down
Previous Folder Alt+Arrow Up
Close CTRL+F4
Exit B
Read Settings #1 F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save Settings #1 SHIFT+F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save File As CTRL+S ((if you want to extract an image))
Delete File DEL
Switch to 1/2p Layout CTRL+ALT+ENTER
Change Book Orientation O ((great if you have to change from manga to manwha))
Zoom + ADD(+)
Rotate (0,90,180,270) Z
Fullscreen ENTER
Reading Mode R
Thumbnail Mode T
Explorer Mode E
Lens (Zoom 200%) L
Insert blank title page W

MangaMeeya Setting#2 (Load the setting by pressing F2)

If you have one of those wireless presenters
like Logitech Cordless Presenter 2.4 (Bluetooth)
using Setting#2 will enable you to read your favourite manga
while leaning back in your chair. It starts automatically in fullscreen mode
using 1p layout.

Remaining keys are similiar to Setting#1

Exit DOT (.)


71 Responses to “MangaMeeya Update”

  1. Sunfizz Says:

    Although I’ve already listed the easy scrollfix on my blog (a line edit in one of the ini files I believe), it is nice to see that people are still updating this great app.

    Also, thanks for listing the hotkeys since it is quite cumbersome to look through the options window for all of them.


  2. Anonymous Says:

    Man, I love Agharta, wish some more would come out.


  3. silverado Says:

    Hotkeys work only for THIS version.


  4. mono Says:

    i have no problems with my v2.4… and these shortcuts seem different…
    so im staying as i am!
    only problem i see with mangameeya is when in certain explorer modes you cannot press “s” for example to jump to files starting with s in the main window. however i can live with this.

    eh? agharta? manga featured in these images is CAT if im not mistaken


  5. MegaNeko Says:

    Very impressed with the speed and functions!

    I couldnt find a way to make this work so i’ll ask: does this support single key viewing like CDisplay? Spacebar would “scroll” the page AND then automatically go to the next page.

    Also not supporting multiple instances is a major pity :(


  6. silverado Says:

    Of course it does.


  7. Portor Says:

    can not we make 7.4 version to english? it has much more options and such. and as i see it has been made to chinese why not english?


  8. Morghus Says:

    One day I hope someone’ll make a similar program that’s just as awesome, and add 7z support to it. Beyond that, it’s pretty much perfect :)


  9. huh... Says:

    amazing tools!
    my only complain that it can’t read some png files (mostly the one i got from
    could it be fixed?


  10. cking543 Says:

    so hot key customization doesnt work for vista. unless someone can tell me otherwise…


  11. jenn Says:

    Works beautifully! Pg Up Pg Dn resulted in a 10/11-page skip instead of a 1-page skip, but it’s working properly (page by page) since I’ve switched it to the left and right buttons, so I reckon it’s my laptop acting up again. XD Very nice tool, thanks. :)


    • cking543 Says:

      how do you customize to right and left buttons? using the "modify" button in the customization doesnt work for me =(


  12. Hiphopopotamus Says:

    Why didn’t I find about this program earlier?!

    Been stuck with CDisplay and it’s horribly limited configuration options for too long and all this time this pretty much perfect software for reading manga has been available.

    Thank you so much!


  13. Madara Says:

    i want old Manga reading tool!!! give it me ;(((((((((((((((((((((((( The new version TOTALLY SUCKS. I cried for hours because I accidentaly deleted it. Oh may… Please please please…


  14. anon Says:

    Coming from using CDisplay for many years, MangaMeeya is great.

    The only thing that annoys me is when you browse in 2-page mode, scaled to fit window (which I always do, even in CDisplay), if the two images are of different dimensions, say one has less width than the other, then the smaller image (less width one) will be scaled to exactly the same percentage as the other (say 50%).

    Is there an option to scale each page individually in 2-page mode? This is what I mean: image there's a gap at the bottom of the left page. While there is still plenty of space for the image to scale on the left side.


  15. cking543 Says:

    could someone tell me how to customize the hotkeys? i keep going to "Tools" then "Customize" but how do i change buttons to my liking?


  16. cking543 Says:

    also if possible could someone tell me the best settings to go with the customization? (similar to online manga sites mangafox/onemanga where the arrow keys are used to go to the next page ect.)


  17. silverado Says:

    Hi Jenn,

    to read manga in the new power point presenter mode you have to load the 2nd hotkey settings can pressing “F2″. If you want to restore the old reading settings press “F1″.

    Hi Mandara,

    you can restore the original settings by deleting all MangaMeeyaCE_*.ini files. This will make it very similiar to the old MangaMeeya version.

    Hi Anon,

    you can let MangaMeeya resize images with different sizes automatically by activating “Scale -> Show 100%”.

    Hi Cking,

    in order to read MangaMeeya with the arrow keys,

    – press F1 to load the default config

    – then open the hotkey settings by clicking on “Tools -> Customize”

    – in Hotkeys change “Select: File” to “Select: Go”

    – change the hotkeys for “Next” and “Back” to your arrow keys.

    – save your new hotkey settings by pressing “Shift + F1″ (or F2 or F3).

    Now you can load the hotkey set by simply pressing “F1″.




    • cking543 Says:

      Thanks for the help silverado, but pressing "Shift and F3" doesnt do anything when i want the settings to change. I input the arrow going from right-to-left (i copied and pasted it from a different command) and when i press "Shift+F3" nothing happens. And when I click out of it the same default settings apply. Should I have put in "Left Arrow Key" in for the command for next? Am i doing something? I'm really sorry about this =


    • cking543 Says:

      nvm i got it, i forgot to delete the .ini files in the folder. Thank you soooooooo much. This is now the most perfect manga-reading program ever. Thanks again.


    • cking543 Says:

      as far as i know, pressing "modifying" on a certain hotkey does absolutely nothing. To change the "Next function to the "right-to-left arrow" i deleted the saved settings file from the MMCE folder. for some reason it automatically changed "Next" to the arrow. Pressing "Shift/F1" still does absolutely nothing and i have yet to customize any hotkeys.


  18. cking543 Says:

    Also, im on vista. Does that make a difference?


  19. cking543 Says:

    one more question, is there a way to automatically resize double-images?


  20. cking543 Says:

    like, every time i come across a spread image i want it to automatically go to "Fit Length/Width" then go back to my Adjusted Scale size. I doubt this is possible but i'd just like to make sure


  21. silverado Says:

    Activate "Double page layout" and choose "Scale: Show 100%"


  22. cking543 Says:

    I keep having more questions. How do i change the "Next Folder" function to "PAGEDOWN" and previous to "PAGEUP"?


  23. cking543 Says:

    evert time i click "Modify" i type in "PageDOWN" for next folder and after that it goes right back to the previous button. When should i press "Shift-F1"? How do i know my settings were saved?


  24. cking543 Says:

    has Hotkey customization even been tested with vista?


  25. prejudiced Says:

    Hotkey customization never worked for me – neither on Vista nor win7. Didn't have the chance to test it on XP. I resorted to changing the config file directly – find the place that holds the hotkey and enter the code for the key (very cumbersome since you have to guess the location of the config item and enter your code then look in interface where your key ended up).


  26. silverado Says:

    Have you tried MangaMeeya in compatibility mode?


  27. cking543 Says:

    how do you use compatibility mode?


  28. cking543 Says:

    how do you run it in compatibility mode?


  29. silverado Says:

    right click on the file and set the compatibility mode in properties.


  30. dragoonk007 Says:

    I have same problem too. I can not change hotkey although running compatibility already


  31. fish Says:

    I'm on Vista and I tried configuring the hotkeys, but was unable to (even under WinXP SP2 Comptaibility Mode). Every time I highlight the option, click modify, and push (even type because ctrl, alt, and shift don't display) and then click out, it reverts back. If I press enter to confirm, it closes the Tools->Customization window.


  32. maxi Says:

    Delete the mangameeya ini file and you should be able to use the arrow keys to change pages.


  33. mono Says:

    i dunno why people have so many problems
    i never tried to customise anything, just use default settings ( i dunno if mine is same ver as this page though)

    use arrow keys for navigation or left/right mouse buttons
    alt+up/down to change folder/zip
    ctrl+d to browse, or have the explorer bar up on the side

    only thing i wanna be able to do, is export current image to a specified folder. dont think it does that does it?


  34. fish Says:

    The only problem I'm having is changing the hotkeys, everything else with the program is fine. I just want to put in a hotkey for "File List" because some archives lists their pages incorrectly so it's out of order. Sometimes pictures in archives are named incorrectly so it's something like "xxx_01, xxx_02, xxx_3", so the "xxx_3" is at the end of the archive.

    Also, sometimes the program crashes if I have the File List open when I open different archives.

    There also is a export current image if you consider the "Save…"


  35. dd Says:

    been using mangameeya for a while…is there a similar tool but with a bookmarking function? like if you read a magazine with it, you can bookmark some of the pages and then next time you go through it it’ll just skip to the pages you’ve bookmarked. would be nice if it works like that (but that would mean a cache library?)


  36. Cow Says:

    manga meeya’s a great tool, but i’ve been having a consistent issue across all versions of it i’ve used. Though it’s advertised as being able to read zips within zips, it’s never been able to do this properly for me. I always end up having to extract the zip into a separate folder first, before using MM to read the smaller zips within that individually. On the other hand, rars within zips or rars within rars both work fine. Does anyone else have this problem? Or maybe it’s just something wrong with my computer?


  37. mono Says:

    i have had that issue too.
    it works on some and not on others.

    it doesnt like it when archives of one version and/or compression ratio are inside archives with different version and/or compression ratio…


  38. donnyj Says:

    [question] i’d like to know how to open 2 instances of MangaMeeya. is it possible in windows? what about linux distributions? thank you!


  39. mono Says:

    wanted to know that myself, duno if it is possble….


  40. Kelvin Says:

    Manga Meeya is a great tool , I must say.
    However, I have this issue.
    When I used Manga Meeya in a folder which has hundreds of pages.
    After the 1st page, its automatically jumps to page 100 and so on.
    whats the problem or what did i do wrong?
    normally it doesnt jump from 1st to 100th.


  41. mono Says:

    That is a probnlem with the naming of the images


  42. travolter Says:

    Coder!!! This tool is fantastic!!! the best iamge viewer I have found in years… I love easy and fast programs to read images. These acdsee like and other freewares are totally bloated full of features.. lot of cpu power and HD reads to load an image

    This program the perfect replacement for picwalker… (my fav viewer for years)

    – plz add these picwalker features: (cause are really handy and I cannt live without)
    => continuous pages (horizontal/vertical).. and “fit to weight”

    My way to read comics is set image size to fit weight and just move the page down with: “continuous vertical images”. ;)


  43. travolter Says:

    nevermind about these picwalker features. I found a way to do the same!!!

    This image viewer is the beast!!!!

    Maybe some interpolation modes.. spline, sinc..

    Really loving it!!! ;)


  44. daisuke Says:

    it maybe problem w/ name file. u should rename file: 001-099,100-199 ……


  45. martin fennell Says:

    Hi, is there any chance of a page bookmarking option.


  46. Anonymous Manga Says:

    @martin fennell

    there is, it’s under “File”


  47. Anonymous Says:

    Love this program. This web page tells you how to add it to your window’s right click menu (so right click a file and choose “CMangaMeeya” and Manga Meeya will open up with that file):


  48. KageRyu Says:

    How do you customize this program to enable scrolling with the mouse whell like in CDisplay, being able to just scroll to the next page after you reach the end of the current page? I don’t want to use the keyboard or mouse buttons to get to the next page.


  49. KageRyu Says:

    Nevermind. I found that I can only do that using Thumbnail mode. Great program @_@


  50. dsid Says:

    any idea how to make scroll click minimize the window(for hentai and stuff) like boss key or somthin.


  51. Hasthur Says:

    i don’t know if you think to add a features but in the menu: scale, i be glad to have the options fit width and fit length separate one each other, for example to use the option fit widht when we have a two pages thogether

    that’s all, thanks anyway your comic reader is great


  52. my0my Says:

    I can’t see how to “Minimize!, but but most thinkable actions can be assìgned to the various Mouse button & the wheel under “Tools > Customize > Mouse 1″. It is, for example easy to just close the comic or exit the program. Apart from that, a fast way to minimize not just MangaMeeya but any Window is via the keyboard “Win + d”.

    Many more functions can be assigned to the Mouse via the “Mouse 2″ tab, then clicking on “Mouse Gestures”. I do all navigation, changing views, etc, solely with the mouse, which means I nrver need to take my eyes off the comic to find a keyboard key/shortcut. *Very* convenient. And while continous scrolling doesn’t seem to work using the wheel (at least not in Reading Mode), as alternative solution, “scroll to the next page/scroll to the previous page” can be assigned to the right and left mouse buttons, or to a simple right or left movement using mouse gestures.

    For me, mouse gestures are the absolute dream feature of a comic reader. They take a little while to set up and then become used to one’s system, but once the most used commands have become routine (a bit like using the clutch in a car. Movements are automatic and the eyes are free to just read and view the comic. An incredible variety of additional customization options are available in the PC version of MangaMeeya. Just about anything that can be thought of can be done (including, of course, simple things like the “Minimize to Tray” and contnuous scroll via wheel nwbtuibed earkuer – to find, search: MangaMeeya_v7.4b_ENG_Rev2.01a.rar).

    The full version is the configuration geeks ultimate dream and has much more functionality. On the minus side, it may be a bit too complex for less demanding users, isn’t as quick and heavier on system resources, and probably less stable.


  53. zeldAIS Says:

    For Windows Vista and Seven people that prefer to have their hotkeys of to back page, but can’t correctly configure it, I took the liberty of checking the lines each (using notepad++’s compare plugin that saves a lot of time), here is an excerpt of what line you need to change.

    Note: I used first the .ini file from here:

    Open the MangaMeeyaCE.ini file and scroll down to where [Keyboard] is.

    Change :


    to :


    The only difference is that after the 92nd comma, the 37 and 39 are switched. So basically, 37 is the left key and 39 is the right key.

    I most of the time use XP (when I’m in Windows, but I’m usually Linux most of the time now) but my brother’s laptop has no choice but Windows Vista (tried downgrading the thing to XP, but found out laptop’s not compatible to XP) so I just did the changes in my XP & thought I also understand the ini syntax and post here.

    Hope this helps for Vista & 7 people using MangaMeeya (or go change to Linux and use Comix :P)


  54. gort Says:

    New version 7.4 is nice but the Thumbnail mode for browsing (continuously) with trackball is borked – none existent, can this be fixed?


  55. Sovius Says:

    zeldAIS mate, Your advise works perfectly, I’ve been looking for an answer for this for a while and finally a response that easily resolve the problem.


  56. Christy Says:

    The link doesn’t work. Do you have to be a member of the site?


  57. Anonymous Says:

    This is definitely the best Windows comics reader. Is there any plan for Android version? I would buy some 10″ tablet for reading comics if I could use MangaMeeya on it. I don’t know how ACV really works, but I doubt that it is nearly as good as MangaMeeya.


  58. Rezy Says:

    Love this reader =D

    Only problem I have is when I try to open zip in zip but aint a big problem so =).


  59. Anonymous Says:

    This is really the greatest, but it’s extremely disappointing that it doesn’t support multiple instances. Can the develop implement this?


  60. tails_ Says:

    Don’t know about this version but MangaMeeya7 supports it (Tools -> Options then System tab uncheck “Use single instance of MangaMeeya”)


  61. Bastsian Says:

    Hi… great software, i have a question…. How to increase the size of the source of the names on the thumbnail?


  62. dothackjhe Says:

    Tried the 7.4 version of the application and it works wonders. This is the greatest application for viewing manga. Great work developer.


  63. my0my Says:

    @KageRyu regarding

    CDisplay/CDisplayEx-like Continuous Wheel Scrolling:
    (page to next/previous page non-stop scrolling)

    Go to Main Menu > Tools > Customize > Mouse 1 and change the “Wheel” drop down menu selection from “Scroll” to “Page Scroll”. So simple, it isn’t funny any more that you had to wait a full THREE YEARS (!!!) for this. Too simple, actually, so I’ve started to wonder whether that’s really all you wanted to know or if I somehow got your query wrong. Anyway, hope it helps. I guess quite a few users may find it preferable to the default scrolling behaviour.

    @Rezy regarding

    Zip in Zip (or cbz/cbr in cbz/cbr).

    Personally, with the CE version run on Win7 (64-bit), I didn’t have difficulties reading nested archives, neither zip nor rar ones, irrespective of whether the extension was zip/rar or cbz/cbr. With the 7.4 version of MM, here is more choice with respect to how it processes nested archives (and subfolders, which is a related issue). It found under Main Menu > Tools > Options > General 1 tab (or, more quickly: “alt+t”, “c”, “ctrl+tab”).

    On top of that tab, under “Reading Settings”, there are a few options to play around with and change how MM handles folders and subfolders, archives and sub-archives, subfolders with archives, archives with subfolders, and so on. To make sure MM reads deeply nested zips/rars, etc, tick “Read archived subfolders. You have to play around with the various options and what they actually mean in practice. The actual meaning of “Read subfolders in archived files” may be closer to “Read subfolders as archives” (as a unit, that is). One needs to be careful when ticking this option, specially if there are large subfolders containing large numbers archives containing perhaps thousands of pages, if not more (long waits followed by possible crashes when the cache gets overloaded). Though the small number of options may not look much, slight variations among them results in substantial changes of how different scenarios are handled and most common and also less common scenarios with regards to subfolders/subarchives and nested subfolders or archive scenarios can be efficiently handled, provided the amount of data to be processed isn’t too large.

    One last piece of information I’d like to share, a link to something I’ve actually shared yesterday already, in a different MangaMeeya dedicated thread. I used a different nick then because I had forgotten I had already left a comment in 2010 here, using a different name. So sorry changing the name (to Anglokraut), but I’d just like to share the info which is about a MangaMeeya Wiki I stumbled upon. Unfortunately, it is written in Japanese, and even Google can do satisfactory machine-driven translations between languages as unrelated as Japanese and English. Still, in spite of far too much that’s lost in translation, some may want to take the trouble and check it out. Here’s a link to yesterday’s comment that contaiing the URL of the Wiki (+ some related pieces of info):


  64. my0my Says:

    2x Correction:

    1) “even Google can”, “can” should have been “*can’t*.

    2) The link that jumps you directly to the relevant information (and not just to the top of a long thread) is:


  65. Toco Says:

    this is a good program

    unfortunately it was discontinued by the looks of it, but i think its kinda irrelevant since it works for what i want, thats reading manga

    i hated that cdisplayex, for me they just picked the cdisplay and renamed it and tried to like profit because of it

    still, i think i will continue to use cdisplay, really simple, i think its still the best, although it doesnt have a “go to page x” feature, but its not that relevant to me, so


  66. Toco Says:

    sorry for my dumbness

    just now i realized that there IS a go to page feature on the options

    im utter retarded

    so cdisplay best manga viewer by far, at least for me


  67. Ayumi Says:

    Thank you for this update but I have a problem. With the new version I can’t read the manga who have hiragana or katakana in their name. How can I solve it?
    And does the explorer mode exist in the new version? because I can’t find it

    Thank you for your hard work


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