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February 8, 2009

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Fresh Manga – – – – not “new” though ; )   It’s hard to find a manga that wasn’t posted here before.

Sorry for only wait-and-download-sites. I still have to figure out why mediafire freezes at 1%…

Historie vol. 05, ch. 39&40 (Hox) [easy-share]
Historie vol. 05, ch. 41 (Hox) [rapidshare]


Claymore 88 (FrankyHouse) [easy-share]


Gantz 291 (FrankyHouse) [easy-share]



ch. 53-57 (RapidManga, Arienai!, Mangaaddict) [easy-share]

ch. 58-61 (RapidManga, Arienai!) []

ch. 62 (latest) (Arienai!) [rapidshare]


Zetman ch. 101 (Evil Genius) [torrent]

Dead Heads: one shot of Nihei (mangaka of Blame! and Biomega) (Evil Genius) [torrent]


Just a couple from me:

Veritas 20
Veritas 21
by Helz0ne


Riki-oh 52
Riki-oh 53
by Illuminati-manga


Aiki 38
by SAS


Sidooh 41
by Bakalicious



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No Responses to “Fresh Manga – Updates”

  1. zack Says:

    finally a new chapter of Zetman from EG


  2. PitylessEnvy Says:

    Thank god for Historie :)

    Chapter 41 is already out as well.


  3. Happyjazz Says:

    Heres the rapidshare link for Historie ch41, translated by HOX!


  4. John_Doe Says:

    Yay for historie! finally!

    Thank you very much.


  5. CGorhant Says:

    Yay, thanks silverado(?), its working :D

    Happyjazz: Thanks for Historie ch. 41, I’ll try to include it!


  6. Krummbart Says:

    Hey, did i miss out …like 20 Chapters of Gantz? Italian? What’s this!?


  7. silverado Says:

    no, they just were transfered there. it’s actually gantz bullshit. after the dinosaurs it got worse with every new arc.


  8. mono Says:

    nice one cg
    i have some stuff to add soon too…
    some series that were stopped a while back are now nearly complete so im gonna dl and post the whole things soon


  9. Krummbart Says:

    So they will be in Brazil soon and this story will never come to an reasonable end? Oh – wait, they even could go to distant stars.

    That just makes it’s storytelling kind of “Naruto-ish”.


  10. silverado Says:

    no. i guess the author finally got tired of gantz and decided to move forward. it already went 300 chapters. i believe the whole thing got boring and will finally ending soon. maybe in 50 chapters aka 2 years when kurono and guys fought against the top 8 of the aliens and destroys the gantz organization.


  11. CGorhant Says:

    How can they even communicate with the Italian team? Or is there a frickin’ star trek translator on their Gantz suit?
    And yes, there is no story developenent, he really must have lost interest. What about the vampires, what are the aliens or the whole Gantz-thing (do they “beam” the person/ their data, again like in star trek?). After 291 chapters, one could anticipate at least a little information.


  12. mono Says:

    added a couple updates…
    and you guys are right gantz had great potential but just went too crazy.


  13. Krummbart Says:

    Well, not crazy – Gantz is just random. Oh, talking about “random” I love the Ricki-Oh shit! It’s rock’n’roll hilarious! More please, haha.


  14. wine Says:

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