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jCafe24 suicide rates higher than ever!

February 17, 2009


Shocking news! We have received new figures that show the number of jCafeists who committed suicide in February could top the number of jCafeists who committed suicide in last 12 months.

Yesterday, jCafe moderators said its suicide rates were at their highest ever.
In a rare move, the jCafe24 staff released monthly suicide data today to highlight the growing problem.
Last year, 128 jCafeists committed suicide and another 15 suspected cases are pending. Last month, jCafe24 moderators believe that 24 jCafeists killed themselves – compared with just four in January 2009.
If those cases are confirmed as suicides – and moderators said they usually are – that rate would be higher than the 16 noob-kills reported last month.

“The trend and trajectory seen this month further heightens the seriousness and urgency that all of us must have in preventing suicides,” jCafe24 admin Senbonzakura said.

Veterans advocates said the new figures were “staggering” but also part of a larger problem. They said the numbers don’t take into account how many jCafeists commit suicide after leaving jCafe24.
The jCafe brass said they would hold suicide prevention training for all jCafeists from March 15 to March 25.

We spoke with the Admin of Jcafe24 to hear what he had to say about the growing problem.
“In February, we lost more jCafeists to suicide than to moderators,” said Silverado, Admin of jCafe24.

The cause for this sudden growth of suicides? Experts undoubtedly believe it’s because jCafe24 is down.

Stay With us As we Uncover more on this ever growing problem.

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