something for the weekend?

February 21, 2009

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One Day from manhua artist Benjamin
read this a bit ago, its short and i cant remember much about it.
its a one-shot, then really nice colour illustrations at the end… and prob worth downloading just for them…

One Day by RabbitReich & Illuminati-Manga


i know people like this… Historie 49 by Hox


Riki-Oh 54 by Illuminati-Manga


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No Responses to “something for the weekend?”

  1. whitezero Says:

    hey gays!!! look what i found

    Detroit metal city live action

    20th century boys live action

    Yoshida Brothers


  2. silverado Says:

    an awesome manhua! it was a pleasure to read and watch. top find illuminati! thanks for the head ups mono!


  3. joe Says:

    Can someone pls upload historie c51? mediafire keeps on page erroring me


  4. mono Says:

    ah, didnt notice they were out yet.
    il do it tonight if noone else has done it by then (hint hint ;) )


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