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Let's bring our jCafe Community back to live!

February 25, 2009



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Time during the recession is hard, but it’s even harder for those who live thanks to the charity of others like non-profit organizations, economics students who rely on parents, or this poor guy who runs a manga site. But a man’s effort is never in vain! Whatever you do, wherever you are, there is still room for dreams and kindness. Do you recognize these website girls? You’ve missed them! Here are their names from right to left (like manga):

“Manga Underground” and “jCafe24″:


They need help! So don’t hesitate, be a man and buy them clothes! Those poor things have nothing to wear… You can buy them something to wear by either donating small things like a webhost, a dedicated server or even a software license of web applications e.g. a board, social network script, etc to host our projects. Everything you can spare without really “losing” something will help us to improve our websites and expand our services which will be given to you for free! You think you can do something? Let us know!

You can contact us here.

Readers who can neither donate bandwidth nor software will be kindly asked to support us with small donations like 25$. All donations flow directly to cover the domain, hosting and software costs.

Note: Since we almost reached zero, it’s become a bit difficult to operate. The faster a certain amount of donation is reached, the faster will jCafe come back. After jCafe comes back, the goal has to be reached in the next two months!
The current goal is 300$ since to cover software and domain expenses for the months ahead. Beginning with April the donation goals will fall back to the normal level.

The money will be collected by our super cute deputy from our marketing department.

PS: Should this still not be a sufficient motivator, every new donator gets visited by our Manga Underground girl and her friends. Yes, it’s ok to be a man! Just make sure to have enough space on your desktop, you might need it!


Let’s bring jcafe back online together!


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