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Best of Hox Scanlations + Bokurano 60

March 9, 2009



There hasn’t been much info about this guy, but I like his translations and wish he could work for us (if you read this, feel free to join our group :P)

I made the effort to put ALL Hox scanlations from the very first Historie chapter till the latest Bokurano chapter on the server as direct download. Since the donation goal was reached, feel free to leech! *hehehe* As soon as Hox releases a new chapter and I will try to upload it on our server as direct download. (Mediafire often refuses to download so don’t expect 1s mirrors)

That’s all, enjoy this great complilation of

Bokurano ch 55-60+ by Hox
Historie ch 39-52+ by Hox
Vinland Saga ch 51-52+ by Hox

Update: added Bok 60, this chapter was awesome! Really awesome, damn it made me cry! – silv

The upload is still ongoing, so be sure to keep pressing F5 to get the latest uploads!


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Spotify – Free Streaming Music

March 9, 2009


i’ve been using this for a couple weeks. and i was meaning to do a non-manga/software post at some stage or another.
so here you go:

Spotify Website

the gui looks eerily similar to something that i hate. but dont let that put you off!


you can basically listen to (almost) anything you want, straight away, free. just type in your search. obviously it is not comprehensive, especially for some older or more diverse artists. but even with my special tastes i manage to be kept happy…
artists/groups/albums have clickable names with biogs, similar suggestions. overall very nice interface and easy to find what you want.

genre-specific “radio” stations also feature, with options to combine more than one together and filter out tracks older/newer than certain years (great for getting reggae without being bombarded with SeanPaul/Damian Marley/any other modern tosh)

fantastic for finding new music, listening to your favorites when away from home. or like me, listening while you work :)
you can minimise it to tray too so noone knows you’r online…

you only have to put up with a short audio advert every 30 or so tracks. which doesnt bother me in the slightest!

crazyankan here. I here are some places where you can get invites.
invite place 1
invite place 2
invite place 3
invite place 4

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