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Anime Collection: Lupin the 3rd

April 6, 2009



There are some really big files this time so if you have downloaded them, please seed at least until 1:1 ;)

As most of you know, Lupin III is originally a manga, created by Monkey Punch (Kazuhiko Kato) between 1967- 1972. But was it ever scanlated? I didn’t fnd anything. Anyway, maybe the style is too old-fashioned anyway so beside true fans, nobody would read it anymore.

There are 3 seasons of a Lupin III series and many many movies. Of course, not every movie is good. Nowadays they make one Lupin III movie every year, additionally to TV specials.
“Green vs. Red” (see below) is the latest movie with subs out.

Lupin III series
Lupin III season 01, 23 episodes: 5.6 Gb
Lupin III season 02, 155 episodes: 17.9 Gb
Lupin III season 03, 50 episodes: I couldn’t find it, sorry!
On a sidenote, Hayao Miyazaki worked on this series, too, his last episode is s02e155.


If you want to go for the movies, its very easy, just get the Lupin Pack, a huge torrent with many movies and TV specials in it, but NOT all of them. However, if they aren’t in this pack, you hardly find them elsewhere.

The Lupin Pack

The content:
01 Mystery of Mamo (1978)
02 Castle Of Cagliostro (1979)
03 Legend Of The Gold Of Babylon (1985)
04 Farewell To Nostradamus (1995)
05 Dead Or Alive (1996)

01 Bye-Bye Liberty Crisis (1989)
02 Hemingway Papers (1990)
03 Napoleon’s Dictionary! (1991)
04 From Russia With Love (1992)
05 Orders to Assassinate Lupin (Voyage to Danger) (1993)
06 Zantetsu Sword is on Fire / Dragon of Doom (1994)
07 Hunt for Harimao’s Treasure / The Pursuit of Harimao’s Treasure (1995)
08 The Secret of Twilight Gemini (1996)
09 In Memory of the Walther P-38 / Island of Assassins (1997)
10 Memories of the Flame: Tokyo Crisis / Crisis in Tokyo (1998)
11 Da Capo of Love: Fujiko’s Unlucky Days / The Columbus Files (1999)
12 $1 Money Wars / Missed by a Dollar (2000)
13 Alcatraz Connection (2001)
14 Episode 0: First Contact (2002)
15 Operation: Return the Treasure (2003)
16 Stolen Lupin (2004)
17 Angel Tactics (2005)
18 NEW: Seven Days Rhapsody (2006)
19 Elusiveness of the Fog (2007)

As I said, not every movie is a gem. On the other hand, I haven’t seen them all, yet. So when I post my recommendations, feel free to add some!^^
(I found alternative torrents for some of them, so that we don’t have to rely on the Lupin Pack only)

Must see:
- Castle of Cagliostro 4,3 Gb
(by Miyazaki. Lupin here is less Lupin-ish but its a great movie, many fans name it as their favorite Lupin III)
- Episode 0: First Contact
(the story of how the gang met each other, nice)

From “above average” downwards to “still ok” (all in the pack except Green vs. Red)
- The Secret of Twilight Gemini
- Dragon of Doom 700 Mb
- The Pursuit of Harimao`s Treasure 700 Mb
- Bye Bye Liberty Crisis
- Angel Tactics
- Green vs. Red 1020 Mb,
- Elusiveness of the Fog


Because every movie poster looks more or less the same, I thought I rather show some random images of the characters

Arsene Lupin III
The master thief who steals everything he wants to steal, often with an announcement before that. He is the descendant of Arsène Lupin by Maurice Leblanc.
Lupin III had a great influence on later artists. In this picture you can see the resemblance with Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop (a must see btw).

Jigen Daisuke
Please tell me that Jigen was invented before Dirty Harry!^^ Otherwise, Dirty Harry was the main archetype here. He is the cool gunman and uses a magnum.
Actually, every Lupin-character uses a unique gun, like Lupin always uses his old Walther P38 or something but I’m not enough into guns to give you the details. Also, thats not what Lupin III is about.

Ishikawa Goemon XIII
This samurai is the descendant of Ishikawa Goemon . His sword Zantetsuken can cut through every material on this world, followed by Goemons phrase “Again, I cut a worthless object.”. There are different explanations for this mighty sword in different movies and despite that, it breaks sometimes. Then, it wasn’t the true Zantetsuken, obviously.^^

Mine Fujiko
She is Lupin’s never ending love interest. Everybody in the gang knows that she’ll only cheat on them and get away with the money but Lupin teams up with her yet again. Sexy.

Koichi Zenigata
The Interpol-agent pursuing Lupin. Often, he is very close, sometimes he even works with Lupin against some other evil, but he never really catches him, obviously. Always good for a slapstick. Over the time, a nearly patriarchal relationship developed between him and Lupin.

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