nowadays we are more of a loose group – associates of this blog release projects of their own and joints with other groups under the name Manga Underground. if you want to work on a manga that is on our wavelength, maybe leaving a comment would get someone interested in working with you.

if anyone is interested making posts on the blog, also leave a comment – if you are interested in seinen (and i suppose shounen) manga, RAWs, and/or anime, and want to write updates and reccomendations, you’ll fit right in.

32 Responses to “RECRUITING!”

  1. crazyankan Says:

    Hahaha you are recruiting Silv style :P
    I will be away for a couple of days. I be back on Sun or Mon.


  2. mono Says:

    haha yeah! maybe he will re-join :P
    k have fun! :)


  3. Mr Phil Says:

    hope you get lucky…


  4. Krummbart Says:

    I never understood the correspondance between recruiting and asian bikini models.


  5. mono Says:

    haha! me neither!
    k i’l fix it


  6. cgorhant Says:

    Has anyone contacted you?
    We could somehow include it clearly visible into the main site, in the panel above or into the right column. But I bet we’d need silverado for this.
    Or maybe we could make this a sticky or update it from time to time, that it is always on top (it is rather small without a front-pic…)


  7. mono Says:

    nope no one!
    i think crazy would have more luck recruting than me

    we should add recruiting pages to our releases too.


  8. CGorhant Says:

    I edited this topic (but changed nothing). I thought we’d have a “new on edit” function that would push an edited topic on top automatically. That didn’t work obviously.
    But we somehow CAN change the positions, can’t we? Like that, this topic could at least be always the second from above…

    There already is a translator-call in the EDEN releases… :(
    Maybe you guys should do it more dramatically, like: Folks, no more Eden for you, if we don’t find a translator soon!


  9. mono Says:

    i will keep bumping this. and changing the image

    basically thats what is happening! (if we dont find a translator soon, we won’t be releasing anything)

    Teqq is very kindly helping us out, but has said he/she (she i think?) will not do the next volume.
    i’l ask crazy if he can help when he gets back


  10. crazyankan Says:

    Morten from Gantz Waiting Room has maybe one or two translators over.
    Hopefully we can use one of them :]


  11. mono Says:

    nice- could you ask him crazy? or i can if you want – think you know him better though….?

    i will bump this up to the top


  12. chaos Says:

    I hope you guys find a translator soon

    with only 18chapters left it kinda sucks if no1 will finish it off


  13. Hermux Says:

    Hello! I wouldn’t mind helping with some translating :3 I’m not very reliable during the school year, but since it’s summer I have lots of free time, and could do anything to help ^^

    If you like, I could send u some samples of stuff I’ve translated before. It’s not that much, but hopefully it’ll work :)


  14. mono Says:

    Hermux that is great news.
    By all means send me something through to the email on this page and we can talk
    Thanks for your interest :)


  15. zeon Says:

    will there be compensations??????????? I could give some inputs here and there although I am not reliable. I tend do wonder off for weeks after snorting heroin. No experience at all but who cares.


  16. jokerrabit Says:

    I would be interested in typesetting a page just to see how hard it would be. if it's not so hard I may try to do more. I see that you need some pages from "Otto Carius" worked on. let me know if your interested.


  17. mono Says:

    hiii,. sorry, i got confused, are you the same guy who just mailed me yesterday?? or different!?
    thanks for your interest anyway!


  18. CGorhant Says:

    Hi jokerrabbit!
    Nice to see that you want to help with Otto Carius.
    Uribo is in charge there, contact him over IRC at :D


  19. NightSwan Says:

    I'm NightSwan.

    I'd like to help typesetting the last chapter of Emma Bangaihen. I really like the series.
    I could also typeset Eden (adore it as well) if I'll have the time.

    I would need your guidelines though^^

    If you need any samples, you can check Momonchi and some chapters of Kawa Yori that I've typesetted.

    I appreciate your work on those wonderful titles and hope I can help ^^


    • mono Says:

      hello and thanks for your appreciation and interest!

      we havent got a translated script ready yet for emma, i am chasing our translator.
      we do have an Eden chapter ready to go, but i already started out other setter on that…
      but i will look at your stuff in the meantime if you want to email links to me?

      I Removed your email addresses, for your privacy.
      we can talk further on email :)

      thanks again


  20. irkan Says:

    http: // silverado . wordpress . com/

    maybe u will post info that site has moved to another www :P
    one guy asked in comments what hapened to the site.

    when u search by google and type manga underground u get old page ranked top 1


  21. irkan Says:

    ow and another thing u can run animetv again and give info about this on other pages, i remember that i was wattching always animetv before sleep(when i dont wanted to think what anime i should pick to watch)


  22. irkan Says:

    and the last thing, u can add shoutbox like before(i got banned because someone was using crazyankan nick and asked for hentai…grrr)


  23. TranLinh Says:

    I can help translating Higanjima series. I already read 6 vols of Higanjima in Japanese and loved it. But since I’m in Japan right now, and to think that buying a volume costs me 525 yen, and there’s 30 volumes in total (it’s a trade, I get to read the manga in raw, and I translate them for your group). Well, if you are interested, I’ll translate them. I’m already have experience translating manga. My pace: a chap/week (I am translating another manga and it cost me a lot of time since it’s a comedy, beside i have school to attend.) (please contact within a week)


  24. Rick Says:

    Hello, I’m currently planning to work on a few Seinen such as Happy!, Yagyu Ninja Scrolls and perhaps others, if anyone would be interested? I have them cleaned now and just require help with translation!


  25. js Says:

    Hey mono need some help with the front page?


  26. mono Says:

    JS, sorry i didnt reply. register and let me know your nick, i will give you power to make posts :D


  27. faysal Says:



  28. cleaner_royale Says:

    i wanna join…can i??


  29. Animonger Says:

    Hey Mono,

    I’m interested in helping you guys work in any way possible.
    You can reach me @ animonger @ gmail . com!


  30. nice_guy Says:

    hi guy, i would like to volunteer in helping you release seinen manga faster (if you guys are still active that is). i personally love seinen genre and many seinen manga (that i love i.e. Kono S o, Mi yo! , Cupid no Itazura Nijidama etc… )are being droped or delayed for months due to low stuff.
    What can you bring to the team? i am an excellent typesetter, i can clean RAW manga (but i don’t think i am very good at it :(
    I can do proof reading, as i have good english grammer skills.

    contact me by email:


  31. Zault Says:

    Hey I would like do some Manga, maybe anime, reviews, recommendation, and/or critic.
    I read a lot of manga a large portion of it is seinen + shounen. (examples would be Onani Master Kurosawa, Ubel Blatt, 20th Century boys, Franken Fran)

    Also I have poor Chinese and Japanese skills if that helps

    contact me by email:


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