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Yellow Hearts V.2 Ch. 11 [Hells_Castle]


Aiki 50
Aiki 51
Aiki 52
Aiki 53
Aiki 54
Aiki 55
by [Nerieru]
apparantly thats the end of the arc. and scanlation is gonna stop for a while (from this group) , so not sure when we will know what happens next! il try find out for sure… i think theyv translated all available raws…


Akumetsu ch 104 by Izumo no Ryuu & Manga Downloads
Akumetsu ch 105 by Izumo no Ryuu & Manga Downloads

Fullmetal Alchemist ch 96 by Franky House

Dante’s Divine Comedy ch 12 by Nihil Sine Nefas
Ubel Blatt [IIDX]
Vol. 8 – Ch. 05
Vol. 8 – Ch. 06

Until Death Do Us Part ch. 63 [NSN]
Until Death Do Us Part ch. 64 [NSN]


Veritas 38 by [Helz0ne]


Vagabond 272 by [NSN]


Oyaji 4 by [SlayerJr]

Zetman [EvilGenius]
ch. 109
ch. 110

Ch. 305 by evil-genius

The World is Mine[KEFI]
Ch. 100
Ch. 101

Ch. 102 & 103 theyre right on this page…ddls too

Evil Heart v02 c07 by [Hidoi~]
cant use megaupload at work so recycled an image from an earlier chapter…

Gekkoh [EMS Team]
ch. 24
ch. 25
ch. 26
ch. 27

Himegami [solelo]
ch. 18

Akumetsu [Izumo no Ryuu & Manga Downloads]
vol. 12, ch. 98
ch. 99
ch. 100
ch. 101
ch. 102
ch. 103

The Ravages of Time [hmk]
ch. 223
ch. 224
ch. 225
ch. 226
ch. 227
ch. 228

Gambling Emperor Legend Zero [Hox]
vol. 06 (ch. 43-51)
-three more chapters are out but I’ll wait for Hox’ next vol-batch release, so we don’t have to download some chapters twice.


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No Responses to “New Updates”

  1. mono Says:

    nice job cg
    wonder where crazy is…. we got a translator :)


  2. crazyankan Says:

    It has been wonderful weather in Sweden and I have been doing lots of stuff that has taken up my normal “manga searching time”.
    But I should have some spare time over now.


  3. CGorhant Says:

    Right with crazy…. ah wait, didn’t he say somewhere he was out for a few days? Maybe he’s still on tour ;)
    Translator, you mean Eden? So you found a successor for teqq? Good news

    edit: lol, speak of the devil


  4. crazyankan Says:

    Silv should fix another host for ROME.
    Rome and jcafe are on the same host, so both goes down at the same time :(

    So now I have to wait before I can start on the Adolf and Eden chapters :/

    Many updates lately, great job guys!


  5. mono Says:

    yo crazy,

    the last week or so, cg and our new & returning authors have been doin most the updates, not me! weather was good here last few weeks too. so gotta make the most of it in our part of the world ;)

    did you see we got some interest from a new translator? we need to set them up on rome when its online again..


  6. Archer Says:

    i added some chapters from Gekkoh and Himegami

    For some reason i also though i saw Kurohime here some time ago and i wanted to see if it needs to be updated but i did not find it so maybe i will upload all the volumes that are available.


  7. js Says:

    whoa this chick in gekkoh is hideous


  8. mono Says:

    added another new aiki and evil heart…
    you guys are making me look bad ;) glad im not the only one doin updates no more tho! :)

    i like aiki again now, was gettin bored. latest chapter made me actually laugh. which is strange.
    isutoshi is a legend.


  9. mono Says:

    and again with more aiki


  10. Archer Says:

    I added the 4th chapter of Baba yaga and i mentioned Kurohime in an earlier comment so here are all the volumes that are available in english.


  11. mono Says:

    i moved the Kurohime series upload to the reccomendations post here:

    lets keep this for new chapters..
    hope u dont mind! ^___^

    really great work too btw archer :)

    EDIT: updated link for EvilHeart & Aiki
    i got some stuff to add to these posts soonish… dont wanna fall behind ;)


  12. Archer Says:

    Sure,no problem mono :)
    and thanks,you’re also doing a great job,as always ;)


  13. Krummbart Says:

    Again I have to wonder – is that baba yaga manga not child pornography in a drawn way? The protagonists are supposed to be 12 or so years old, but yet it’s a very physical appeal to it. Boobs and panties all over the place, why not pick protagonists that are in their fourties for this?


  14. mono Says:

    berserk and a couple other things just released: all dls are torrents so i cant get em til tommorow!


  15. Archer Says:

    I have not read Baba Yaga yet so i can’t say i have any opinions,i did found out about it a few weeks ago (i think here) but i had no idea what the characters age is as i only randomly checked a few pages,but i did read that it is suppose to be quite violent at times.
    oh well,maybe someone who has actually read it can say more.


  16. mono Says:

    well if none of us authors are reading it, and we think its dodgey lets stop posting it…?


  17. Archer Says:

    I guess that might be the best thing,mono.

    -Updated post- i added 2 chapters of The World is Mine

    @mono: if you want i can add the new stuff released by evil-genius


  18. CGorhant Says:

    Arch, I’m downloading the EG-torrents right now so I could reupload the files if you’d like!

    @Baba Yaga: I read the first chapter and came to the same conclusion as Krummbart. (and I haven’t read more). I think its not forbidden but very much “borderland”, like the “cute” characters in Elfen Lied, they get ripped and torn apart all the time. (Thats why I hate Elfen Lied too and don’t read it).
    Now we have 3 authors not wanting it plus the only user who has ever commented on Baba Yaga is with us, so I’d say, to hell with it^^


  19. Archer Says:

    -Added latest Berserk chapter-

    Ok then CGorhant

    i just read your comment after adding Berserk but i did not download anything else from evil-genius so you can add the rest .

    btw you can also remove Baba Yaga if you want.


  20. CGorhant Says:

    Ok, I’ll add Zetman. I don’t know nothing about Angel Heart, so I wont add it^^

    Ok with Baba Yaga!


  21. mono Says:

    nice work guys- we got a good little team goin on here now :)
    added new aiki, vagabond & oyaji. also added 2 TWiM chapters…

    gonna do a couple series uploads before wkends finished…


  22. mono Says:

    aiki 54 added


  23. crazyankan Says:

    Latest Berserk chapter….easiest chapter ever to translate?


  24. mono Says:

    Last few chapters have been a bit poor eh?!


  25. Krummbart Says:


    Berserk, Vagabond, Oyaji, The world is mine and Zetman in one Update! Whoauw, so great.



  26. mono Says:

    added veritas too.


  27. Archer Says:

    Added Ubel Blatt and Until Death Do Us Part.
    Have fun


  28. CGorhant Says:

    Thank you guys! It’s a nice reading morning for me now :)


  29. crazyankan Says:

    Added some DDC, FMA and Akumetsu.


  30. humbug Says:

    Thanks for the releases. There’s some new Biomega at evil genius too if you are interested.


  31. js Says:

    is nobody scanlating peace maker, that western-looking manga? art’s fabulous


  32. Archer Says:

    Added Yellow Hearts chapter 11


  33. mono Says:

    Js – nah noone is scanlating it any mmore. Itss a shame cos i really liked it


  34. CGorhant Says:

    Biomega was finished by two other groups, first Red and then Hox. EG’s release sure is more HQ but imo Biomega wasn’t Niheis greatest manga (plot-wise and art-wise), so I won’t bother reading it again.

    @Peace Maker: It seems, the whole UJ section is not very loved by scangroups atm. Tenjou Tenge goes slow, so does Dogs: B&C, GLO has no translator, Peace Maker has no group…


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