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October 14, 2009

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OneManga, MangaFox, and MangaHut are very good websites to read manga online. But they don’t have a download section.
DomDomSoft Manga Downloader is a software that helps you download manga directly off these sites.


- Don’t need to install, just click and run!
- Easy to use.
- Absolutely free!Actually, there’s a free version and a $5 licensed version available currently. Only difference is genre filtering.

System Requirement:

- Windows OS.
- .Net Framework.

13 Responses to “Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader”

  1. mono Says:

    thanks to Urameshi for bringing this to light..


  2. Sunfizz Says:

    Thanks for the program, but would this ever replace lurk or evil empire? Sometimes I think not.


  3. mono Says:

    me neither, someone just asked me to post it here………
    i never use online readers, but some people like that so here it is


  4. Sunfizz Says:

    So far, I like the program except for the fact that it needs a purchase for pro features. Too bad the downloaded files from online readers don’t always tell me which scanlator it was.

    Back to lurk. Good post btw.


  5. mono Says:

    i know i know i know!
    the images are shrunk and they dont give credits.
    the main reasons why i dont use online readers, just lurk!

    but its a pretty cool program and i owed urameshi a favor


  6. Urameshi-sama Says:

    Thanks mono.

    I don’t think this will replace lurk, but it is somewhat handy to get recent releases quickly. I usually use it to dl releases by groups that only release in torrents or by IRC, both of which I can’t immediately use at school due to monitoring and firewalls.

    @fizz- There’s a lot of ways to get a license for free. I got one 3 days after downloading it by reporting an error.


  7. VNS Says:

    They need $ to keep the software alive.


  8. crazyankan Says:

    I only use manga readers for mangas that are not so well drawn.
    Reading berserk on a manga reader, no fucking way!


  9. jeeeahhh Says:

    if this works on’s gallery viewer i’ll be so happy


  10. Guts,Gatsu,Gatts?? Says:

    Nice program,I like it. Mainly because I got a slow internet.Oh,and someone requested the developer to add support for Lurk,if he does it will be kewl!!


  11. arnain Says:

    owh… nice soft… pretty smooth on downloading…


  12. suryo Says:

    beuh, needs Microsoft.Net Framework (big file size).


  13. Anonymouse Says:

    great software, thx dude :x


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