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Remember Me Review

May 2, 2010


I take this opportunity to recommend people who like the realistic drama and heavy dialogues of G Senjou Heavens Door to watch the movie Remember Me written by Will Fetters. I was a little biased to watch the movie because the lead actor was only known for clich̩ movies like Twilight. But boy, Remember Me has one of the most intense movie moments I have seen, and believe me РI have watched and read A LOT of good movies and mangas that deal with relationship conflicts. (All my favorite movies and series are actually about philosophy and life.)

Remember Me is about simple people in simple settings getting blown from one feet to another by real problems. Tyler, whose parents have split in the wake of his brother’s suicide, and Ally, who lives each day to the fullest since witnessing her mother’s murder. Her spirit helps him heal after a family tragedy.

RM is different than most movies as it does not try for laughter or tears. Everything feels right and understandable. Because of details like stuttering, repetition, or incomplete sentences in verbal speech that all dialogues sound so well as if taken from real speech and that positively affects the credibility! The charm of the script does not lie in the romance scenes, the dramatic twists, but in the seriousness the way the conflicts were spread out and dealt with. There is no right or wrong, no good or evil, no classic villain roles for the viewer. One is forced to take sides just to find oneself confused and lost like the main character in the movie. It’s Will Fetters’ first screen writing and the dialogue realism simply outshines most of the recent movies that call themselves drama.

While watching I realized instantly that the script and dialogues were deep and very natural. Convinced that the setting and dialogues were too real I run some background checks and found out, that great parts of the movie are actually based on Will Fetters’ own experience. Writing the script was his way of coping with the problems he had at that time and I’m stunned at what he has created. A beautiful life embracing movie that breathes hope instead of destiny. It’s a movie that forces the viewer to think and remember what is truly important in life, also that life can’t be planned out and that it is not important WHAT you do, or how busy you are, one should always try to balance out work and family, money and life. There are more things to learn from the movie, but you have to watch it yourself.

It’s because the very small fact that many viewers haven’t been through life changing conflicts, that pushed them out of their comfort zone, that most of the reviewers simply couldn’t understand the message behind the movie: If you fall, learn to get up on your own, forget the past and evolve, embrace the future while accepting the past – all those things that can’t be learned in school or books are displayed successfully in Remember Me. For those who are going through personal hardships, this movie is a wonderful eulogy to life. Go, watch it!

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