LHGRHD(end) + updates


God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand Volume 04 ch.58-77 (end) by Manga Underground

God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand Volume 01 by OC Scans
God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand Volume 02 by GunPowder Scans & Manga Underground
God’s Left Hand, Devil’s Right Hand Volume 03 by GunPowder Scans & Manga Underground

Crime and Punishment ch.1-3 by DANIEL.AU

Cyber Blue ch.16 by /a/nonymous scanlations
Cyber Blue ch.17 by /a/nonymous scanlations

Deadman Wonderland ch.37 by I Eat Manga

Ikigami ch.33 by Imangascans
Ikigami ch.34 by Imangascans

Y+M Yagyuu Ninpouchou ch.36 by pythong
on the same page you can find all the previous chapters.

Neighbor No. 13 chapter 1 by Endless Abyss (from Santa Inoue the cousin of Taiyo Matsumoto)

Soul Drop
Chapter 01 by Endless Abyss
looks like a pretty promising new series

Gamaran c58 by Helz0ne
Gamaran c57
Gamaran c56 by nplm

Noramimi Vol.01-08 (end) by Hox, Mangascreener

Until Death Do Us Part ch.106 by Nihil Sine Nefas

Heat c03 by Easy Going Scans

Claymore c106 by Mangastream & binktopia

Garouden Boy
Vol. 01 by Wild Fang Project
Vol. 02 by Wild Fang Project

Wolf Guy vol.07 ch.59-67 by Izumo no Ryuu

No Responses to “LHGRHD(end) + updates”

  1. anonym Says:

    thanks for the update, I was waiting for LHGRHD :)
    I find the sorta old school illustrations reminiscent of devilman for some reason, It’s like I don’t expect something that looks like that to be so gory…but I like it!


  2. DamnedBones Says:

    Hell yeah! Thanks a lot for GLHDRH, Archer! :D


  3. thorn Says:

    holy shit LHGRHD sweet manga underground ftw


  4. DeBT Says:

    Really enjoyed LHoGRHoD – read the entire series in one sitting. It started out really weird, then got progressively watered down with subsequent stories. And yet, I couldn’t stop reading, even though every chapter opened up with a close-up of the last panel.

    I must remember to read Fourteen when I get the chance. Although there aren’t any children protagonists who get horribly butchered, it’s no less insane than anything Kazuo Umezu does.


  5. DeBT Says:

    Forgot to add these to my previous post:

    Also enjoyed the Garouden short story. It’s been awhile since anything Baki-related got through, so it was a thrill seeing overly-muscled dudes whaling on each other. The surprising thing is that, compared to the two series, Garouden is only slightly more realistic than Grappler Baki.

    Also took the chance to start reading Wolf Guy. My general impression is that it’s basically Twilight for guys, only with Werewolves and macho beatings.


  6. mono Says:

    added a couple updates, sorry took me so long, and theres not much :S

    need to check out a few things been posted recently, thanks archer/cg


  7. Revil Says:

    “My Name is Shingo” will never be scanlated.


  8. molokidan Says:

    to DeBT: Actually, there are. Get excited!

    Revil: There might be a chance Viz releases Shingo, as it’s one of Umezu’s most acclaimed works, and not very violent, so I decided to put it off on my list of Umezu works to translate in place of Fourteen, a series that will most likely NEVER be released due to how insane and violent it is.


  9. CGorhant Says:

    Is it just me or do we get mostly lame to no stuff lately? (With noble exceptions!!!)
    Seems like the anti-scanlation campaint landed it’s blow.


  10. Revil Says:

    Hox just finished Noramimi, definitely one of the most underrated manga around.


  11. Archer Says:

    CG: pretty much the same releases as always imo, it’s just that many great manga have ended so while there are many releases(as we can see on mangaupdates) there are not that many updates that suit our tastes, i guess.

    btw for the horror fans, you should check out the miniseries Storm of the Century, small town that is isolated because of the snow, mysterious guy shows up and weird stuff starts happening, I am currently watching it and I love it :D


  12. DamnedBones Says:

    Well, DANIELAU and Endless Abyss have both started working on a new project called Crime and Punishment. I, personally, haven’t read it yet but it might be an interesting manga…who knows, right(?).

    PS: Storm of The Century is great, I watched it when it first aired in my country. :)


  13. mono Says:

    added a couple more things.
    have a good wkend everyone.


  14. MrPhil Says:

    Thanks !!!
    Have great holidays
    See you


  15. mono Says:

    hey guys, has anyone read the volume releases of vinland saga?
    is there anything extra in them?
    ie. is there any point me downloding them!?! thanks ;)


  16. Archer Says:

    added a few more stuff, I will try to make a new post when I have more time or maybe someone else will make one in the meantime.

    mono: vinland related, I have no idea, did not check them out.


  17. Revilenigma Says:

    “is there anything extra in them?”
    Jesus Christ, Did you not read Powerman’s post?
    “- fixed typos
    – scanlated cover flap, omake
    – fixed some redrawings here and there”


  18. mono Says:

    ehm, no i didnt read it, i havent been on their site even – thats why i asked…

    so basically the answer is no?

    i wondered if there were any little character things or maps or such like in them thats all.


  19. whitezero Says:

    after knowing that souldroup is from the same author of bogiepop series, i decided to read it :xdd thanks .


  20. kid Says:

    LHGRHD v1 link is broken
    please re upload ^_^ thanks


  21. Archer Says:

    fixed it


  22. ffilou6 Says:

    Oops, I misread, I thought it was Change Guy, a good action/fighting manhwa (korean manga) >_< Maybe Wolf Guy is good story, I might read it later…


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