belated xmas & early new year

December 29, 2010

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well we were all pretty busy over the holidays it seems :D
so, sorry, all the best etc etc etc
here’s some stuff i got over the last week or so..

Bartender – ch. 41 and ch. 42 [Cityshrimp]

Steel Ball Run ch. 68 [JoJo Project & Stardust Crusaders]

Cyber Blue: The Lost Children (The known story by Buronson with new art)
ch. 01 [My personal Scans]

Coppelion – ch. 10 & 11 [My personal Scans]

Takemitsu Zamurai v07 c61 & c62
Takemitsu Zamurai v06 by Hox

All Rounder Meguru c37 & c38 by Kotonoha

Vinland Saga c70 by Mangastream & Binktopia (online)

I am a Hero v03 by Illuminati & GantzWaitingRoom

Tough c138-c150 by Endless Abyss

Koukou Tekken den Tough v09-v11 by Illuminati Manga
yes three volumes

Kenji v20 by Toomin & Tripledraw

Jesus c02 by X-Posed
first chapter here

Claymore c111 by Mangastream & Binktopia (online)

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  1. Zael Says:

    Thanks mono, and to all of the staff here on MangaUnderground! I think this has been a rather good year manga-wise. I have personally learned about quite a few excellent manga-titles, and most of the currently popular shonen titles have gone successfully forward entering new Sagas. (OnePiece, Naruto, etc.) I was especially happy to see some continuation to HxH and Homunculus. ^^ All in all, a great year.
    I wish everyone an even better New Year! ^_~


  2. maxikki Says:

    thank u. also Real volume 10 was released by illuminati scans


  3. js Says:

    Original I thought IAMAHERO will be just as pathetic as RESENTMENT. But 3 volumes down it has grown on me :)


  4. CGorhant Says:

    A nice post and only 3 comments? Tssss— But I’m rather busy atm, too, sorry^^
    Anyway, as for 2010 I clearly discovered some great new titles and I finally dropped some that were overdue.

    “I am a Hero” is clearly one of the gems in 2010. Can’t believe “Ressentiment” is by the same author D:
    Hellstar Remina, Stardust Memories, Legend of Koizumi, Music of Marie, Ranman, … idk, more?


  5. mono Says:

    hi cg, yeah i know about the comments. its ok everyone is busy this time of year.

    happy new year everyone i know im late :P


  6. CGorhant Says:

    added some.


  7. DamnedBones Says:

    I’m not sure if this explains the lack of comments lately, but perhaps, you might want to consider adding more series such as Higanjima(Archer himself used to work on this one) or even Rainbow, as they both are updated quite often.
    Plus, there’s also Mephisto, which is in my opinion, one of the most unique mangas out there, yet, neglected by most readers.

    It’d also be an interesting idea to know which particular manga you guys enjoyed the most last year, and which ones were your least favorites(the shitty ones so to speak).



  8. Revil Says:

    Favs of the year: Takemitsu Zamurai and Ultra Heaven with Neighbor No. 13 and Gunjo in a tie for second place.

    the shit: Neko Musume Michikusa Nikki, I was expecting a poor-mans noramimi and what I got was a really forgettable poor-mans noramimi with creepy fan service.


  9. CGorhant Says:

    Never heard of Rainbow to be frank, but it sounds promising. Easy Going Scans has quite some stuff, true (Heat, Kiss Wood, Rainbow, …). I don’t know why MU doesn’t just show every damn seinen-release when I tagged it already. Anyway, we can’t have our eyes everywhere so it’s cool and really appreciated, DammedBones.

    My fav’s are above, the shit imo: Ressentiment, Wolf Guy, Berserk (sorry, but last year sucked), Sidonia no Kishi, Gantz, the ending of Veritas, plus I dropped Gamaran, Bleach and Tough (maybe I’ll catch up to them later)

    I still haven’t read Billy Bat and Takemitsu Samuai, and I’m not up to date with REAL anymore, (plus anything great that comes to my knowledge) so this will be my read for the next few weeks/months.


  10. DamnedBones Says:

    I can’t really pick a favorite of mine, so I’ll just name a few, in no specific order.

    The Music of Marie
    Narutaru(The last volume was a huge pile of crap, though)

    (Every single manga mentioned above is complete)

    New series

    Neighbor 13
    Crime and Punishment
    Kidou Ryodan(I personally love the realistic approach and the way how it depicts War from a soldier’s perspective)

    Knife(It’s probably one of the most promising manga out there. The lead character seems to be a well regarded teacher, who finds himself “forced” to kill “bad people”, due to monetary reasons).

    I also would like to mention Jiariashin Diablo, Heat, Sprite, Ultra heaven and Skyhigh Shinshou.

    Most disappointing stuff

    Berserk(Miura has been dragging the story for far too long now)
    Vinland Saga(2010 started out rather well for Vinland Saga but nothing particularly exciting happened afterwards)
    Claymore(Repetitive as hell)
    Gantz(It needs to go back to its roots)

    Shitty stuff

    Wolf Guy(It’s a fuckin’ rape fest, for God’s sake!)
    Seikon no Qwasar(Why God? Why???)


  11. Archer Says:

    Nice post guys!
    Wow, i have not posted anything here in quite a while, been busy at the uni and working on different releases, currently working on another project together with morten, oh well, I will try and make a new post since I have plenty on stuff worth uploading.

    I have read a lot fewer manga this year compared to the last 2-3 years so I can’t say I have that many favorites to list but I will give it a try:

    Best manga I have read in 2010: Drifting Classroom, The Ice Wanderer, Me and the Devil Blues, Freesia.
    Best anime of the year: FMA Brotherhood, Shiki and Tatami Galaxy.

    Since i like listing my favorites, here are also the best movies i saw in 2010 and the best books i read :)

    Best novels read in 2010: American Gods by Neil Gaiman, Shadow’s Edge by Brent Weeks, Gateway by Frederik Pohl.

    Best movies: Inception, How to Train Your Dragon; best horrors: The Crazies, Piranha 3D; biggest disappointment: Resident Evil: Afterlife.


  12. CGorhant Says:

    With all this info we could do a “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” post.^^

    On another note, I’m to blame, too, it really seems we all have our hands full atm. We could need one or more new authors here that contribute some fresh blood.
    Or, we’re just not updating the usual stuff anymore and make a new post only, like, every 3 or 4 weeks. Like, in my case I wouldn’t post any Claymore, Gantz, Wolf Guy, Zetman, or Berserk anymore because I don’t read it anyway (at the moment or nevermore).
    Instead, we’d go back to posting only manga that we can strongly recommend personally.


  13. Aniceto Pereira Says:

    I love your updates – I keep finding great new stuff to read. QP and Worst seem brilliant. Cheers – keep them coming.


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