MangaMeeya for Windows Vista & 7 Users

January 17, 2011

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MangaMeeya 7 for Windows Vista & 7

MangaMeeyaCE 2 for Windows XP

It’s 2011 already and more users upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 everyday. A newly translated version of MangaMeeya 7.4b in English (credits to NeoJam) is now available for download. MangaMeeya 7.4b resolves a few bugs in and most importantly: allows you to bind your hotkeys in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You can download the newest translated version of MangaMeeya Version here:


MangaMeeya English for Windows XP, Vista, 7


157 Responses to “MangaMeeya for Windows Vista & 7 Users”

  1. lanis Says:

    Im sorry to say that this latest version seems to be an unintuitive mess. I’m trying to bind some mouse commands but they don’t work. Mouse wheel is default for forward and back and not scrolling!!?? No + or – for simple incremental zoom? There was nothing wrong with the old interface except when the scrolling would stop working.


  2. silv Says:

    Which version are you using and which OS?


  3. silv Says:

    It seems like you are using custom bindings. You can change those easily by either importing your old .ini file or in the Menu -> Customize.


  4. Interested Says:

    Thanks a lot for the new version. Btw, I’ve previously heard that this program was stopped development. Do you have the source code so that you can fix bugs, or is it that the original developer took the project again? If it’s the first case, it would be awesome if you could share the source code with us too :)


  5. lanis Says:

    im using windows 7. when i go into customize->mouse and change the bindings on my mouse, the settings would get saved according to the window but when i try to use them its still the same old keys.


  6. lanis Says:

    importing the old .ini file worked out great. thanks. im not really sure why all this customization was really necessary to be honest. i always thought that the defaults for the old mmce was perfect. left click, right click for forward and back. mouse wheel for scrolling and +,- for incremental zoom. thanks for the great program.


  7. lanis Says:

    sorry its me again. yeah scrolling just broke on this version too.


  8. taimat Says:

    Hi MU
    Thanx For The version 7.x EN Looks Cool & with Context Menu Integration . in my case i fixed the scrolling problem by assigning scroll right/left to mouse wheel .. im using single page view btw
    what i want to ask is 2 questions
    #1 how to show overlay .. i know how to enable/disable but not change .. like brightness
    #2 the page flipping effects seems the same speed no matter how i change it
    & Thanx again for v7.x


  9. mono Says:

    i still use version 2.4
    it works on w7 x64 too
    never use key bindings, just forward, back, browse (ctrl-D) and save out (ctrl-S)



  10. js Says:

    xp baby

    probly won’t switch till win8


  11. Dille Says:

    New MM? Gimme, gimme!


  12. Bikz Says:

    Has anyone tried Comickrack.IMO it’s much better than MangaMeeya and it has much more features.


  13. silv Says:

    I’ve tried ComicRack and it is nowhere near as economical with memory and fast loading as MMCE. Alone the installation file of ComicRack is huge 7MB compared to 0,2 MB of MMCE, not speaking of the sloppy framework that eats memory.


  14. Daka Says:

    mouse wheel scrolling not work MangaMeeya 7.4 Beta Rev2.01a NeoJam Version on Windows 7 64bit Ultimate


  15. tristanthorn Says:

    Thanks for the update. A few questions though.

    I’m using win7.
    1/ MangaMeeya7 really lags… the scrolling using the mousewheel finishes 1-2 seconds after I’ve moved the mousewheel.

    2/ Perhaps related to the first question, but I’M using default settings, and task manager is saying I’m using 250,000kb of memory. Thats’s about 20x more than the old version.

    3/ My wireless mouse doesn’t work properly with either MangaMeeya7 or the old version, on win7. The mose works fine with winxp. Its a microsoft wireless mouse 5000. With Mangameeya7 the mousewheel registers as scrolling up regardless of which direction the wheel is turned. The mouse isn’t broken, this only happens with MangaMeeya.

    I just want to finish by saying that I love MangaMeeya, just wish I could get it to run properly on Win7.



  16. silv Says:

    You are both doing something wrong. I use Windows 7 Ultimate and my mm7 only uses about 12 MB for a 80 MB volume. Scrolling is smooth as well.

    Check for cache settings! If you are reading a high resolution version with 2800px width or 300 px depth and are caching 10 images, of course it’s going to consume more memory to display them.

    I have the same mouse wireless 5000, check scroll settings in both windows control panel and mangameeya (Options – Zoom Navi).


  17. Dokidoki7 Says:

    Great, it let’s me read my manga, but if I want to delete it how do I delete it? It won’t let me.


  18. Dokidoki7 Says:

    Ok nvm. But when I tried to get onto it today it wasn’t working, so I don’t exactly know what’s wrong with it.


  19. tails_ Says:

    Finished a remake of original interface:
    -fixed (i bet) most of too long sting fields
    -corrected translation in some places
    -full tahomamization :) (yup i love this font when it rendered with freetype)

    P.S. I’ll translate susie plugin menus a bit later
    P.P.S I don’t know where strings for AviSynth stored yet


  20. tails_ Says:

    Uh oh it was older not fully edited exe >__<


  21. tails_ Says:

    Somewhere in …

    #This labels below does not read by filter, preharps something broken inside binary? >:
    #or insertingdeleting zeros if string in mangameeya.dll was too shortlong was a bad idea? ;_;

    In other words: Because of dummy me please wait for a bit longer! ;_;
    BTW Does anybody needs Avisynth filter translations?


  22. Kirika Says:

    I’ve switched from old MM 2.4 Beta to MangaMeeya 7.4 and all is better except one thing – I can’t find the option “thumbnail mode” (press “T” to activate it assuming you didn’t change the binding key) which in MMCE 2.4 would allow to scroll every page vertically, similar to PicWalker. The name is confusing and inaccurate but basically it allows to look at the page “x” and the next one (“x+1″) at the same time. It’s better then having two pages horizontally, especially if someone doesn’t have a huge display. Here’s a screenshot of what I have in mind:

    In PicWalker it works even better (you just have to activate “continuous pages mode” or press “C”)and that’s the only reason why I’m still using such old program (well, there’s also a fact it uses even less resources than MM).


  23. Sau Says:

    It will be very helpful if someone translates avisynth plugins. I tried it myself once, but it didn’t appear in filters menu.

    Also there is a problem with avisynth plugins. I don’t know if its in original program or due to translation, but whenever I navigate to next file with avisynth filter on, Mangameeya crashes. This doesn’t happen always but quite frequentely.

    There is another bug, whenever explorer crashes and restarts and if Mangameeya is minimize to tray, its icon disappears from system tray. Only way to close mangameeya at that point is to terminate its process through Task Manager.


  24. Sau Says:

    @tails_ Btw there is an error in the translation, it was present in original translation too. When Mangameeya is minimize to tray, the menu that appears by right clicking on the icon says ‘Undo’, it should be ‘Restore’.


  25. tails_ Says:

    Here you go Changed “Undo” to “Restore”.

    Now talking about AviSynth filters.
    Labels and Hints for filters stored in *.def files in “AviSynth” folder but filternames default values and parameterd names sadly stored directly inside mangameeya exe. I tried to translate at least filter names by editing exe and adding zeroes to string if it was too long, but after one of funcrions mangameeya just stops reading *.def files so we lost filter controls at all. BTW after that i tried to replace NULs to some character but realult was the same – none of filters after Monochrome wasn’t working. Since I don’t know how to work with debugger the only thing i can do is translate those def files so you could understand what going on by hints.

    @Kirika From what I understood you need to view two pages as one vertically aligned? If yes there’s grid view filter which allows you to do that iirc it’s “•Ўђ”–‡•Ћ¦” in AviSynth menu :S


  26. tails_ Says:

    Exe above was one where i started filters names translation. You’d better not to use it because who knows how unstabe can it be. – one with untranslated filters


  27. Sau Says:

    @tails Thanks! Translating hints will be helpful too, also if you don’t mind, please make a reference pic like this “” of what shows what each filter’s name is. Also have you encountered the bug I have written about in previous comment.


  28. tails_ Says:

    @Sau Okay. I’ll translate hints and make reference page. Now talkiing about bugs. As for me mangameeya crashes sometimes then going between archives and I didn’t noticed much difference if avisynth on or off. Also I didn’t noticed second bug because I just don’t use explorer :P (btw I’m litestep fan) but checked it, yeah icon disappears and I can do nothing with it :( though I don’t remember if litestep ever crashed…

    P.S. I’m running russian Windows XP (cp1251) so filter “names” may differ.


  29. Kirika Says:

    Thanks for the reply but I don’t have this filter (I also tried every option there was so maybe you misspelled it). Maybe I have a different version of MM, I don’t know. Also I couldn’t try all filters because MM crashed every time I did.


  30. tails_ Says:

    BTW i just noticed that page order window i readed from left to right and from bottom to top :O


  31. tails_ Says:

    Ahh now i understood how it works: if width defined, matrix read from bottom to top and if height defined (btw inly width of height can be defined at once otherwise filter returns error) matrix i read from top to bottom.
    Alsi I finally udrestood what this “1 step = 4 pixel” comment for some filters in *.def file means: width or height value you defined must be multiple of 4, otherwite it will be rounded to multiple of 4 to lover value (i.e 2003 will be rounded to 2000 instead of 2004)


  32. tails_ Says:

    Good news! I finished translating main filterpack (mangameeya.def) and ReadMe file. Maybe I’ll finish everything else today :] though I’m already sleepy =_=


  33. Kirika Says:

    Thanks again tails_ . Unfortunately it doesn’t work on my computer. Maybe because I’m using Win XP? When I enable it it looks like this:
    There is only black screen. When I turn it off everything goes back to normal of course: It also has a different name on my computer, there is no Dirac constant here (reduced Planck constant, h-bar). Maybe if you could send me your configuration file or better yet your version of MM configured in a way so that it would be already enabled? Then we would know whether it’s because of my system or because I’m a retard. Thanks in advance.


  34. tails_ Says:

    Hmm i’m running Win XP too.. Anyway here’s latest working pack filter and names are same but most hints are already translated, I also translated(rewrited :P) readme file in AviSynth folder, you may want to read it for some variables explanation.


  35. tails_ Says:

    Oh and names are different because of different localizations: I use russian windows so all text decoded from cp1251(Cyrillic) codepage and you seem to use english one so text decoded from cp1250(Latin)


  36. tails_ Says:

    Ugh I bet moderators won’t ban me for flooding >_<
    @Kirika I didn't noticed at first but it looks like you didn't deifned page grid in filter configuration.


  37. Sau Says:


    You can find this filter in ’19 Show 4 images per page’, change the values according to your need.


    Thanks for the wonderful work, will check it out.


    I have found a workaround for the ‘Minimize to tray’ bug (Mangameeya systray icon disappears when explorer crash). You can unMinimize Mangameeya from tray by using a Joystick button. First assign Minimize to tray to a joystick button, then when you use it, it actually toggles ‘Minimize to tray’.


  38. tails_ Says:

    @Sau please note that i ddon’t know japanese so there should be many errors in translation

    P.S. ofcourse this is not end :> i want to translate parameter names somehow though filter hints need to be done first >:


  39. Kirika Says:

    Thank you tails_ and Sau. Adding RGB filter didn’t help, there was no difference. But when in settings I’ve added vertically 0 1 to the filter you’ve mentione (•Ўђ”–‡•Ћ¦), i.e.
    every two page was visible and every two was black. But that’s unimportant since thanks to you tails_ it’s working now although it’s still not the same as in MMCE 2.4. Only two pages are aligned vertically and I have to click every 2 pages to go to the next, in PicWalker and old MM I could go like that for any number of pages as if they were on a roll. And adding 0 1 2 3 vertically doesn’t help, if the folder would have 1000 images I would have to click 250 times anyway (or scroll, but regardless there would be a “screen-jump” and I wouldn’t call it continuous pages). The closest I can get to PicWalkers continuous pages (which are activated by pressiing “C”) or MMCE 2.4 thumbnail mode (which is activated by pressing “T”) is to use custom thumbnail mode, configure it so there’s only one column and make thumbnails as big as possible (which can’t be bigger than 1024×1024) but there is a vertical space between the images and I can’t use “fit to width mode” or any other, it’s always a fixed value: . If you would like to know exactly what I mean download PicWalker or MMCE 2.4. This mode makes reading much more convenient and makes reading really comfortable. MM 7.4 not having it is a big flaw.


  40. tails_ Says:

    @Kirika understood now. Btw you can set configuratin like on screenshot i gave you so mangameeya will skip every 2’nd page (1 3 5 etc)


  41. tails_ Says:

    Here we go
    Please read readme.txt first.

    P.S. Should I post this archive somewhere else?


  42. Sau Says:


    Do you want original Mangameeya executable?


  43. tails_ Says:

    If you have one.


  44. Mike Says:

    A translation for Avisynth filters would be great, but copy/pasting the other scripts and tweaking them works OK. But I can’t add any new filters beyond the 21 already there…


  45. tails_ Says:

    @Mike which filters exactly you tried to load? Tried something named SangNom – works fine


  46. Mike Says:

    @tails_ I mean adding new scripts to the 21 existing filter scripts, “1: Soften and sharpen”, “2: Adjust color” etc, each of them has a combination of filters in it.

    I can’t create new scripts, I have to replace the old ones so I lose them, which is too bad since the easiest way to get what you want is to modify existing scripts…


  47. Danny Says:

    Anyone else having problems with MangaMeeya 7 crashing a lot? I try to jump to the next file/folder and it crashes 100% of the time. That’s a deal breaker for me right there. I want to go back to 2.4b but I spent a lot of time customizing the hotkeys using trial and error. Don’t have the time or patience to do that again.


  48. Sau Says:


    Mangameeya crashes for me too. It can be either because archive is too large, when avisynth filter is on, some time randomly. It also crashes while opening certain rar or zip files, re-compressing file to new format usually solves this problem. If you’re still bothered by crashes, better to start using 2.4b sooner than later.


  49. Danny Says:


    Yep, I switched back to 2.4b. Couldn’t stop the crashes. Had to run an Win XP VM to reconfigure the hotkeys settings. >.<


  50. Dee Says:

    Can’t say I like this newer version well. Most of all, a lot of shiny new features to play with. I still can view all the files in a particular zip file but I can’t dock that option.

    Btw, I can’t seem to open a few new windows in this version. I might have missed a few options though.

    Still, I’m glad this version is much faster at flipping through the pages.


  51. tails_ Says:

    @Dee Options–>Setting Tab–>uncheck “Use single instance of mangameeya”
    Also this is not new version, just touched interface a bit and sorry for that config (i just use it like this usually)

    Also about crashes: try disabling susie plugin (you won’t be able to read some exotic formats but that’s not a big deal)

    Oh and I’m working on VGA version of MangaMeeyaCE for WM, i traslated it from chinese using PC version’s translation, but is crashes damn lot if images are archived so if anybody have original japanese version 2.2 and 2.4b please send them to me, maybe they’re not so buggy =


  52. tails_ Says:
    Fuck Yeah! translated mangameeya.dll avisynth filter (well mostly) the only thing left is some status messages (like one then filter returns error) and some translation corrections.
    P.S. Please report any wrong translations so i could fix them and make mangameeya even better! @_@


  53. Sau Says:


    Wow! Thanks!! Just downloaded and tested. It works. How did you do this?

    For those who wants to add translated filters to their existing Mangameeya installations, you will have to edit Mangameeya.ini and delete all previous avisynth profiles (These are at the end of the file). Replace it with what is in Mangameeya.ini of talis’ version.

    Also you can add your own avisynth filters, just place it in the AvisynthPlugin folder.


  54. Sau Says:


    MangameeyaCE 2.4Beta Japanese :


  55. tails_ Says:

    Well, i added new section to PE file and put strings here then edited most of references so program reads ctrings from different adress, and yes older filters are uncompatible >_< (though you can just rename filter names to english ones in mangameeya.ini)

    @Sau this is Win32 version ;_; i'm searching for WM2003 with VGA screens version


  56. Kage Says:

    There’s no explorer mode in this new version?


  57. Sau Says:


    There is a command in ‘Jump’ Menu, ‘Up One Level’. It works as explorer mode


  58. narid Says:

    i got a little problem here maybe someone can give me a hand.
    i did find the older version of this programm on a blog some time ago and there was a little batch file for adding it into the right click context menu but sadly it doesnt work with win7.
    so if someone knows how to add the programm into the context menu it would be a huge help.

    the original script is listed here


  59. Sau Says:


    You don’t have to use this script. Go to Tools>Registry Settings in menu bar. A dialog box will open, which allows you to associate mangameeya with various formats and add it to context menu.


  60. Ruly Says:

    Does mangameeya have an option to rotate all pages, cant seem to find it?


    • Tetsudaichan Says:

      Somehow the dev has taken the rotation options out of of the Win7 version. I stick with the XP version because that one has the awesome rotation options.

      The reason why I like MangaMeeya’s rotation options so much is because it’s afaik the only image viewer out there with auto rotate options with lots of tweaking options for it. This means that images get auto rotated as you want while browsing a set of images, where you have to manually rotate each image on all other image viewers.


  61. Sau Says:


    As far as I know, there is no direct option to rotate pages. But you can use Avisynth filters to rotate pages. There is a profile for rotating all pages by 90°, but remember, its not in the version talis has edited. You can make it yourself using ‘ImRo’ filter in talis version.


  62. Ruly Says:

    Thanks Sau

    I guess you were wrong i went to Avisynth Settings, and there was a FILTER for image rotation , the sucky thing is that if i put 90° it starts from bottom to top, but if i put 270° it display the image right top to bottom :( weird, well i’ll keep trying.


  63. Ruly Says:

    Nevermind i just checked the setting Flip horizontal and voila it works GREAT, thanks again for the help, about the filter thanks


  64. Ruly Says:

    Well i rechecked and i had to check both settings, vertical and horizontal xD


  65. ThatoneGuy Says:

    I’m trying to delete this off my computer, but it isn’t letting me. I keeps saying “This folder is open in MangaMeeya7″ when it isn’t. Please help.


  66. tails_ Says:

    whoops, noticed that some parts of downloader not translated :G ,gonna fix that after returning to normal life.


  67. Fox Says:

    Everything is good, but the scrolling is kinda slow, how can i make it move faster when i use keyboard to read manga


  68. Sau Says:


    Tools>Option>Zoom/Navi>Scrolling Speed settings.


  69. ghostwalker Says:

    MangaMeeya 7: Tools > Options > Zoom/Navi tab > Keyboard Scrolling: increase horizontal/vertical numbers as you like.
    MangaMeeya 2.4: Tools > Configuration > second Misc. tab: increase horizontal/vertical numbers as you like.


  70. Shinji Says:

    I got this strange bug: I’ve got a new monitor, so I activated “2 page view”. When I press “forward”, it jumps 4 pages, instead of 2. I noticed that in the “jump” menu there’s a “next” function, that works perfectly. But I can’t find this function in the “customize” menu. Could you help me?


  71. Shinji Says:

    Forgot to say that this bug is in the “MangaMeeya7_WIP_10_06_11_23_00″ version. Version 7.4 Beta Rev2.01a doesn’t have this bug, but crashes a lot for me.


  72. Sau Says:

    Is this WIP a newer version? If so please provide a link to download it.


  73. Shinji Says:

    It’s from this post:

    tails_ Says:
    June 10th, 2011 at 4:08 PM

    Fuck Yeah! translated mangameeya.dll avisynth filter (well mostly) the only thing left is some status messages (like one then filter returns error) and some translation corrections.
    P.S. Please report any wrong translations so i could fix them and make mangameeya even better! @_@


  74. Nanta Says:

    For the nr. of pages to jump – your probably looking for the setting Options > Zoom/Navi > Page Flipping (step settings) > change the one you’re using to a 1.


  75. Nanta Says:

    Is the “Presenvation History” working for anyone (in the version two posts above)? It’s in the “General 1″ options tab. It should remember several last viewed files and “Open last viewed” page. It doesn’t work for me – it always opens the first page. This worked in the unmodified beta version.
    There’s also the “Flip effects settings” on the same “General 1″ tab. Those don’t work – the animation is always instantaneous. It worked in the beta.


  76. Seeker320 Says:

    I had a problem with Windows 7 64 bits (in English). Since the Windows is in English, whenever I tried to open with MangaMeeya a file with Japanese character on it’s name it didn’t work. Because the program received as parameter a filename with question signs (?) instead of Kanji/katakana/whatever.
    Then I noticed that, if I opened MangaMeeya with AppLocale set to Japanese, and dragged the file from the Windows Explorer to MangaMeeya, it worked without problems. But of course, it’s a bit of a pain in the butt to do it that way everytime. So I started to do some tests with the Registry trying to find a way to open the files without that much trouble.
    If someone has the same problem (I read in other places about people who did have it), this is the workaround I used to solve it. First you have to install AppLocale (which I had anyways), I recommend that you look for “HF pAppLoc”, a version from Hongfire that adds a few shortcuts in the context menu.
    Then you have to modify the Windows Registry (do it at your OWN risk, because changes in the Registry might destroy your Windows installation, I’m not responsible for anything that might happen to your OS).
    1) Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT -> * -> shell
    2) Once inside “shell”, in the menu chose “Edit”, New, Key. Call it “Open with MangaMeeya (Jp Locale)”, without the quotes, or however you see fit.
    3) Go inside the key that you created in step 2.
    4) Once inside it, in the menu chose “Edit”, New, Key. You MUST call it “command”, without the quotes.
    5) Go inside the command key that you created in step 4.
    6) You will see at the right panel that there’s a key called (Default), type REG_SZ, and in Data it shows (value not set). Double click on that key.
    7) In the box that appears, write this value into “Value data”:
    C:WindowsAppPatchAppLoc.exe C:path_to_mangameeeya_folderMangaMeeya7.exe “%1″ “/L0411″
    Write it exactly like that, changing only (of course) path_to_mangameeya_folder to the actual path.
    That’s it. Whenever you right click a zip or rar (or cbr or cbz) file that has images inside it and a japanese name, you can select “Open with MangaMeeya (Jp Locale)” (or however you named it in step 2) and it will open the file without problems. Not as nice as simply clicking “Enter” over the file, but at least faster than opening MangaMeeya with japanese locale and dragging the file to it. This worked for my Windows 7 64 bits, I’m not sure if it will work in another OS or in 32 bits (although I think it should).


  77. Emanuele Says:


    I just upgraded form my old 2.4 version to 7.4 and I’ve a serious problem with scrolling: I use a notebook so I haven’t a mouse to drag images where I want, but I’ve to use the keyboard shortcourts (that I configured with the arrow keys)

    However the problem is that the new version doesn’t scroll like before, but uses an useless autoscrolling effect till reaches the end of the image (so you’ve to read “on the fly” or you’ll lose some parts at the center if the image it’s too large)

    So is there a way to turn back to the previous scrolling method or fix it in any other way?

    thanks in advance


  78. ghostwalker Says:

    @Emanuele: Tools > Options > Zoom/Navi tab > Scrolling speed settings section > Uncheck “Use smooth scrolling”.
    You can also play with other settings to suit you.


  79. zixxx Says:

    Is old “reading mode” (from v2.4) gone? I liked it a lot… :(


  80. zixxx Says:

    Sorry 4 my english. I mean those scroll/flip effects when Im jumping to next page..


  81. Sau Says:

    You can enable page flip effect in Tools>Use Page Flip Effect.

    You can further customize flip effect from Tools>Options.


  82. Curambar Says:

    I am using this program in Ubuntu via wine. Is there an option for open a cbr or cbz from command line? as in “MangaMeeya.exe -something file.cbr”?
    It would be much appreciated, as it would allow me to automatically open cbr and cbz files with this program, as opossed to open the program and then load the file.


  83. Sau Says:


    Actually Wine supports for file association, use ‘open with’ in file’s right click menu on Ubuntu. And it works for Mangameeya if my memory serves right (on the other hand it can all be a dream :p)


  84. wuwu Says:

    I can’t open .rar with other language as file name ;/ anyone have a patch for that? the mangameeyaJP won’t even open rar file with japanese title. I read tons manga with japanese and chinese file names in rar/zip. So I don’t want to change their file name.


  85. wuwu Says:

    didn’t work out with the reg. anyone know some other manga reader can read file name with jp/chinese?


  86. wuwu Says:

    awesome! thank you ;3


  87. Machete Says:

    simpler IS better.. i’m sticking with Cdisplay


  88. shavi Says:

    this software is almost perfect, thanks for the translation.


  89. shavi Says:

    anybody knows how increase font size in thumbnail mode?


  90. x Says:

    was thinking itd be fun to control this with my xbox controller, but alas it isn’t supported! fix it :D.. now i have to download some other program to bind my controller to keyboardkeys ew


  91. Sau Says:

    X-box controllers use xinput, while mangameeya use dinput. Search for a xinput to dinput wrapper.


  92. x Says:

    already got a copy of xPadder, think i’ve used gameprofiler before so it should work too, but MangaMeeya was hating the idea of changing hotkeys, and wanted to be super lazy and not have to get up for anything inlcuding changing folders :D but some of the keys i wanted were not set to keys, and wouldn’t let me. so don’t want to bash mmce, because i still prefer it’s scrolling etc., but i ended up using a competitor’s reader

    didnt find much on it when i ctrl+f’d these comments, am i the onlyone that can’t change keys, they just keep going back to what they were, the instant i click anywhere, and the hotkey config file only works if you press f1 every time you start mmce

    and if the developers ever get around to reading comments, axis should be made to scroll so, whats the word.. press harder it scrolls faster etc.

    seriously though MMce beats every other reader once it fixes hotkeys, or even without fixing it, can’t stand how simple the other ones are


  93. Silv Says:

    Press Shift + f1,f2,f3 to save configs permanently, where f1 stands for hotkey profile 1. Press f1, f2,f3 to load different profiles. If you use win7 use the win7 version. If it still does not load, edit standard setting. Check older blog posts searching for MangaMeeya or read the readme file that Iincluded in previous versions.


  94. Olataro Says:

    I ahve a bit of problem in manga meeya, whenever i press “scroll down” button, the manga will scroll down to the bottom. I would like to be able to scroll to where i want my image to be. However the scroll down option seems to automatically scroll itself down to the bottom of the page. is there a way to control the scrolling?


  95. Sau Says:

    You can set the amount of scroll in Tools > Option > Zoom/Navi > Scroll speed ettings. What you want is probably decreasing the Horizontal scroll amount for Keyboard scrolling.


  96. Sau Says:

    *Vertical scroll amount


  97. DarkerProphet Says:

    Not sure if this is possible, but it’s something I was trying to figure out since it would help me a lot when I’m reading a long series and I want to find a specific page. Is there a way to get a thumbnail sidebar while you’re reading? something like a 180-240px wide sidebar listing the pages as thumbnails with the rest of the viewing screen space dedicated to the page you’re viewing?


  98. Sau Says:

    As far as I know its not possible to display thumbnails in sidebar. You can use ‘File Index’ to quickly navigate between pages or use Thumbnail view.


  99. Hary Says:

    Awesome! This is the best Mange reader i’ve ever met.. Thanks!


  100. Erick H. Cabrera Says:

    Hi everybody! I’m using MM7 and i’ve noticed it can read metadata. It’s showed in the Bookshelf window, but i don¿t know how to add this data to my comics. Any ideas?


  101. Sau Says:


    I think ComicRack can add metadata to a cbz file, it stores a separate xml file in the comic book archive. So you can either directly edit that xml file, or add metadata using ComicRack. This all is speculation, I haven’t tried it.


  102. Yoshi8765 Says:

    Hi, I’m using the WIP version revised by tails_ (Trans. Revision 3.0)

    1. If I try to change the file cache size in Cache Settings, it always crashes. Is this a bug?
    2. Is there a way to have MM support unicode (Like Japanese)? I’m using applocale, but if I use it, the menus become all messed up (bakemoji).

    Great software by the way! The best manga viewer I’ve found so far. ^^


  103. Sau Says:


    1. I didn’t experience any crash after changing the file cache size, can you elaborate more when it crashes for you.

    2. There is an option in Tools>Sort Files and Sort Folders for Unicode. I don’t know how much it helps though.


  104. Sau Says:


    also you can use alternate comic readers (Honeyview as suggested in a comment here) for non-english named comics, or simply rename them either manually or software like Renamer (That is what I do if I face this problem).


  105. Yoshi8765 Says:

    ” I didn’t experience any crash after changing the file cache size, can you elaborate more when it crashes for you.”
    -I literally open up MM, go to tools->options->cache settings-> change “file cache size” to anything other than the default 70MB. -> Press ok or apply -> crash (MangaMeeya7.exe has stopped working” .
    ;_; Any ideas? I’ll be happy to supply more info if need be.

    “There is an option in Tools>Sort Files and Sort Folders for Unicode.”
    -That didn’t help. :(
    I already use honeyview, but I was wondering if there was a more permanent solution so I don’t have to keep switching programs or renaming every time. Almost 60% of the time, I get manga that has unicode characters….


  106. Sau Says:


    You can directly edit MangaMeeya.ini in notepad, search for FileCacheSize and change it to whatever you want, hopefully it will work.

    If you ever find a solution for unicode characters please share it here, I have these comment feed subscribed so I will know whenever you will post it. Also have you tried opening those archives in original untranslated Mangameeya exe, maybe it can open those archives, and if exe is in same folder as translated one, it will also keep your settings of translated version. I don’t have any comics with unicode characters in name so I can’t test it.


  107. Yoshi8765 Says:

    Ah, editing the .ini worked. Thanks!

    “original untranslated Mangameeya exe”
    That’s MangaMeeya-JP.exe right? I was thinking about that this morning actually. I tried it, and a weird thing happens. If I open it as is, most of the menu appears in correct Japanese, but some are ????? or bakemoji. I have English locale, so I thought it was normal. I used applocale to open it in locale Japanese, and the SAME things that were messed up in the ENGLISH version are also messed up in the JAPANESE version.
    What the heck. :(
    Am I the only one with this problem?


  108. Sau Says:


    I faced the same problem, you’re not alone.


  109. Yoshi8765 Says:


    Good to know it’s not just me. :(

    I guess development for MM has stopped?


  110. Sau Says:


    As far as I know.


  111. blindbox Says:

    In case anyone noticed. In MangaMeeya 7, the bookmark list is broken. Good news is, Mangameeya 7.4 by neojam translation version 2.01 (long-ass version honestly) doesn’t seem to have the bookmark list broken. What’s interesting is that both are somewhat based on the same version but neojam’s bookmark list is not broken.


  112. Kiem Says:

    hi guys , is it possible to change the thumbnail/cover of the book/manga and the chapters?


  113. Richi Says:

    I’ve tried it and I’m sure this one is the best manga-reading-program that suits me perfectly. If you have free time, please take a look at theses bugs/annoying behaviors:

    1/ Sometimes, program crashes randomly when navigating. I’ve tried to run it with the same file/folder again and then it worked fine.

    2/ Unicode characters/symbols problems. The program can read most of them but not completely, it displays ‘?’ for the unreadable characters and couldn’t open them. The same for original/untranslated MangaMeeya.

    30% of time I must rename/switch to another program. Others such as ComicsReader, Hamana, CDisplay, ComicRack, XnviewerMP… worked fine.

    3/ Registry options didn’t work.

    I hope you can read this and do something, thank you.


  114. Sau Says:


    Here are some pointers that may at least keep these annoyances to minimum. It is not possible to fix these bugs since Mangameeya source code is not available.

    1. Crashes are mostly caused by Avisynth filters (at least that is case with me). Also tweak around settings. I used to get a lot of crashes before, nowadays Mangameeya rarely crashes to me (can’t remember what settings I have changed, probably memory cache or something, but it is more stable nowadays). Again some files will crash Mangameeya, this happens with some particular jpgs and pngs. Either use another Viewer or convert images from one format to another. Similar case is with some archive files.

    2. You have to use alternative program or rename the files, there is no solution of this problem as far as I know.

    3. Registry options works perfectly on my pc, I usually use them to associate comic archives after every re-installation, and I never had any problem. Also if you want to enable thumbnail previews for comic archives google CBXShell.


  115. Richi Says:


    Thanks for replying. I will try to disable Avisynth filters. Sadly you guys don’t have source code for this program, we want much and much features to be implemented & bug fixes.

    I’ll look around for fixing my registry options problems.


  116. anon Says:

    After 2 years, will this ever get updated?


  117. Mister Says:

    Just pitching in to say that even if this is old and no longer being updated, it’s still the best free comic reader software I’ve been able to find. The breadth of viewing customisation options beat the hell out of stuff like ComicRack and CDisplayEX. Credit to the author.

    Only problem I found was that, bizarrely, every key starts off unbound (which is what makes it seem like scrolling is broken). However you can just click ‘load defaults’ in the keybind config and it will bind everything properly. Weird oversight.


  118. corpse Says:

    Richi if you are using vista or laters execute the progam as administrator and then configure the registry tool. problem fixed.

    i have disabled the avysint filter and stop to crashing.

    no problems whit the characters (my system is in spañish)

    no have support for password protected files.

    sorry for my poor english. ;)


  119. eddie Says:

    I use window 7 ultimate and try out the new Mangameeya 7.4 but nothing work for me at all and lack of some good part from older version(such as open new window).So I switch back to old version But the problem is unable to set hotkey or customize anything in Win 7 operation. I solve this problem by COPY entire folder of MMCWin32(the customized one) from my old computer that run window xp and paste in my new computer win 7, problem solved everything go fine as my good old day.


  120. shavi Says:

    mouse wheel dont work on win7


  121. Anglokraut Says:

    I’ve read most of this thread as I’m worshipping Mangameeya (well, not actually worshipping; just trying to make a point).

    But I might have missed a message or two, so there’s a possibility this has been mentioned already. But I feel like I made a phantastic recovery anyway. As I haven’t seen any MangaMeeya updates for a while, I got the idea to look for Avisynth and Susie plugin updates that may work with Mangameea and, perhaps, improve some funtion slightly here and there. So while googling and not excluding Japanese and other Asian pages in my results either, I found this Mangameeya “Tips” page that has some reference to updated Avisynth plugins as well (most of us probably have to use google translate to actually get any kind of meaning out of this):
    ttp: / /
    On translation, lo and behold, this turned out to be a page from what appears to be a/the Mangameeya Wiki, and more than that, it appears. if I didn’t misread someting, that it was created by the main developer himself: The entry page would be, this time translatled:

    There’s quite a bit of interesting info in there, though many links are, unfortunately, espired. The writer also gives his reasons for stopping the development in the last entry “Notice of Public Mangamiya stop”
    I and it appears to “merely” be cenering around the issue of having included a PDF element released unders a specific GPL clause that would have forced him to disclose the source code of Mangameeya itself, something he wasn’t prepared to do (the translation isn’t very clear, so that’s just my prelilminarly understanding based on interpreting the confusing mess of words). There’s also a comment box where he asks: “Do you think Delete useless function PDF?”

    YES! YES!! YES!!! And then continue to develop the phantastic MangaMEeya!!!!!!

    I left a comment to that effect and hope it notonly reaches the developer but that as many of you here who’d like Mangameeya rise again from the ashes would also go there and show your appreciation and how much interest there would be in continuation of Mangameeya’s development, without “stupid” PDF. WHo needs PDF. Mangameeya’s PDF implementation is crappy anyway, who’s actually intent on having or even using it?

    Even if the kiss of enthusiastic comments will not be enough to awaken the sleeping beauty Mangameeya from its indefinite slumber, the Wiki offers quite bit of info that might interest Mangameeya users and fans. The autor opens the “Tutorial” section with the daring introduction (translation Anglicised by me, hope my German accent doesn’t spoil it):

    “This is a Mangameeya Tutorial. It will explain how to make Mangameeya work in ways that have never been used before”


  122. Anglokraut Says:

    Oh,you must hadd an “h” before URLs and take out spaces. The author of the Wiki emphasizes that obscuring links may be necessary to avoid closure of the site. Please respect his request to do so also in case anyone should think of sharing links to the Wiki elsewhere. Thanks!


  123. Sau Says:


    Nice find! Thanks you.


  124. Seeker320 Says:

    To those who had problems trying to use my registry hack:
    1) First of all, I trust that you INSTALLED APPLOCALE FIRST. The only thing that the registry hack does is to add “Open with MangaMeeya (Jp Locale)” in the context menu of the Windows Explorer. But if you didn’t install AppLocale then there’s no point to it.
    2) Secondly, confirm that your AppLocale is installed in the path I gave. It might differ in every Operating System (though I don’t think so), I tested it in Win Vista and 7 Ultimate 64 bits. Perhaps in XP, 8 or 32 bit systems the AppLocale is installed elsewhere, I don’t know; check with google that. And btw, if there are spaces or special characters in the path to the AppLocale exe then wrap it between quotes.
    3) Oh, if the path_to_mangameeya_folder has spaces or wrong characters you might need to wrap it with quotes. Give a try to that as well if that’s the case.
    4) Somehow this blog changed my message: instead of normal quotes the command used left quotes and right quotes. So copy the command into Notepad and overwrite any kind of quotes with the straight ones just to be sure, then paste it in the registry editor (it used this kind of quotes while you need to use in the registry this kind of quotes:
    5) If it still doesn’t work then maybe in your Windows you have the shell commands elsewhere in the registry, so google (be specific about your Windows version and if it’s 64 or 32 bits) where you should put in the registry an instruction for the shell context menu. But only as last resort and after you confirmed that you did everything properly (carefully read my two instructions again). It should work some way or another.

    About what Anglokraut said, what a stupid reason to have the developement of the program stopped. Only because of a crappy PDF filter? Does Adobe (or whoever owns the format) have nothing better to do than bothering people? Anyway, yeah, I don’t need the pdf reader as well. Actually, whenever I download a pdf comic (or manga or whatever) I just extract the images with lossless quality and get done with it.


  125. Seeker320 Says:

    Another thing I just discovered: sometimes my mouse will behave in a weird way when I have MangaMeeya opened. Even if I’m in another problem, the pointer moves even when I’m not using the mouse to the top of the screen, until it stays there. I move it down but it reaches top of the screen inmediately again. If I close MangaMeeya this doesn’t happen, but if I open it the weird behaviour starts again. I found that this bug might have something to do with the joystick. If I unplug my USB joystick from the computer then the problem stops, I can use MangaMeeya and the mouse works properly. I hope that if someone has the same problem this info might be of help :)


    • Sandwiches Says:


      Thank for the intel. I stopped using MM for a while because my mouse used to move automatically too, and then when I tried again recently it would auto-zoom in until it was focused on a single pixel. Unplugging my PS2 controller made it stop, finally.


  126. Seeker320 Says:

    1) The second link at my message at 7:18 PM doesn’t work. What I mean is that from this image: you have to use the quotes below (apparently called dumb quotes) in the registry editor; if you use the curly ones (the ones at the top) then the command won’t work.

    2) In my message at 7:29 PM I meant that the pointer moves even when I’m in another program (not “problem”), that is, if I have another window active. The mouse will keep moving to the top no matter what I do, unless I close MangaMeeya; or, as I recently discover, if I just unplug the USB joystick. Perhaps there’s another way to solve it in the configuration of the program without needing to unplug it, but I really don’t feel like trying to find it.

    3) Anglokraut, if by any chance they do release a new version, please let us know here.


  127. Anglokraut Says:

    There *seem* to be Japanese guys also working on it somehow (not officially, of course) with versions up to 15, 16 or 17, but my I’m not really sure if I haven’t misunderstood something and it isn’t really new versions but some other thing that’s being counted. Everything is quite “hush hush”, nothing clearly spoken out and getting subtle meanings via Google translate – well, impossible. So due to the language barrier, it has been difficult to get to the bottom of this/find download links – if any, actually exist. The last official version is still 7.4 as per that Wiki page.

    About the PDF issue, it wasn’t Adobe in any way or form that were responsible. AFAIK, Adobe’s PDF software is still closed source, so other applications could not include it even if they wanted. The trouble arose due to an open-source project, but one that didn’t use the normal GPL (licence), which is happy with being included in otherwise closed source software as long as that is clearly stated. But, from what I seemed to understand, this particular project included a much more restrictive clause in its licence that also allowed it to be freely used in other projects, but only if these too were open source. The MangaMeeya developer hasn’t really read all the terms and conditions in full and, probably, assumed the usual GPL rules would apply. Anyway, its all on the Wiki page “Notice of public Mangamiya stop” (last link on left side panel).

    If you feel about PDF like you wrote, and be happy about a MangaMeeya without it, I’d like to encourage you to leave a message in the box at the bottom of that page. The fact that the author even asks about PDF inclusion there means he might nave considered continuing the project without it. Maybe he didn’t get enough feedback with encouragement or there were other reasons holding him back… or there is actually development, but it is in secret and only known to a few… I honestly have no clue. But leaving a comment there now may still do some good. You could let him know about the interest in Western Manga circles and that several people have, all in their own ways, tried to make the latest MM versions available and useable to and English-speaking public. And, of course, that interest in updated versions is great. Perhaps you’re lucky and get a reply. I wouldn’t have too high expectations though, the project doesn’t strike one as very internationally minded. But if nobody tries, nobody will ever know.

    When I have some time, I may try and investigate a little further, specially regarding potential new versions/bug fixes. I may also leave another message along the lines suggested on that Page, this time leaving a contact email address. But if you can do it first, it will not only be faster but also better because, the more different people leave comments there (rather than just one person leaving many different messages) the better may be the chances they might have some kind of effect.


  128. tails_ Says:


    No, the development is stalled, numbers you saw are the most likely to be numbers of MangaMeeya threads on 2ch BBS.

    About PDF:
    The program author wrote a plug-in for Susie (Japanese image viewer program) which was based on xpdf, an open source PDF viewer licensed under GPL license. Since he did not provided sources and used static linking of xpdf library this caused xpdf license violation. Solution alternative to PDF support dropping exists, one can use dynamic linking of original library so it will look like: program calls functions from Susie plugin, then plugin calls functions from xpdf library to get bitmap image data and sends it back to program.


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  130. happysad Says:

    Is there a way to enable gif animation?
    My gifs are static images :(


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  132. scanth Says:

    2013 and still no software have yet to beat the speed of the dead MangaMeeya yet? hah.


  133. SergeantJack Says:

    Hey, this may have already been figured out, but I’ve been working on it forever and can’t seem to find a fix. With the previous version of MM, I could just double-click on a .cbr file and it would open MM and the comic in question. After upgrading to 7.4, double-clicking on a file will open MM, but I have to drag the file into the program to read it or open it using the file menus. Is there a way to fix this? Any help would be appreciated.


  134. Sau Says:


    You need to re-associate cbr files to Mangameeya. Goto Tools>Registry Settings.


  135. deice Says:

    FYI for anyone trying to find out how to make files with japanese characters in their file names (or inside the archives) work:

    Use the Windows 7 MangaMeeya 7.4b english version from above. But run it through Microsoft AppLocale with language profile set to 日本語. With that, you can load directories and folders containing JP characters.

    Note that to install AppLocale in windows 7, you need to manually launch the installer in Administrator mode. To do that, open a command-prompt as admin, and run: msiexec /i apploc.msi


  136. sonic Says:

    can i download mangas usnig this software


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  139. alay Says:

    So, since there are so many links on the commentary section; which one is the latest and most stable one?


  140. SergeantJack Says:

    This is a repeat request. I’m running MangaMeeya7 for Windows 7. When I double-click on a .cbr or .cbz file, MM7 launches but doesn’t load the comic file. I have to drag the comic file into the MM7 program to view the comic. Above, Sau mentioned that I needed to reassociate the file types with the MangaMeeya program by going to Settings–>Registry, but that didn’t seem to change anything. Anybody have any ideas?


  141. Sau Says:


    Use ‘open with’ to open a cbr file using Mangameeya and then check ‘Always use the selected program’.


    • SergeantJack Says:

      No, I think maybe my question isn’t coming through clearly. When I double-click on a .CBR or .CBZ file it launches MangaMeeya, but it doesn’t open the comic within the program. I have to drag and drop the comic file into the MMCE window to open the book, or use the File Menu. The previous version of MangaMeeya would automatically open the comic when the application was launched.


  142. Sau Says:


    Sorry, can’t help you in that case. But isn’t MangaMeeya CE older version of program. Aren’t you running MangaMeeya v7.4?


  143. Zael Says:

    How the hell did we get math-savvy Bulgarian spam bots here? :O


  144. Samuel Girma Says:

    It is great


  145. usename Says:

    I am also having trouble with the page flip not working (it is checked in tools->use page flip effect, but the pages just transition instantly).

    And is it possible to get gifs to animate? They just display as static images.



  146. usename Says:

    *also, is it possible to increase the font size of the thumbnail titles when browsing files/folders? I found an option to increase the “spaces” for the names, but no way to increase the actual font size.


  147. OSaki Says:

    It works with gif, but I found support for .gif limited.

    From my experience, not sure about anyone else, but the gif playback depends on the first gif image opened, as mangameeya reads gif images as slideshows.

    If you decide to open a non-animated image(gif without multiple frames, jpeg, etc), then mangameeya would read the folder of images as a slideshow set, and when you DO get to the actual animated gif image, it would be static and non-animated.

    But if the first image you opened is animated, it would open it, and play it as slideshow, but with this way of doing it, you can’t navigate to other images through left/right page navigation, as it would detect the gif frames as the previous/next page. So you need to either re-open mangameeya for next image, or go up one level, then select the next page, and the problem is if the next page is a static non-animated page, then, again, mangameeya reads the images in folder as static images.

    You should set the Jump>repeat browsing mode to on for looping.

    Long story short:
    Mangameeya doesn’t work well with a sequence of gif images, but if its a single animated gif image, it works in my experience.


  148. Tourri caccamo Says:

    please i need manga reader software but dont support manga creator or manga editing ,only viewer please i need help


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