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March 21, 2011

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a super quick post before work
hope everyone is good (archer, cg – havent seen you for a while!:)

Tsumitsuki ch.01-05(end) by Storm in Heaven

Goodnight Punpun ch.68 by Hox
Goodnight Punpun ch.69 by Hox

The Ravages of Time ch.332-333 by hmk

God’s Child c08-c11 (end) by Kotonoha

Tough 160-166 by Endless Abyss

Gamaran c87 by Mangacurse
maybe i should grow up, but this is my favorite atm.
someone let me know which group you prefer out of the 4 or whatever who work on this series (why do they do that?!). i only read the first one to come out.

No Responses to “super quick”

  1. mono Says:

    wot no comentz?


  2. XYZ Says:

    I dunno, I didn’t get any email and things got busier.

    Did you email me @ yahoo? I can still do it, just gotta plan things out and start uploading things.


  3. BM Says:

    Is it me or is the Hox website offline?


  4. Archer Says:

    @mono:I do visit MU regularly to see how things are going, it’s just that I have not posted any comments or any updates lately, I’ll try to at least post some comments if I don’t have time for uploading stuff.
    Anyway, I posted some updates now. Enjoy!


  5. mono Says:

    xyz, yeah mailed you on the liquidize yahoo


  6. XYZ Says:

    ??? Got nothing.

    Okay so I can make posts now? I’m gonna just get things going first ask questions later.


  7. mono Says:

    yes you can, and edit them.
    thats the best way my friend
    did you find the email? i gave a few pointers. let me know if you want me to re-send to your address from comments


  8. CGorhant Says:

    @monno: Hi :) Sorry, I don’t have time to be around too much, lately :/ Very nice to see that you keep things running a little, although it seems you’re busy, too.
    @xyz: Welcome aboard! And don’t hesitate to try, the handling is really easy. Looking forward for your first shares :)


  9. XYZ Says:

    gimme post editing rights so I can look at them in the editor :)


  10. XYZ Says:

    NVM, I’ll just use html.


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