are we nearly summer yet?

April 6, 2011

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i wish we were
here’s some quick updates

Oyasumi Punpun ch.79-84 by Hox


Berserk ch. 319 (Utopia Scans)
Berserk c319 [Evil_Genius] l Mirror

Added the EG ver.

Toujuushi Bestialious
Oneshot by Sense-Scans & XscansX

Wolf Guy Vol.8 ch.68-77 by Izumo no Ryuu, Project Bite Me! Scanlations, Illuminati-Manga
Wolf Guy Vol.9 ch.78-87 by Illuminati-Manga

Tough c169 by Endless Abyss

Saviour c01 by Colourful Abyss
an abstract full colour thing by benjamin. iv posted his stuff before… on the super awesome artbook post we did a while back

Witches (Mangascreener)
Vol. 01
Vol. 02 (end)
Powerful, beautiful short stories about witches in various cultures, from middle east to the rain forest.

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order ch. 101 (^rippersanime&crazyankan) mirror
(for real this time)

Steel Ball Run c72 by Red Hawk & JoJo Project

Skyhigh Shinshou c3 by Evil Flowers
first 2 chapters here

Gamaran c89 by Overload

Sidooh c67 by Imangascans

Blade of the Immortal v27 RAW
Blade of the Immortal v23-26 RAW | mirror
some raws cos this series is awesome! i thought it was nearly over, but doesnt look like it anymore! last vol was SUPER EPIC

boti scanlations for volumes 1-19 and a few chapters after that are on this post here. maybe when a good new release comes out, we will package up some more. everything else thats been released is on the blog somewhere if you search.

No Responses to “are we nearly summer yet?”

  1. phil1403 Says:


    ps – any chance to some day get a super tank for blade of the immortal ?
    i kind of lost the link to that great story…


  2. selm Says:

    Is the ling dead ? I just can’t reach it ? Am I the onlyone ?
    I’m craving for this volume


  3. XYZ Says:

    link is screwed up, but I can’t fix it..

    mono you gotta give me the post editing ability


  4. mono Says:

    xyz: you should be able to edit this, i will check it out

    phil: i will do some boti next time a decent release comes out

    lol, yeah i had an extra bit on the beginning of the link, you must be lame if you couldnt figure it out ;P


  5. XYZ Says:

    Okay I added v23-26 RAW.

    BOTI still needs higher quality release for v23 & 24 since Delinquent went belly up after 22. I know a new one time group did v24 and 25, I got them on MU, but the file sizes were outta control for the quality.

    I can do series upload #3 for BOTI after I do the next one. The next one is the great seinen series after Berserk imo ;)


  6. Archer Says:

    Added Toujuushi and 2 wolf guy volumes. I know I said that I will continue uploading wolf guy when a volume is finished but I’ve completely lost interest in this manga, volume 9 was quite bad imo and I just randomly read it to see what is happening(not much really). anyway, don’t know if I will continue posting it here.


  7. XYZ Says:

    ^I mean cleaned up, no missing vol, bulk (my style). I plan to move my stuff online anyhow, not just boti.

    Just read ushijima the loan shark, shohei tanabe is compelling as usual. I’m sick to my stomach with compelling. good shit.

    As for wolf guy I think we all know why we read past v2, and it sure as shit ain’t the storytelling. and when it did happen, we’re all sick to the stomach in a bad way. The interesting thing is when it comes down to it the you-know-what is actually not so bad, cus let’s face it, it happens. What I find tasteless are #1 where’s he going with it, nowhere, and #2 his ultra surreal characters who are all the same, single type of filthy animal. I feel like I just insulted animals, cus there’s a point to their cruelest behaviors. What’s the fking point with this??? It’s a vanity project like Benjamin’s Savior, except more pointless. He made a whole manga out of that 1 page of Vinland Saga, when he could be drawing pr0n. Here this one.

    But yeah you should post it as long as it gets scanlated. You can commentate a bit like I just did but really it is what it is. Maybe he’ll come up with a point before the end.

    -ps where’s the setting for avatar??


  8. Archer Says:

    XYZ: to get an avatar we are using gravatar, so go to, register using the email you use here too and choose/make yourself an avatar.
    I guess you are right about wolf guy, I’ll probably continue doing volume updates for it here but I myself will read it again only when it’s finished.


  9. Krummbart Says:

    Hej guys, great work picking up the pace again! And all Mediafire Links, whoohoo. By the way, you might take a liking to this here service, if searching for Filehosts without a crapload of advertisements and the likes…


  10. mono Says:

    thanks for that Krummmm

    this turned into a nice post indeed. highly reccomend archer’s post of Toujuushi Bestialious at the top there, very good, thanks Arch


  11. CGorhant Says:

    @Krummbart: Looks good, I’ll try it next time.
    —hm okay, it’s nice BUT I read files expire after 30 days… :/

    I had to add Berserk because I had to to this:^^


  12. CGorhant Says:

    This multihoster looks decent:


  13. Bizanty Says:

    Jesus that wolf guy manga just breaks my heart… Why would the mangaka does what he did..


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