It's an endless world!

This is probably my absolute favorite book cover. Just look at the eye-popping colors and composition – the purple dress, the radiant skin, the beached VW beatle… It wants me to stand on that beach, to smell the ocean breeze, to feel the tranquilizing sun from above and the simmering sand from below, to hear the gulls squawk, the waves surge and collapse…

In scanlation years, Eden is old, really old. It dates back to at least 10 years ago, to the days of scanlation royalty People are amnesiac these days, but the fact is not long ago the internet used to be very slow, hard-drives very small. MangaProjects’ releases were the perfect balance of compact file size and high quality everything else. Young bucks these days can learn a lot from the old MP releases on what goes into the making of a high-quality scanlation group. I’d like to thank them for scanlating the first 10 volumes, It’s an Endless World! and Illuminati-Manga for picking up the slack for 2 and of course Manga-Underground for going all the way with it.

As for Eden, where do I start: It’s unquestionably adult in all aspects of concept, art, story-telling, and curiously, the story-teller. It’s one of just a handful of mangas to exhibit very little ego even though the creative process calls for it. It’s this lack of ego that allows Eden to depict, regularly and graphically, a man getting shot in the head with a high-caliber weapon, ejecting pieces of skull and brain matter, etc., without turning the whole thing into some kind of gore/carnage porn. I realized as a kid that Hiroki Endo is an adult, telling grown-up stories with real consequences when so many others are just snot-nosed man-children touting escapism. This series definitely belongs “up there” with the other greats of various medium.

EDEN v01-05 (CL) (MangaProjects)
EDEN v06-10 (CL) (MangaProjects)
EDEN v11-14 (CL) (It’s an Endless World!)(I-M)(MU)
EDEN v15-18 (CL) (MU) + Bonus HQ raw for the final chapter.
Short Stories – Hiroki Endo (MangaScreener)

I’d also like to include the very relevant Short Story Collection, featuring contemporary subject matters with the Hiroki Endo touch of course. Thanks ADS for that reminder.

Enjoy this series upload, cleaned and organized. Read it, if you like it, find it and buy it in your own language if possible, or in English online.

Somethings are worth owning – this is.

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  1. cegras Says:

    Absolutely agree. Eden and Berserk are one of my mainstays and first introductions into the manga world. It’s a shame that I got access to those first, as well as Doro and other stuff MU puts out, because I have really developed a rather high standard now.


  2. mono Says:

    so have you re-cleaned these volumes xy?

    once you catch up to where we started, i will add your links to our releases page in addition to the torrent we already have…


  3. mono Says:

    btw, thats my favorite eden cover too
    i loved the storyline with helena, thought it was extremely well done.

    you’re right, endo knows how to tell a real grownup story. sure this manga has death and sex, but thats real life, and he only draws it where it is necessary in the plot. very well balanced manga that has almost everything, thats why i started helping out on the project :D

    think i’m gonna have to re-read it now


  4. Anon Says:

    I’m just about to finish this manga at volume 16. It’s painfully good at how it shows that this story isn’t about “feel good” wish fulfillment and shows that good intentions do not mean good outcome, in more ways than one. Even though i absolutely hate it when fiction pulls what it did with Helena, i can’t help to love her character and impact on Eliah.

    It’s an unfair yet very fulfilling manga. Gonna start buying the collection it when i finish reading. Although i’ve heard that Dark Horse releases volumes at a snail’s pace.


  5. Zegota Says:

    These are DCP’s releases for volumes 1-12.
    Tested ofc.


  6. XYZ Says:

    Thanks people, yes share that love! And yes I want to hit all the highlights. Berserk and Eden are very different but they’re unquestionably the tops.

    And yes mono, it’s (CL)! All uploads from me will be CL in the style of the oldschool HQ release groups.


  7. dakillarobo Says:

    Wow, I’ve never heard of Eden, but it’s defo a winner. Just went through v01-v05 and it’s indeed performing pretty well. Great story and story-tellin, solid artwork, good ratio between graphics and text, well balanced in every way. I’ll read the rest of it 2nite, f*** u for stealin my time :D

    MU you’re the guys!!!


  8. Revil Says:

    “It’s unquestionably adult in all aspects”
    Except for the juvenile gags crammed into almost every chapter in the last couple of volumes. But at least it’s not as bad as with his new series which made it completely unreadable.


  9. Lenders Says:

    Oh fuck fuck fuck yeah great memories :__)

    And finally the end of Eden… feel a endless chills…
    Great history, nice draws/design, amazing characters, buy them guys!! its a fucking jewel of your generation…

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH MU!!! FUCKING THANKS from Madrid :) to find out for me (and suppose for all us)


  10. XYZ Says:

    ^ :) :) :)

    As for Revil, even the most serious stuff have got some comic relief to let the tension ease. Berserk has Puck, even Aliens has the “omg game over man game over” guy. It’ll be a lot worse without it.


  11. mono Says:

    lol, for those who think we only just finished this, you either never been on mangaupdates or havent been coming to the site very long :D
    we released the last volume about a year ago…

    and i actually think that Meguru is pretty good, we should try not to compare works to eachother like that. im sure endo wanted it to be a completely different feel from eden.


  12. renato Says:

    That “my comic post” site is really nice, thank you for sharing the link :)

    About Eden: well, I own the first eight volumes, nice story, at that time I stopped buying it because I had no enought cash :-/ I don’t know yet if i will download these volumes and read it again from beginning…


  13. Zael Says:

    Fell in love with Eden from the very first volumes I read way back during the times of MangaProject and Omanga.
    Some series are indeed such, that they absolutely deserve to be owned. I started with Akira, went on to Angel Sanctuary and then Eden and Homunculus. Berserk will probably be next on the list, though I really, really want to get The Sandman as well..
    Thanks for repackaging Eden XYZ, downloading it now.
    Personally, I’m also hooked to Meguru. Don’t see anything wrong with it. :P


  14. mono Says:

    hey zael. any links for the sandman? do you mean this? :


  15. Lovely Says:

    An absolute masterpiece. It’s hard to believe I finished reading this about a whole year ago. I still find myself going back to it on occasion to read some of the best storytelling I’ve ever encountered.

    I’m not sure how to feel about Meguru. It’s good, but it’s definitely different, and the MMA component is as really strong.

    This is also one of my favourite front covers, but volume 1 and 10 were of the same kind of rad as well.

    Talk to me,
    .:Lovely, and from the Heart:.


  16. Revil Says:

    I don’t mind if it has comic relief, I just wished he did a better job at it, some of the gags were WSJ bad. And btw we all know Berserk was at it’s best when Puck wasn’t around :P

    Great posts btw, it’s a nice refresher to the typical chapter cover + link dumps. I’m going to have to do something similar when one of my favorite series ends.


  17. Type-0 Says:

    So should i replace my old archive of this series with these? Great manga, btw. i own the first 8 volumes from dark horse.


  18. Lucas Says:

    Thanks for the Eden exclusive post :D

    I was trying to find them.


  19. oblow20 Says:

    This brings to me memories … one big manga it is the reason for which I found MU and this magnificent page…thank you


  20. mono Says:

    the old releases are on our releases page (look at that very top of this page)
    maybe i should add these releases to that page too….


  21. Vlad Says:

    Eden blew my mind. Thank you for keeping on publishin such great things !


  22. ADS Says:

    If you liked Eden, I’d like to recommend the short story collections also. I own both of the American releases of these and they’re really strong.

    Also wondering whats going on with All Rounder Meguru. Haven’t seen a new release in a while.


  23. Anon Says:

    What’s All Rounder Meguru? Hiroki Endo’s new work?


  24. XYZ Says:

    Short Story Collection included! Thanks fer that reminder.

    All Rounder Meguru is Hiroki Endo’s current work about shootfighting. You can get it here at MU or at Kotonoha.


  25. Zael Says:

    @mono: I meant the original The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (which, granted, isn’t manga but still a masterpiece). The edition I’m intending to get is this Absolute collection:
    and here seems to be a Gaiman related torrent:


  26. mono Says:

    thanks for that zael :D


  27. Newtype Says:

    XYZ: Should i replace the old releases i have with the new ones you put up?


  28. XYZ Says:

    absolutely if you didn’t already organize the volumes by yourself. reading cover to cover’s the only way to go ;)

    mono absolutely add it to the release page!

    I’ll try to do another 1-2 of these essential readings before I start to freestyle a bit and do some less famous, but equally HQ ones.


  29. silv Says:

    On a side note regarding all the recent close downs of scanlation groups. As long as I’m here I will make sure that Manga Underground stays online and thrives! Even if we do not release any manga for the time being, because we all get more and more involved in real life, it only means that we are changing priorities, and that manga as well as scanlation will stay and remain one of our last hope and freedom, our sincere hobby for a lifetime!

    Manga Underground Forever!
    Long Live Manga Underground!


  30. mono Says:

    ^ *LIKE


  31. renato Says:

    Nice words :) Hope u keep posting stuff by others scanlators too, I dont know any other site/blog that post manga scans + links like this one! MU is my first and only manga scene newspaper ;) Love it!

    I hope u will keep posting 1-complete-series post like this one as well, I’m more into complete volumes than on single chapters :)


  32. katydid Says:

    I thought I did the other chapters of Endo’s short stories for Manga-Sketchbook… :P
    Was never good enough to join the elite over at ‘Screener ;)


  33. mono Says:

    katydid-you still did a great job ;)

    to the newer readers, and other talking about full series uploads. check our SPECIALS category, link in the blue bar at the top – i just sorted the category out. make sure you go through all the pagess :D

    worth noting especially are the 2 horror posts, the epic artbook post, and some mangaka themed posts too….


  34. mono Says:

    ok so authors, i played around with the categories.

    only use the SPECIAL category for complete series or themed posts (ie seinen/horror posts etc) – this post qualifies..

    MU Releases category is for MU releases only (wont be getting used much for now)
    however if anyone wants to do a release who is affiliated with us in any way, they can release under our group name…

    MORTEN/REVIL – i made you a new category for the cerberus releases and moved all your tank rush posts onto that category


  35. silv Says:

    Good work mono, that will make it easier to find the releases. I might be changing the site and turn it into a social network, where everybody can register and write blog posts, but additionally can keep in contact with each other. Any thoughts on that?


  36. mono Says:

    thanks silv

    hmmmm, not sure
    if we give access to anyone, it might turn into a shounen blog, or be full of garbage posts, needing full time mods to keep things nice.

    its always been good that those who post here know their stuff and are well informed. it would be better to head-hunt some new authors.

    saying all this, my involvement here will be coming to a close in the next 6 months so its up to you Boss ! :P


  37. silv Says:

    No, I already thought about that. The post management is easy as only invited authors with permissions are able to write on the MAIN site.

    The real difference would be the new website engine itself, it would look quite different from the current site. But you would still be able to write blog posts on the main site, additionally you could have forums, personal blogs, friends and would be able to stay in touch.


  38. mono Says:

    sounds good i suppose, but i dont know how popular those features would be.
    i think people come here just to look at the updates!?
    i dunno silv its up to you. my involvement here will be dropping off over the next few months, as you know i’m going away for a while…


  39. silv Says:

    Yeah, this is exactly why I’m doing this. To make it a bit more active. Also, when are you flying?


  40. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks a lot, so far, it is the only manga that I do not have intention to finish as quickly as possible.
    And thanks a lot for the scanlation and the translation.


  41. Anonymous Says:

    Your account is terminated. We believe that your account has been used to transmit copyrighted material unlawfully and it infringed our Terms and conditions.

    Link is broken


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