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June 27, 2011

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We have two choice flavors today from the seldom celebrated, yet readily fascinating Yamamoto Hideo, whose penchant for crime, martial arts, sexual deviations and the human mind takes his works further and deeper into, let’s call it rarely congested territories.

Koroshiya 1 tells the story of an assassin living a life of reenactment of his traumatic past. I’m not kidding when I say this manga is recommended for “Adult Only”, aka well-adjusted person of at least teen-age. Homunculus picks up on the story of a homeless man, though a pseudo-medical procedure, is able to see the warped psyche of the people around him in mind-bending avataral forms, or “homunculus” as they call it. This one gets a “Mature Only” for having many of the same elements as Koroshiya 1, but less physical, more cerebral. Yamamoto lived the homeless life for a time to do research for this project, I hesitate to guess what he did for Koroshiya.

Hawks is wholly responsible for bringing Koroshiya 1 to us, while work on Homunculus has been a collaboration between they & MangaScreener, lasting 8 volumes. Next 4 comes from the unofficial heir to the seinen scanlation crown, Illuminati-Manga. Great job guys.

Koroshiya Ichi v01-05 (Hawks) CL
Koroshiya Ichi v06-10 (Hawks) CL

Homunculus v01-05 (Hawks, MS) CL
Homunculus v06-09 (Hawks, MS, Illuminati-Manga) CL
Homunculus v10-12 (Illuminati-Manga) CL


New Berserk! Next one is due July 8th.


Neighbor No. 13
download vol.01-03(end) l mirror

BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamo ◆ Yamamoto Hideo ◆

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No Responses to “Absolutely for Adult Only”

  1. XYZ Says:

    Mirror is coming for Koroshiya 1 and Homunculus.


  2. Zael Says:

    Nice post XYZ! IMHO you should have mentioned the movie: Ichi the Killer, and how well Koroshiya 1 expands the understanding of that piece. ;)


  3. MONO Says:

    ohoho, ichi is one of my top top fave mangas.
    it is not for the easily offended. but it is fricking amazing, i posted it here couple times before. all my links are prob dead by now though.
    nice post xy


  4. XYZ Says:

    ^ ;)

    Hey Zael, I never saw the movie sadly, only a few scenes. Live action rarely lives up to the manga. So it was good huh?


  5. Zegota Says:

    It’s awesome, Takashi Miike directed it. Lives up to manga imo.


  6. XYZ Says:

    2 votes for it, can’t go wrong now. Will have to check it out once I finish the mirroring.

    Annnd they’re up :)


  7. morten Says:

    I dropped Berserk after reading the last chapter…

    Now I only have Gantz left ;_;


  8. Archer Says:

    I read Ichi a few years ago, it only took me a few days. Very good manga.
    btw Voyeur, another manga by Yamamoto Hideo, is not that bad either.

    Added Neighbor No. 13 to the post, the last chapter was released last week but I was not in the mood to make a new post. It’s kinda similar to Koroshiya Ichi.


  9. js Says:

    Neighbor No. 13′s corrupt.


  10. Archer Says:

    I just downloaded Neighbor No. 13 using both links and I am not having any problems. What can I say, try again.


  11. XYZ Says:

    Berserk c323! :)


  12. Mr Phil Says:

    By the way, in France, Homonculus, volume 15 is coming out…
    Just to let you know
    Have a great day !


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