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August 21, 2011

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Uchuu Kyoudai

Uchuu Kyoudai ch. 01 by Extras
Uchuu Kyoudai ch. 02 by Extras
Uchuu Kyoudai ch. 03 by Extras

I was really hoping some group would pick this one but I did not even notice Extras started releasing it about a month ago… A toast to them!

Taiyou Matsumoto’s Sunny

The story of an orphanage, the children who live in it, and the beat-up old Nissan Sunny 1200 which provides a trio of boys with a means of escape from their bleak everyday lives.

Chapter 1 by FLAT FACE

Chapter 2 by FLAT FACE

A Worthless Person

The story of a disillusioned mangaka who is forced to stop drawing and take up various odd jobs in order to feed his family.

Chapters 1-3 by wonderprojectj


Blade of the Immortal vol.26 ch.170-177 by Rippersanime Translation & Offtopia & HappyScans!

Franken Fran ch.55 by Amuro & Hox

Fuan no Tane + ch.1 by KAIDANblog

Until Death Do Us Part ch.120 by Nihil Sine Nefas
Until Death Do Us Part ch.121 by Nihil Sine Nefas


Vinland Saga ch.76 by HappyScans! & Hox
Otoyomegatari ch.18 by THMMY
Otoyomegatari ch.19 by THMMY

Sachiko Usurai just wants an easygoing school life, and make some friends. But her head is inhabited by a strange being she refers to as “Neko-sama.” A representation of her karma, in the form of a cat. These creatures that resemble animals, have been carried by humans for generations and generations and are said to influence a person’s fate.
Nawoki Karasawa’s Sachiko to Neko-sama volume 1[Mangascreener]

Battle Angel Alita: Last Order ch. 105 (^rippersanime, crazyankan)


House of Puppets (Junji Itou) []


Town Without Streets (Junji Itou) []


The Back Alley (Junji Itou) []


Steel Ball Run [JoJo Project, Red Hawk Scanlation]
I forgot where we left, so…
vol. 16
vol. 17 – vol. 20, ch. 77


Thermae Romae [Clockwork Lies]
Very funny story of a roman time-travelling to modern japan and back, sharing the japanese “experience” in building spas. Nice to see that this is going to be translated.
ch. 01
ch. 02


Saint Young Men ch. 13 [S2scans]
I’m not registered, so I have to link to an online reader, sorry. But finally we’re going to see more Buddha and Jesus!! :)


NASA (Naoki Urasawa) (vol. 01, end) [Hox, Happy Scans]
Actually, we have a whole post about Urazawa, go check it out!


Waters (2 volumes, end) [Hox, Illuminati-Manga, Scantily Clad]
This mangaka also did Mushishi, btw.


Vinland Saga ch. 75 [Hox, Happy Scans]


Cesare ch. 27-31 [etc]
(the other chapters are at the right column)

Legend of Koizumi – spinoff ch. 01 (anonymous scanlations)

Peace Maker ch. 28 (Dead Beat Scans)

No Responses to “new stuff – old stuff”

  1. Archer Says:

    Nice! I missed those Junji Ito short stories so thanks.

    I gave up posting chapter updates posts mostly because of the low number of comments, but yeah, also because I was too busy to follow most of the series that interested me.


  2. joker999 Says:

    @Archer :(


  3. CGorhant Says:

    Mh, I gave up because of my slow ass connection nowadays. This time I just felt like adding the Ito stuff and Saint Young Men and ended up looking what else might be there…
    I know what you mean, though. Even XYZ’s super special posts don’t get too many comments. Well but I don’t know the visitor stats of the site, maybe most of our guests prefer to just lurk… ;)


  4. w00t! Says:

    I visit this site every day for a quick visit. I dont have time to read all this mangas, but I’m happy when somebodys made an update.
    I also dont comment everytime to say my thanks, but let me tell you that I’m grateful to all articles that have been written and will be written.

    I visit this site since way back…


  5. MONO Says:

    i still love you too guys!

    i leave next week. but i’l still get back here to check for stuff while i’m travelling and read the releases on my phone :P


  6. jaggie Says:

    I agree with w00t! ;)
    although I’m a lurker most of the time doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for your work and the work that all the scanlators and other people put to give as manga!

    I visit this site everyday because it fills my seinen manga needs ;)

    Keep up the good work! ^_^


  7. Mkd Says:

    Could someone tell me where to find scanlated Vol6 of Urasawa’s Billy Bat?
    Are you guys going to do it?
    just wanted to know,


  8. Archer Says:

    @Mkd: yeah, we and GWR are working on the volume scans of BB and will release vol.6 & 7 sometime very soon. btw Muda Scantrad is currently working on the chapter scans so if you want to read BB faster check them out, as for vol6 specifically MangaStream & Binktopia worked on the chapter scans, you can read it online at mangafox.

    Glad to hear our visitors are still interested in this chapter updates posts too and not just the multiple volume or complete manga posts, will try to make this kind of posts more often too.


  9. Nethandle Says:

    Would anyone here happen to have or know where to get the Korean raws for Glaucos? Reason I ask is because I’ve found a Korean TL interested in it but haven’t been able to find those raws anywhere. Figured I’d give it a shot asking here since I got the Japanese raws thanks to a post on this site.


  10. CGorhant Says:

    Thanks for your comments and thanks for being around all the time :)

    @Nethandle: Interestingly enough, the korean raws were hosted on an earlier version of Manga Underground (says google). They’re down, though. Do you have the title in korean characters? Sometimes this already shows results at google.


  11. whitezero Says:

    wow Fuan no Tane!!! i have been searching the raws without result. Thanks a lot.


  12. CG Says:

    Thanks for the update, really good stuff!


  13. Hox Says:

    Oh wow, Sunny’s getting scanlated! That’s fantastic news.


  14. morten Says:

    Good thing I didn’t buy Sunny…


  15. twopioneers Says:

    Thanks for always plugging my sites. You’re the reason for pretty much half my traffic!


  16. Archer Says:

    @twopioneers: Thank you for scanlating all this great titles.

    Yay for yet another Taiyou Matsumoto manga!


  17. XYZ Says:

    I’m absolutely interested in chapter updates. Wonder how you got that idea?!



  18. FLAT FACE Says:

    Thanks for adding a link to my site! Chapter 2 of Sunny is now up as well.


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