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The Place We Go After Life

September 10, 2011


Somewhere in Tokyo, in one of its overpriced closets, err I mean apartment, sits Gantz. Gantz has a job to do, and that is to summon people of various walks of life, at the moment of their mortal demise, to his empty abode – fully healthy and able. You see, Gantz is a black metal sphere, and what you do with your “new life” is entirely up to him. Many people don’t survive the missions Gantz sends them on, but of the few who do and eventually “win the game,” a “reward” is waiting for them…

I don’t think this one needs too much introduction: GANTZ is the mega popular seinan manga by Oku Hiroya, the author of HEN. Mega popular which is to say Gantz has got plenty of violence, gore, sex, pop-cultural nods…everything the body needs to keep prodding on, plugging away :)

Hawks started off this one (v1-5 and some change), then ShocWave came and did a lot of the heavy lifting (v6-20), Illuminati Manga and Phase 3 are each in it for 1 and 2 volumes, respectively (v21, v22-23). Those are the full volume scans. As a bonus, I included the chapter scans for the complete v24, by Binktopia. From that point on Gantz suffered some inconsistent scanlating, and no further volume scans are available to my knowledge.

GANTZ V01-07 (Hawks, Omanga, ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V08-12 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V13-16 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V17-20 (ShocWave) CL
GANTZ V21-24 (Illuminati Manga, Phase3, Binktopia) CL

This is your chance to grab the bundle of 24 full volumes, cleaned, numbered, and organized.

BerserkEdenNaoki Urasawa
BokkoShamoYamamoto Hideo
Gunnm – Battle AngelHajime no Ippo ◆ GANTZ ◆

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