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September 23, 2011


Since you guys said you still want chapter update posts, here is one, also contains some complete manga.
btw mediafire does not work properly for me but I will try using it again later(still does not work for me).

RRR [Endless Abyss]
get it on the scanlator’s page
Because of a twist of fate, Rikkitaro has to let go of his dream becoming a rock singer. Coincidentally he meets a retired boxing champion and starts a boxing carreer.
What sounds a little far-fetched or even cheesy is actually a nice boxing story with decent art that covers the sports basics as well as themes like personal growth and such. (Sorry for the lame not-collecting-the-chapters…^^)

Paperakyu chapter 3 by Mangina Flower

Kamen Rider vol1 [Happy!Scans & Offtopia]

Arms Peddler vol 3 [Black Rock Scans & ENXAME]
Arms Peddler Special Chapter [Black Rock Scans & ENXAME]

New Berserk, start of the new volume!!

The team began to take their training seriously and investigate a UFO.
Kidou Ryodan Hachifukujin vol 4[OFF]

Vinland Saga ch.77 by HappyScans! & Hox

Black Jack vol.12, vol.14 by randomscans

Fuan no Tane+ ch.11 by KAIDANblog for previous chapters: click the link and scroll down.

Btooom! by Japanzai & XscansX
the art is not that impressive but this is a good survival manga.
vol.01 by Japanzai & XscansX
vol.02 by Japanzai & XscansX
vol.03 by Japanzai & XscansX

more chapters were released by Japanzai & XscansX but because of, and other online readers they decided to release watermarked chapters for the time being, read about it here.


Brave Dan ch.1-3 (end)(TEZUKA Osamu) by Kaichou!, HappyScans!


Kodoku Experiment [Death Toll]
ch. 01-03
ch. 04
By Yukinobu Hoshino, the author of “2001 Nights” and “Stardust Memories”. We posted the raws along with other stuff by him a while ago here.

Himizu ch.19-22 by KEFI & GWR

Sadness of the Heart
Vol.1 ch.1-12 (end) by Kotonoha

from the authors of Akumetsu and Wolf Guy.
ch.1-5 (end) by Illuminati-Manga

finally some more chapters of Soil.
Soil ch.49-50 by Kotonoha

Sunny (MATSUMOTO Taiyou) ch.3 by FLAT FACE

Devilman Lady Vol.2-6 by Dynamic Pro Scanlations & HappyScans! & OtherSideofSky

Gantz ch.348 by Utopia Scanlations

Ubel Blatt ch.99 by Yalla Scans & Japanzai

Until Death Do Us Part ch.122 by Nihil Sine Nefas
Until Death Do Us Part ch.123 by Nihil Sine Nefas

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