Inhabitants of the Infinity

January 11, 2012

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It’s here, the one you’ve been asking and waiting for – Mugen no Juunin by Samura Hiroaki. Inhabitants of the Infinity, or Blade of the Immortal as it’s known outside of Asia, is a work 18 years in the making. This is another one of those series that doesn’t need too much introduction, its cross-cultural appeal is self-evident having been release in the US by Dark Horse for more than a decade.

The story is focused on the lives of its two main characters. The Immortal “100 men slayer” Manji has quelled his indiscriminant bloodlust and is on a redemption road, whereas Asano Rin is on a warpath for justice. The daughter of a well-known dojo, her father and mother were killed by militant revolutionaries hell-bent on changing the socio-political order of Japan under Tokugawa Shogunate. Together they make a pact to help one another – revenge for Rin, killing evil men for Manji.

I’d like to thank Jinchi and crew at Manga-Sketchbook for digitizing much of what I have here for you all (19 volumes!). They were an absolute force to the readers of the scanlation community. Delinquent-Manga, Inconnu, anotsuutranslate, BOTISCAN, Rippersanime, HappyScans!, OtherSideofSky, Offtopia have all pitched in to continue scanlating in the absence of timely release of BOTI. Special props to the current scanlators Rippersanime, HappyScans!, and OtherSideofSky.

Note: The tail end of v18 JP release continues directly from v19 of the US release, so there’s no mistake or redundancy. I have also included a bonus of quality raw volumes.

Blade of the Immortal v01-10
Blade of the Immortal v11-19
Blade of the Immortal v18-22
(Delinquent-Manga, Inconnu, anotsuutranslate)
Blade of the Immortal v23-25
(anotsuutranslate, BOTISCAN)
Blade of the Immortal v26-28
(Rippersanime, HappyScans!, OtherSideofSky, Offtopia)


Blade of the Immortal v23-25
(RAW Volumes)
Blade of the Immortal v26-28
(RAW Volumes)


The 1st TenAKIRAShigurui
◆ Blade of the Immortal ◆

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No Responses to “Inhabitants of the Infinity”

  1. XYZ Says:

    BOTI! :O


  2. mono Says:

    well done. i’d been waiting for this. so thanks :)


  3. mono Says:

    also, its interesting to see how the art changes from the first volumes to the newest ones.
    imo samura’s art in the newer volumes is among the very best you can get in manga, the art makes a big difference for me.

    thanks again


  4. Anon Says:

    Wait, the Japanese title actually translate to “Inhabitants of the Infinity” and not Blade of the Immortal?

    Huh, and here i thought the french were just changing the name for kicks like they did with Saint Seiya.


  5. Dorohedoro Says:

    This is killing me :D :D :D

    Thanks so much for dropping them neat packages!!!


  6. XYZ Says:

    No problem! Enjoy it :)

    Also the post is done.


  7. XYZ Says:

    Woops typo fixed.

    Yes it literally translates to inhabitant of the infinity, meaning immortality no doubt.


  8. crazyankan Says:

    Any good manga download sites with full volumes besides mangatraders?
    I didn’t like boti when I first started to read it. but now it’s one of my favorites.
    I have also been helping out with some of the latest volumes :]


  9. Spreadanime Says:

    Thanks for this great release, been wanting to read the whole thing once again. Huge cliffhanger at the end of vol. 28, guess manga is just like drugs, you never have enough:-)


  10. XYZ Says:

    -crazyankan: mangatrader’s all I know, it’s a good thing it’s still around after so many years :)

    -spreadanime: lucky you, I haven’t even read v28 yer :D


  11. mono Says:

    i started re-reading the whole thing this week, im up to about vol 25 now.
    this manga is awesome. EPIC in fact. its probably my favorite of all time.
    i wonder what’s going to happen in the end.

    i’m interested to see how manji got his immortality, ie where the kessen-chu come from and how they are put into him.


  12. Archer Says:

    @crazyankan: try you need to register and I think you also need 10 posts to be able to download, but it’s worth it.


  13. Rawr Says:

    Since Fileserve shut down in the wake of Megaupload, is there a backup set of links?


  14. Warcheef Says:

    There seems to be some kind of new problem with fileserve :S
    It says: “FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.”
    Does that means the links are unusable now? I got only half and really hope to get the rest…


  15. Matthew Says:

    Warcheef – same thing happens to me. Maybe its that whole SOPA business – fileserve getting scared, mmmmm?


  16. mono Says:

    matthew you’re 100% right.

    just did some googling:
    megaupload and all its subsidiaries are gone
    fileserve is getting scared and tightening up
    also filesonic and a few other sites are doing the same

    mediafire and rapidshare are saying they havent done anything wrong and are staying online but apparently have started deleting some files..
    i bet also they aren’t based in the US so aren’t as scared.

    wouldnt be surprised if this continues which means manga sites could be next..


  17. XYZ Says:

    Well that’s just dandy. Megaupload set off a chain reaction. This whole thing has nothing to do with SOPA as that’s been shelved…

    The files are all there, it’s just that they’re invisible now. What’s the point of any mirrors if the only person that can download is the uploader? Might as well close it completely down if you gonna do that.


  18. mono Says:

    SOPA is gone but they got more stuff lined up.

    i think this was partially a statement by the government that they dont care..


  19. Terry Says:

    Can you re-upload using a different file host service that still works??

    Thanks for your great effort to collect all the available volumes.


  20. bajang14 Says:

    try using they have v22-26 in mediafire

    and thanks MU for collecting them and to everyone that scanlate this series


  21. Matthew Says:

    Seems fileserver is now allowing you to download again. Straaaaange


  22. CG Says:

    Ugh, Illuminati released a bunch of new stuff, but my connection is so slow, again! Could someone add it, it seems to be really good stuff among it! (A piece by Yukinobu Hoshino, something by the mangaka of Tough, more Shamo, another volume of Holyland… Also, new Boys on the Run and Claymore is out, plus a bit of Shingeki no Kyojin and I am a Hero :))


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