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February 26, 2012

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Berserk_v37c326 l Berserk_v37c327

Vinland Saga c79 l Vinland Saga c80


Volume 1(end) with Mango Scans

G takes place at these points we call boundaries. Boundaries between times, dimensions, destinies, life and death, …
It tells the story of young Tomak through his initiatic journey.
The Death Grass Spirit is never far…

This story is related to the short story “Lazaro Franco’s Fourth Hour” published in Heaven’s Door.
G (KOIKE Keiichi)
Volume 1(end) 2465px
Volume 1(end) 1600px
Arms Peddler volume 4

Arms Peddler special chapter 3

No. 1 begins his radical plan for world peace and the government does everything it can to try and stop him.
No. 5 volume 7

The sequel to Memories of Emanon!
Emanon’s Wanderings volume 1
Space Pirate Captain Harlock volume 2
Spider-Man volume 1

Another great manga staring a gunslinger on a post-apocalyptic desert planet!
Queen Emeraldus volume 1
I am a Hero volume 5


No Responses to “Let's Do This!”

  1. mono Says:

    oho about time someone did a post :{P
    i already read emanon and was completely confused. i forgot i’d read the prequel too.


  2. taimat Says:

    just happy to see a new post on mydailymanga .. it’s been a while (over a month?!)
    Looking forward for your new releases & manga suggestions ^___^


  3. John_Doe Says:

    Thanks for emanon, made by one of my favorite artist.


  4. silverado Says:

    I guess it is time to post a Recruitment post for the blog. I’m thinking about making a new layout with mobile support.


  5. geogaddi Says:

    Thanks for the updates!

    Do you have a link to Dorohedoro volume 16 (or perhaps the whole series for anyone interested), for the life of me I can’t find it.


  6. DamnedBones Says:

    Great stuff as usual. Thanks, guys!


  7. whitezero Says:

    another guy thanking for Emanon.


  8. Revilenigma Says:

    updated with 2 new things~


  9. Archer Says:

    Some interesting releases. thanks! Added some to my plan to read list.

    I completely lost interest in manga after the batch I read during the last month of 2011, so that is the reason why I did not post anything here lately, I noticed that a few manga that I planned to read were completed during the last few months and I tried Jackals but I could not read more than 2 chapters. I might make a new post but I am just not at all in the mood for manga right now.

    Somewhat manga related: the Lone Wolf and Cub movies are quite good, currently watching them since I was in the mood for some samurai movies.


  10. XYZ Says:

    Added 4 chapters

    Vinland Saga c79
    Vinland Saga c80

    Man my external HD broke, kinda bummed about that. All the data are still intact, but I cant access them and haven’t had time to take it to a shop.

    Good news is that I’m moving to mediafire after the web mirroring fiasco. 200mb limit is a bit of pain but it is what it is x)


  11. victor Says:

    Hi!!! Can you upload Jabberwocky Volumes 1 – 3? Most of the links are no longer working. Thanks!


  12. victor Says:

    Sorry, I forgot to add Red Eyes volume 9 too, please? The links are all dead or the files have been removed due to inactivity over 30 days. Thanks again and you guys are awesome!!!


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