June 14, 2012


If you’ve enjoyed our efforts up to now, it’s time to help out with keeping your
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Bio-Boosted Armor Guyver is the longest-running series that I’ve ever done. Longer than Berserk, longer than Hajime no Ippo, it’s been in serialization since 1985 and has 28 collected volumes currently. At about 1 volume a year, Takaya Yoshiki is slower than Kentaro Miura. Having said that, the quality justifies the pace: Incredibly imaginative is the best way to describe this series – the concept, the visualization, its use of violence, all of it.

The story is about a teenager who stumbles across the g-unit and accidentally activates it. The next thing you know, he merges with the alien armor and is pursued by a multinational organization called Chronos, whose soldiers sent to capture him are mutated human/creature called zoanoids. The discoveries he make along the way will take the story to the beginning of life and creation itself.

I found Guyver Advocacy by chance when I was craving some Guyver (Thank you for bringing the goods buddy!). Give them a visit, especially if you want the latest monthly chapters. Scanlated V02-07 aren’t available for download at this moment unfortunately, I’m still looking for those. You can read scanlated V02-04 (c07-28) by the defunct HobbyJapan on this online reader here. It’s not ideal, but it’ll have to do for now.


Bio-Boosted Armor Guyver
Guyver V01 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V08 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V09 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V10 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V11 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V12 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V13 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V14 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V15 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V16 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V17 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V18 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V19 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V20 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V21 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V22 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V23 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V24 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V25 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V26 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V27 [Guyver Advocacy]
Guyver V28 [Guyver Advocacy]
Monthly Chapters [Guyver Advocacy]



Berserk cv37c328 [Evil_Genius]

Berserk cv37c329 [Evil_Genius]

Berserk cv37c330 [Evil_Genius]

No Responses to “G-Unit”

  1. XYZ Says:

    New Berserk! :D

    Guyver soon.


  2. CGorhant Says:

    Hi, I’ve prepared a draft, it can be released in like a week after you finished uploading G-Unit, ok? Also, we still have the “Wild West”-draft and should release it soon (or else we’ll forget it ;) )

    Still, MU has to do something about some new blood if it want’s to keep this place running. XYZ is pretty much the only active author left…


  3. XYZ Says:

    Looks good CGorhant. Someone needs to be on the new stuff.

    Guyver’s up.


  4. VladimirOo Says:

    Wow wow wow, after some time i remember about this place, and again! it’s a shock! Still incredible what you keep on finding and releasing. Definitely worth the waiting; thank you for existing in here!


  5. Bacchus Says:

    Thanks a bunch man !


  6. kithic Says:

    alot of the guyver chapters on mangareader are missing/fake links…
    http://www.japan-legend.com/forum/index.php/topic/6857-guyver-vol01-scanlation-complete/ has more of the chapters up


  7. Bob Says:

    Vol 2-7 are on mangatraders now


  8. Arfox Says:

    Shingeki No Kyojin is up to Chapter 43.

    Deadman Wonderland is up to 51, but seems to have stalled.


  9. Zael Says:

    So it appears they made two Guyver movies in the 90′s..

    The Guyver (1991)

    Guyver: Dark Hero (1994)


  10. Laplace Says:

    “Incredibly imaginative is the best way to describe this series”

    Yeah, of course, i mean, its not like its a perfect rip-off of Ultraman or anything ! It’s incredibly original, yessir ! Its those OTHER evil plagiarists, who stole his ideas before he even had them, and made an entire frigging franchise of it in the 70′s.
    /sarcasm off


  11. BD Says:

    Anybody knows where could you find the volumes 02-07?


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