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August 10, 2012


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The greatest, most influential sports manga of all time.

Without a doubt the most famous of all the manga series I’ve posted is Slam Dunk! by Inoue Takehiko. It has far-transcended its own medium and is widely credited with popularizing the sport of basketball in many parts of the world.

It’s the story of a a high school delinquent who, recognized for his athleticism, is introduced to the basketball team. Through Slam Dunk!, Inoue captured the essence of competition – effort, perseverance, teamwork, the bitterness and regret of defeat, as well as the eventual victory, attainment, and friendship found along the way. There’s no manga that better epitomized the youthful enthusiasm, exertion, and love of a discipline than this. As you read this, you’ll also be moved to want to get out there and shoot a basketball.

Tensai Manga Project (TMP) scanlated volumes 1-30 before dropping off the map, thank you TMP and thanks to KusMoG-tsumaranai for capping off the series with the final V31.

-ps I’ve also included Buzzer Beater, a 4-volume webcomic Inoue drew for his website. I’ve collected them all for your viewing pleasure. Cleaning and packaging this series also took quite a bit of time on my part, so please appreciate it and enjoy reading and/or rereading.


Slam Dunk! V01-05 (TMP)

Slam Dunk! V06-11 (TMP)

Slam Dunk! V12-17 (TMP)

Slam Dunk! V18-23 (TMP)

Slam Dunk! V24-28 (TMP)

Slam Dunk! V29-31 incl. Buzzer Beater



Berserk_v37c330 [Evil_Genius]

Vinland Saga c84 [Hox]

Sangokushi v28 [Hox]

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    write-up incoming


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  3. crazyankan Says:

    Going to read Slam dunk after Vagabond :)


  4. ketna Says:

    hey Crazyankan
    what is your avatar image from it’s driving me bananas, I know I’ve seen it but my brain no remember where?!?!?
    if any one else knows I will be very grateful.


  5. cegras Says:

    Hetakoi recently finished. I picked it up by reading whatever hobo-1 scanlated. It’s alright. One of it’s greatest virtues is that it doesn’t drag on.


  6. tramps Says:

    All of Black Jack ni Yoroshiku/Say Hello to Black Jack has been uploaded by the mangaka in English onto his website


  7. madthejoint Says:

    is this site dead ? no more writers ? maybe i can help you write some updates ,i love this site don’t want to see it die or go afk for months with out an explanation .


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    Post whatever you want to post in the above comment section. I’ll add it to the post.


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