Survival Manga

January 29, 2013


When I first saw 7 seeds, I looked at the cover and thought to myself: “Ugh, not agian one of those cliche shojo manga with saucer eyes.”, but something about the setting intrigued me, so I kept reading despite the old drawing style and the slow pace of the first volume. And I’ve recently caught up to ch 120 and BOY was it a good read. I think one of the strong points with survival mangas is that you can usually enjoy a variety of characters and are not limited to a single hero trying to rescue the whole world (looking at you, Ichigo and Son Goku). So if you enjoy survival manga and apocalyptic worlds, this one develops slowly and gets progressively better, especially the survival arc of the elite team reminded me a lot of Battle Royale, but I won’t tell more. Read for yourself!



7 Seeds Volume 1-16 by various
7 Seeds Volume 17 – ch 120

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  1. nagi Says:

    Ah, a true classic. Also quite depressing at times. Thanks for the post, I was missing some chapters after a HDD crash.


  2. Zael Says:

    One of my favorites as well. ^^


  3. silverado Says:

    Did you guys read the latest Onepunch Man chapter? This series is so damn addictive.


  4. mono Says:

    i never read this one

    but yah i read Onepunch, i love that series, it’s awesome!

    too busy with work and stuff to do much at the moment, just gotta keep your eye on the prize!


  5. Zael Says:

    Sure did, and I agree that it’s seriously awesome. That continuity in the form of damages on the city’s infrastructure is seriously cool.


  6. anon Says:

    This is a little necro, and no one will probable see it, but found out another good manga :
    Gate – Thus the JSDF Fought There!
    For mediafire links:
    or online reader:

    The history begin with a portal to a parallel world (medieval fantasy) opening in Tokyo and the JSDF going to the another side on a reconnaissance mission. Manga try to be somewhat “realist” in the context.
    Look at the above links for a better summary.


  7. Spreadanime Says:

    Thanks for this release, i normally hate shoujo, but this is the exception to that rule for me. Great series, just can’t stop reading it.


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