Best of Manga Underground Series 2004-2013

August 21, 2013


We have featured some awesome manga series in the last 9 years, but humans are forgettable and I think it’s time that we dig out some memorable series.

What manga series do you still remember?

PS: The wallpaper is from December 19, 2009. It shows only a fraction of the series we have featured. Does anybody still have the original in 1600px resolution?


21 Responses to “Best of Manga Underground Series 2004-2013”

  1. madthejoint Says:

    Holy smurf i want to see that wallpaper so badly !


  2. silverado Says:

    Me too, it was awesome XD


  3. silverado Says:

    By the way, I added a web radio player of my music collection.


  4. AlucardNoir Says:

    Dunno what to say silv, this site has been a gold mine for good content, to ask us to chose the most memorable, especially after 9 years of existence is a nearly impossible task.

    But if I had to answer, Id go with Monster and Sanctuary, the’re both complete, and different enough one from the other to be worth a repost, dunno how many people haven’t read them yet though.

    And since they might not be reuploaded cause of shear popularity, I’m also Adding the two Emma series, the related Shirley series and the Blame series(though you might just want to link to the Nihei torrent), at least Emma and Blame don’t seam to be as loved now as they were a few years back.


  5. caveliereternal Says:

    I’d say Blame like the person before me and Eden. Two amazing mangas I still marval at the sheer amount of detail put into each.


  6. silverado Says:

    I’m creating a list of series from the posts. Feel free to contribute XD


  7. silverado Says:

    So many posts to go through -_-


  8. madthejoint Says:

    Yea someone should really stop making updates so long ಠ_ಠ , incoming post :)


  9. Zael Says:

    Eden for me. Kinda hard to answer, since many of the “Collections” -series I was already familiar with, but still madly in love with. =)
    Let’s throw in Homunculus, Berserk and Vinland Saga. Piano no Mori and I Am a Hero. Definitely The Five Star Stories too, though I’m still not finished reading that.


  10. silverado Says:

    hehe, I love your enthusiasm. But please slow down a bit. Readers want to take the time to actually read the manga that you recommend.


  11. kronpas Says:

    Blame, Leviathan, Eden – its an endless world (Although Blame and Leviathan I got from Omanga, a very seinen-centric group). Eden was from here.

    Monster and the Astroboy remake from the same mangaka. He has a very unique story telling talent but his art style has a several limitation where so many characters look alike (esp. if you read 2 series nearly at the same time).

    Emma is okayish I guess. Its a good read if you only read it once.


  12. yal Says:

    Hah, I actually thought about asking you to make some kind of “retro”-post :D

    I made a “small” list a loooong time ago and I think most of them were also featured on here. I’ll just post that:

    Fantasy: Berserk, Dorohedoro, Hyakkiyakou Shou, Leviathan, Witches, Fugurumakan Raihouki

    Historical: Vagabond, Historie, Shigurui, Sidooh, Mercenary Pierre, Cesare, Lone Wolf and Cub, Vinland Saga, Pilgrim Jäger, Bokko, Samurai Executioner, Blade of the Immortal, The Ravages of Time, Ikkyu

    Serenity: Blood Alone, Hourou Musuko, Mushishi, Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Bus Hashiru, Aqua

    Psychological: The World Is Mine, SWWEEET, Freesia, Homunculus, MPD Psycho, Goodnight Punpun, Ressentiment

    Sci-Fi: Planetes, Kiseijuu, Eden, UDDUP, Biomega, King of Thorn, Blame, Voices of a Distant Star

    Comedy: Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei, Yotsuba&!, Short Cuts, Nodame Cantabile, Genshiken, Today in Class 5-2

    Drama: Girlfriend, REAL, What a Wonderful World, Rookies, Emma, Ciguatera, Brad Harley no Basha, Ohikkoshi, G Senjou Heaven’s Door

    Thriller: 20th Century Boys, Monster, Old Boy, AP: Moonlight

    It’s obviously not complete and also not up to date.


  13. silverado Says:

    Hi yal, nice to see you alive!
    Yal, do you happen to have the wallpaper? XD
    I lost a lot of stuff during a tornado (called “ubuntu installation”).


  14. Karlolol Says:

    I really liked Shin Angyo Onshi and C.A.T. Confidential Assassination Troop.
    (The main character is featured in the MangaMeeya icon above)


  15. Zael Says:

    yal’s post was excellent. Seconded on all of those series. XD


  16. anon Says:

    Akira and 7 Seeds.


  17. Zael Says:

    Nuu, the fabulous web-radio has gone down.. :(


  18. silverado Says:

    Oh, let me fix the web radio. Didn’t realize it was gone.


  19. yal Says:

    yeah, I’m (barely) alive ;)
    I don’t think I ever had the wallpaper :(


  20. silverado Says:

    What ya up to nowadays? Im still in msn, same old nick if ya want to chat. ^^


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