MU Wallpaper 2013

August 25, 2013

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While working on a list of must read mangas I was going through the last couple
of years worth of posts and while I was unable to recover my old wallpaper,
you are lucky to see our new manga wallpaper.

There is the original psd as a .7z file that you can use,
if you would like to create your own wallpaper.
Feel free to post your own version with your desktop here,
as we’d love to see your desktops.

The biggest feature will however by our own original 2005-2013
featured manga collage that I made for you.
It contains all our series posted in the last years on
one HUGE collage “wall”-paper.
It is so large, that my machine had ran out of
memory several times. Be warned!

Last time I hosted my wallpaper on a new imagehost.
I won’t make that mistake again, this time it’s here forever.

So for ever true manga fan out there, you have a new wallpaper!

MUWallpaper 2013 Collage 2005-2013

MUWallpaper 2013 Gray

MUWallpaper 2013 Color

MUWallpaper 2013 Collage 2005-2013

Download files: psd, original, collage, wallpapers

Manga Underground forever!


7 Responses to “MU Wallpaper 2013”

  1. silverado Says:

    Next will be a series of manga post from the Manga Underground Archives.


  2. silverado Says:

    Oh, while I’m at it. If you want to compress huge images losslessly, I recommend to use the Tool RIOT. I uploaded a copy of the image compressor to the wallpaper folder. It’s free, supports multithreading and simply is awesome!


  3. madthejoint Says:

    Wow just wow , when i look at these wallpapers, it reminds me even thought I’ve read manga for such a long time , I’ve still read on a small portion of it, all that good manga is out there waiting for me !
    Good job , silv !


  4. Anon Says:


    What manga is that below ‘What a Wonderful World’ in the first wallpaper?

    Shame scans for ‘The World Is Mine’ stopped. I think that was one of the first recommendations I got from here.


  5. silv Says:

    We all contributed to the collection. I can still recognize most of the manga.


  6. Jack Says:

    Awesome collages, nice work! I made one manga wallpaper few years ago after reading Akumetsu, hope some one else likes it too.


  7. silverado Says:

    Cool wallpaper, looks really nice. I like how you combined the wooden background with the manga drawing style.


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