What is ROME?

Long awaited ROME *BETA is open! Register and request your own project for your group:

Update: ROME BETA is open for public registration! Click here to register an account on ROME!

ROME – Easy Team Collaboration

Link: http://rome.jcafe24.NET/

Link to MU Romepage: http://rome.jcafe24.NET/projects/show/mangau

Rome is a collaboration site designed to meet the requirements of scanlators and fansubbers. No matter how big or small your group is or where you live, Rome can save you a lot of time. Rome lets you schedule task assigments with deadlines, manage group member accounts, create documents and milestones. The Issue Tracking System ITS will automatically inform the member about new tasks and automatically provide all necessary information like translation changes, proofreading comments, annotations, images and files.

One of your member is busy and rarely online? No problem! As long as he checks his emails ROME will inform him about all necessary steps and important group activities related to his group.

You like a clean email box? The better, change your newsletter so that you are only informed about activities only related to you!

You are a translator or proofreader and usually have to work on long text files? ROME makes it easy for you to create wiki pages for each project and each chapter. Changes in the wiki will are logged in a revision history making it possible to compare and roll back to different versions.

Multiple persons work on the same text file? No problem! You can compare changes from the very first version up till the latest version. Different lines and words are automatically highlighted in different colors. You can go through long text files without difficulty and you can see whether your proofreader did a good job.

Check our demo account here: http://rome.jcafe24.NET/projects/show/rome
(login: guest | pw: guest | project: rome)


Multiple projects support

Manage all your projects and group activities with on one site

Each user can have a different role on each project

Each project can be declared as public (visible by anyone) or private (visible by project members only)

Flexible role based access control
Define your own roles and set their permissions in a click.

Flexible task (issue) tracking system


Gantt chart and calendar
Automatic gantt and calendar based on issues start and due dates

Time tracking functionality
Time can be entered at project or ticket level
Simple report to view time per user, issue type, category or activity

News, documents & files management
You can easily post messages and share files

Per project wiki and forums
Wiki uses textile syntax and free linking within the wiki using brackets
Diff and annotate views are available

Modules (e.g. task management, forum, time tracking, wikipedia, documents, …)
Can be enabled/disabled at project level.

Register and request a project for your own group!



I’ve been working on a new website project called ROME, a groupware and project management site where scanlators and fansubbers can manage their own projects, find new members and cooperate between each other like never before. Right now I want to test the software in a live environment. To do that I need a webhost or server that has Ruby on Rails installed on it. Right now searching for motivated team members for ROME. If you are skilled in PHP, RoR, or webdesign or just happen to have a webhost supporting Ruby on Rails please contact me!


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