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Holistic Learning

May 30, 2010


I wrote this post as there have been many people who kept asking for some information about learning. As I was writing a post, I thought that others might also be interested in this as a big chunk of the demographic of scanlation readers are poor students in college or highschool.

Time spent studying does not equal learning.

More studying time won’t help if the way you are studying is flawed to begin with.

Holistic Learning
Smart people don’t just learn better. They learn differently. While many students get caught up in memorizing facts, intelligent learners know to seek the bigger picture and connect the facts together. This form of learning I call holistic learning.

Holistic learning is basically the opposite of rote memorization. Instead of reciting lists of facts, rules or formulas, you seek to connect ideas together. Instead of having separate boxes in your head for geometry, algebra or ancient India, you deliberately link facts together, so they form a bigger picture.

Excessive studying shows you aren’t learning holistically. It shows that you didn’t learn the material the first time. If you properly link ideas together to see the bigger picture, studying should only be a brief refresher.

How to Boost Your Study Habits
Holistic learning isn’t like a brainstorming technique or mind-mapping. It is fundamentally changing how you look at the process of learning and how you absorb information. As such, there isn’t an easy ten step program to master it.

But there are some tools that can help you shift your learning habits so they become more holistic:

You’ve probably heard of visualizing, right? Visceralizing means taking all of your senses and connecting it to information. Studies have shown that people remember more vividly information that comes to us in an emotionally aroused state. Linking feelings, senses and imagery to bland ideas makes them more real. You probably counted on your fingers when learning numbers, why can’t you do the same when you are learning now?

The heart of holistic learning is relating things together. Metaphors are literary devices that link two things that normally don’t go together. Come up with metaphors to describe more complicated ideas in simpler terms.

Ten Year Old Rule
Explain ideas to yourself as you would to a ten year old. Sure, this isn’t always possible in your last years of a medical degree or learning how to apply neural networks to computer AI. But the idea is that you should be able to “dumb down” an idea enough so it seems obvious to yourself.

Trace Back
Put away your books and start with a random fact or concept. Then relate that idea to another concept in your subject. Keep doing this tracing pattern until you've linked many ideas together. The Gupta Dynasty reminds you of ancient Greece which reminds you of Socrates, reminding you of Confucius…

Refresher Scan
Scan through information in your text book. Notice whenever you encounter information that you either don’t remember or weren’t 100% sure about.

Scan a second time after 24h!
Quickly link that information back to existing ideas through viscerlization and metaphor.

Scan a third time after a week!
If your refresher scan is turning up more than a few points per chapter, you haven’t learned it thoroughly enough.

Remember, the secret number is THREE!

Compress Information
Not all information works well for holistic learning. A common point cited to me is learning anatomy for first year medical students. Anatomy involves learning arbitrary Latin names for hundreds of different elements of your body. There often aren't clear patterns and constructs, just a dry list of facts. When encountering information such as this, your goal should be to compress it.

Find ways to group information into smaller chunks of memory through pictures or mnemonics.

Take a piece of paper and write out the connections in the information. Reorganize the information into different patterns. The key here is the writing, not the final product. So don't waste your time making a pretty picture. Scribble and use abbreviations to link the ideas together.

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Eden 112 [MU]

September 4, 2009



here we go again. the first chapter in volume 17
thanks to Teqq, Hermux, Shiranami, Cface and me! Oh and Silv!


Eden: It’s an Endless World 112 by Manga Underground

mirror 1
mirror 2


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June 20, 2009


Read headline…

It’s back under new domain:


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all quiet on the western front

April 20, 2009



pretty quiet here the last week.. are there exams going on worldwide or something!? hardly any comments, not many releases, and no posts from crazy, CG or myself.
maybe its the nice weather coming in….

i will do some updates/releases tonight maybe, got a couple new things to add…
but any readers, please leave comments to encourage us!
and in the meantime, here are some pics of one of the worlds greatest living men:

Sir David Attenborough

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Need more seinen manga…

April 7, 2009


I have ran out of ideas. So give me some ideas to some good seinen mangas that I can post.

Or else I will turn this manga blog into a freakish male bodybuilding site ;)
The German powerhouse Markus Ruhl.

The Arnold Classic 2009 winner, Kai Greene

The king, Ronnie Coleman


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silverado – i resign

March 29, 2009


Yeah, I’m quite sorry to say that. Something in my life happend and turned everything upside down in one night. It hit my like a lightening and now I’m just in the aftermath. I don’t have the energy to say what happend, but I can say that I might still have time to come by from time to time and have fun with your guys! I have given crazy, mono and some other loyal editors admin rights so that you can enable and rank up new users.

Will you ever come back?

- Ya know, for the next 14 years I will be quite busy. I hope that I can do it, but I’m not sure. But I will remember you all and hope that you guys stay connected, with or without jcafe. I love you all! Cya!

PS: Somebody please add a dramatic or sexy featured image. I’m on a rush.

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1st April’s Fool: jCafe’s End – Shocking Truth Revealed!

February 18, 2009



In times of crunching stock markets and failing safety bank deposits one would think that the big business CEOs have finally learnt their lesson. That they would stop living in luxurious apartments, flying in private jets or gambling in royal casinos. But it seems that some Administrators will have to learn it the hard way.

So what does silverado, founder of the Chevrolet car series, writer of several western movies and owner of several blogs and gold mines in the world has to say about this?

silverado: “jCafe was one of our greatest blessings, but also a high-risk, high return investment. I never believed we would be able to stay online for so long and still be undetected from the authorities. It was all a bluff! We never had any raw manga to begin with. We eliminated free posting with our forum rules and used spoiler tags to hide the truth. The whole system was based on broken links, dead uploads and spam posts. It was just a matter of time until the users find out that THERE WERE NO HIDDEN MANGA UPLOADS.”

This exclusive report was witnessed by an anonymous user, who happend to be in the same chat room when this live chat occured. Read the following excerpt provided by a reliable, authentic source:

# silverado was added to this conversation.
manita: O_O
silverado: huh? what am i doing here?
Manita: hi there
cface: i forced you here >=D
silverado: who are you guys?
Cface: >.>
silverado: Ever since jcafe got closed I finally got freetime.
Cface: no! you’re our slave now!
silverado: freedom, where are thou?
cface: so this was your plan all along?
Cface: he closed jcafe to get some free time!
Manita: ?.? huh
cface: he said it
manita: lol i don’t know much since I’m still sleepy z.z
cface: yeah silv you never told me what you think about obama
cface: wrath he hates him cuz he black 0.o
silverado: oh i didn’t?
Cface: did you?
Manita: very? well guess i didn’t hear bout it yet
cface: any convos we had was before you vanished
silverado: i think hes a good for nothing drug addict who wants to make up for his past
cface: that dosnt sound like silvy
manita: can i go back to sleep :X
silverado: besides that he should really gain some general knowledge about economics and learn the difference between fiscal and monetary policy if he wants to run a country.
silverado: on the other hand I’ve to compliment him since these seem to be his only fault. I’ve seen by far worse presidents.
Manita: o.0
silverado: you wanna know about the status of jcafe?
cface: yeah
manita: lol and @cface was you talking bout obama before ???
cface: silvy not in the mod to talk about stuff like that atm
silverado: alright, all data of jcafe…
cface: is deleted? o,0


silverado: well, it’s just an idea, but what’d ya think about a COMPLETE RESTART?
Manita: ugh,…D;
manita: i guess what silver said is right
cface: fine but i still want “Special Agent C” userlevel!
Silverado: huh
cface: a complete new start would suck though
silverado: we could start all over
cface: but i guess you could redo the whole forums
silverado: and i will create a complete new platform
silverado: where you all can make groups
manita: yeah that would be much better
silverado: get your own myspace like blog
silverado: etc
manita: < .<
cface: hmm but what about all the post/ links/ ect?
Manita: don't make it like myspace lolz
silverado: there is this amazing site I found yesterday where everybody can create blogs, have a gallery etc.
cface: yeah im not interested in a blog page for each person
manita: what's the site?
Silverado: it's called FACEBOOK
cface: >.> silvy on crack
silverado: I will buy the facebook software and create a new platform. think of it as jcafe’s new home
manita: just start the forum over but don’t make it like facebook or myspace plzs >___________< silverado: just with the new features
silverado: to add your friends
silverado: pm each other
manita: ahh i see
silverado: and an extended profile
manita: didn't we already had private messages on the old board ?.?
silverado: where all your friends can write
silverado: you can create clubs
manita: hmm.....
silverado: and write news on your clubpage
silverado: invite members
silverado: and make funny votes
silverado: and display images
manita: this is interesting now
silverado: (tries to cover for the lost forum data)
manita: @silver oh lol
silverado: hahaha, it sounds great doesnt it?
manita: myspace and facebook are both lame <<
silverado: yep
silverado: i agree
cface: >=( think we sould kill silvy
silverado: that’s why it will be called “Silverado’s Frogface Empire”
silverado: instead of facebook
silverado: cuz otherwise they could sue us for name similiarity
cface: ah frog face good one cuz everyone will be pisst and have a frog face -_-
silverado: the domain: is even available!
Manita: o.O ugh
silverado: a really .com domain isn’t it great?
Silverado: so now nothing stands in our way to revive jcafe
cface: tsk that name sucks and you know it
silverado: hm
cface: silvs drunk >.>
manita: no comment from the girl …..:X
silverado: maybe we should take the „face“ out
silverado: makes it easier to type
cface: lmao
silverado: or
cface: >.> *dosnt take kindly to your trolling*
silverado: hey, im trying to help yeah
silverado: the recession hit me hard
silverado: no donations
manita: i know and hah i dont’ very mind the name xD
cface: lmao
cface: dont agree with him!
silverado: or maybe ?
Manita: k but if i feel like killing someone it would be wat haha
silverado: yeah, silverfrog sounds good
cface: i guess this is the end of jcafe
cface: i guess those statistics will rise even more
cface: *hangs himself*
manita: lolz i don’t think he saw it yet
cface: he did
BoneCraKeR: so its not gonna be called jcafe no longer?
Cface: silvs just messing with us
manita: i guess so bon
cface: he knows not to mess with us like that
cface: well hunt him down!
Cface: and linch him
silverado: hm ok, ok
cface: and poke his dangling body with sticks
silverado: how about then?

BoneCraKeR has left the conversation.

silverado: ok, here is the truth
silverado: (starts politician mode)
manita: O_O
cface: finally
silverado: the data of jcafe24, some images
silverado: and some posts
cface: some = a lot
silverado: were lost in a fire, when terrorists attacked the datacenter of in chicago
cface: >.>
silverado: the whole house is a wreckage.
manita: great one silver
silverado: the 90 stories of the house crashed after the fire got out of control
silverado: we think it was an air raid using a passenger airplane
silverado: we couldnt find the blackbox
silverado: it melted or vaporized…
silverado: in the vulcano, which happend to be nearby.
cface: wait? the backup was sent to the server in the us instead of somewhere you could control?
silverado: we never had such a thing like a backup plan
silverado: so anyway, we couldn’t find the vaporized blackbox
silverado: neither could we find the airplane
cface: wtf? you said you had a script that back up the forums everyday?
Silverado: just a black pit hole, breathing masks and hull pieces with the airline logo
cface: silv sold the data for crack money
cface: m****r f***r
silverado: but no worries!
Silverado: we know the culprit
cface: columbian mobsters?
Silverado: it was
manita: >.< ?
silverado: why we know it?
Silverado: because we found his passport on the scene!
Manita: AHHH......
cface: tsk you always blame NA
silverado: you heard right
silverado: we found his passport, now we know his identity! which is err....
silverado: firstname: National
silverado: lastname: Anime
cface: jimmy carter?
Silverado: we know its an awkward name. we think its a foreigner!
manita: wasn't jimmy carter ready dead??
silverado: our intelligence assume he has strong ties to talibans in afghanistan!
silverado: and al quaida
silverado: and north korea
silverado: did i forgot cuba?
Silverado: yeah, he has also ties to cuba! it's the evil alliance!
cface: >.>
silverado: well, the unofficial report is…
silverado: I lost all money in gambling and couldn’t pay the server rent.
manita: WHAT?!!!


silverado: and they kicked me out
cface: >.>
silverado: ok now, before you start lynching me
silverado: im just kidding!
Silverado: all data is sound and safe
silverado: stored on multiple servers in the world
manita just sent you a nudge.
Silverado: the script makes regular backups every hour, every day
silverado: so as long as i dont die or get caught
cface: i thought terroist attacked those servers?
manita: i ready know it was joke and thanks you silver for making my days
silverado: you can expect to be back very soon
silverado: *knock knock*, wait, somebody is knocking the door
silverado: it’s strange why in horror movies the culprit always knocks on the door
silverado: It’s so much easier to ring a bell! And much louder!
cface: damn we have to depend on whether you die or not?
silverado: dont worry, if the worst happens and the nasa get me, my hacker friends will avenge me.
cface: i think bone alredy went over there to hunt you down
manita: i’m going to die from laughing this early in the moring lolz
cface: lmao
silverado: *knock* *knock*
silverado: well someone is knocking…
silverado: Wait a moment!
Manita: me duno lolz
silverado: AH
silverado: THEY ARE HRERE!!!
silverado: …FOUND ME!!!
manita: …
cface: i guess hes dead
cface: he better have had a backup plan for him dying -.-’ *kicks silvy body*
manita: but i don’ think he’s dead yet
cface: think hes dead. god bless his zombie bones
manita: very …but hmm i still think he lives somehow…
manita: < .< oh well maybe I'm just hearing him laughing from the underworld...*shrugs*

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jCafe24 suicide rates higher than ever!

February 17, 2009


Shocking news! We have received new figures that show the number of jCafeists who committed suicide in February could top the number of jCafeists who committed suicide in last 12 months.

Yesterday, jCafe moderators said its suicide rates were at their highest ever.
In a rare move, the jCafe24 staff released monthly suicide data today to highlight the growing problem.
Last year, 128 jCafeists committed suicide and another 15 suspected cases are pending. Last month, jCafe24 moderators believe that 24 jCafeists killed themselves – compared with just four in January 2009.
If those cases are confirmed as suicides – and moderators said they usually are – that rate would be higher than the 16 noob-kills reported last month.

“The trend and trajectory seen this month further heightens the seriousness and urgency that all of us must have in preventing suicides,” jCafe24 admin Senbonzakura said.

Veterans advocates said the new figures were “staggering” but also part of a larger problem. They said the numbers don’t take into account how many jCafeists commit suicide after leaving jCafe24.
The jCafe brass said they would hold suicide prevention training for all jCafeists from March 15 to March 25.

We spoke with the Admin of Jcafe24 to hear what he had to say about the growing problem.
“In February, we lost more jCafeists to suicide than to moderators,” said Silverado, Admin of jCafe24.

The cause for this sudden growth of suicides? Experts undoubtedly believe it’s because jCafe24 is down.

Stay With us As we Uncover more on this ever growing problem.

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