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Server move done!

August 8, 2013



Hi guys! It took a while to move the server. It was a tough battle, but in the end it’s done! The pages should render faster for you. I hope you guys enjoy our site and remember: your feedback is what keeps this site going.

Oh and there is no good evening without epic music!
Authors can now add music to the sidebar by adding the embed code in the post’s custom settings.

You can directly embed audio only youtube links by simply writing
httpa for audio only
httpv for small video player
http for standard video player

Epic Music Of All Times: See What I've Become


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PayPal Donation Fixed

February 9, 2009


I’ve fixed an issue with the donation script. It should work now! Thanks to all who wanted to donate but weren’t able to. :)

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New Blog Features

January 15, 2009



We always think of new ways to make the life of our precious authors easier. One way is to discover and integrate new mods and plugins. This time’ve added a new Footnote plugin. Footnotes are sidenotes or external links to other sites that are used to explain a certain word or phrase more accurately. They are used to give the readers additional information on a subject without disturbing the reading flow. I’ll now show you how to create a Footnote. Believe me it’s pretty easy.

Here are a list of features that might interest you:

How to create footnotes

Just put your comment or link your want to put as footnote in a double parenthesis!
((Your very own footnote!)) but include a space before the first parenthesis! ((This is a Footnote))

How to add images (delete space between the first ‘< ' and 'img' )

Images can only be uploaded by authors. New registred users cannot upload images directly on the server. They have to use free image hosts like or I added a new feature that automatically resizes images uploaded on our server.

< img src="" width="500" >

How to add weblinks

< a href="URL">Name of the link< /a> (delete unnecessary )

How to add spoilers

[ spoiler 'show text' 'hide text' ] spoiler text [ / spoiler ] (delete space between the first ‘[‘ and ‘spoiler’ )

For more information go to ((our FAQ))

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MangaMeeya Update

January 14, 2009



Version 2.4 English with Scrollfix | Mirror

MangaMeeya belongs to one of the most popular tools among manga readers. Since many people seem to had problems with the previous MangaMeeya scrollbar I decided to upload MangaMeeya 2.4 with the scrollfix


-Scrollbar movement was decreased
-Adding reading compatibility with PowerPoint presenters (read manga from your coach)


-Supports imprecated archives (archives within archives)
-Read Image albums ( Mangas, Comics, or any picture/photo album) in RAR (CBR) or ZIP (CBZ) formats, including password protected ZIP or RAR archives
-Read all common picture formats ( BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG), and can be used a standalone picture viewer
-No installation required
-Extract ZIP and RAR archives

I compiled a list of all hotkeys used in the default setting here. Of course you can change the hotkeys in MangaMeeya’s menu (Tools->Customize). I’ve made two settings. Setting#1 is used with a keyboard and Setting#2
for wireless input devices like powerpoint presenters.

MangaMeeya Settings#1 (Default Setting, reload the setting by pressing F1)

((best way to hide your hentai :P ))

Next Page SPACE
Previous Page BACKSPACE
1p Forward Shift + ->
1p Backward Shift + < -
Go to FIRST Page HOME ((on some keyboard this is known as ‘POS 1′))
Go to LAST Page END
Scroll Up Arrow up
Scroll Down Arrow down
Scroll Right -> (Arrow right)
Scroll Left < - (Arrow left)
File Navigation:
Open File CTRL+O
Open Folder CTRL+D
Read NEXT File SHIFT+Arrow Down ((reads the next file in the same folder))
Read PREVIOUS File SHIFT+Arrow Up ((reads the previous file in the same folder))
Next Folder ALT+Arrow Down
Previous Folder Alt+Arrow Up
Close CTRL+F4
Exit B
Read Settings #1 F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save Settings #1 SHIFT+F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save File As CTRL+S ((if you want to extract an image))
Delete File DEL
Switch to 1/2p Layout CTRL+ALT+ENTER
Change Book Orientation O ((great if you have to change from manga to manwha))
Zoom + ADD(+)
Rotate (0,90,180,270) Z
Fullscreen ENTER
Reading Mode R
Thumbnail Mode T
Explorer Mode E
Lens (Zoom 200%) L
Insert blank title page W

MangaMeeya Setting#2 (Load the setting by pressing F2)

If you have one of those wireless presenters
like Logitech Cordless Presenter 2.4 (Bluetooth)
using Setting#2 will enable you to read your favourite manga
while leaning back in your chair. It starts automatically in fullscreen mode
using 1p layout.

Remaining keys are similiar to Setting#1

Exit DOT (.)


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July 1, 2008


We are currently testing new ways to finance our future website projects (especially ROME). I started with an ad service and tried to match the ad content to your interests. I know that it won’t fit everybody’s taste but my hope is they are at least bearable, if not enjoyable. Some ads are funny and some are quite sexy. Personally I would buy the the sexy posters. Manga Underground is still a small site and has a very small audience (maybe 3000 readers). I hope that someday, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday our site will be popular enough to generate enough visits and clicks to survive on ads , but for now we count on your support to meet our donation goals! If you want to help us, you can click on the small paypal box at the sidebar bottom. The ads will be updated in 24h so look forward to funny ads! (I really mean it.) – silv

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jCafe Server Update

June 17, 2008


The server of jCafe is undergoing some changes. As soon as the domain has updated to the new IP, you can access it via!


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