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March 31, 2012



Gantz c0362 [Utopia]
Gantz c0361 [Utopia]
Gantz c0360 [Utopia]
Gantz c0359 [Utopia]
Gantz c0358 [Utopia]

Vinland Saga c82
Vinland Saga c81


I am a Hero volume v08 by GWR MediaFire
I am a Hero volume v08 by GWR
I am a Hero volume v07 by GWR
I am a Hero volume v06 by GWR

Wandering Island v01 by GWR

Hakaijuu c01 by Death Toll & GWR

We are looking for donators for Himizu volumes 3-4(end). Contact me if you wanna support finishing this title. Thanks.

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Manga Pensieve #3

February 15, 2009



Kurozuka ch. 1-8

It is the Kamakura period, the darkest time in Japan’s long history. As the victorious Yoritomo sets up his shogunate in Kamakura, his brother Yoshitsune, erstwhile war hero and now fugitive, wanders the mountains with his vassal Benkei, searching for a way out. They suddenly encounter a hut nestled deep inside the mountains. As they enter the hut, a beautiful young woman emerges from within. The two fugitives ask for refuge in her hut, and she accepts. But she puts a condition upon them: they must not look into her room. They agree, and she thanks them. Then Yoshitsune asks the woman her name, and she answers: “Kuromitsu.”

The clock then marches forward, to the Meiji era. A rogue bandit samurai kills people to take from them their valuables. In the middle of one such adventure, this rogue finds himself spotted by a veiled man. Frightened, the samurai kills him. A woman calls out to the dead man, and he kills her too.

Running for his life, he reaches a secluded hut in the mountains. Thinking of sheltering there, he runs in, only to find Kuromitsu standing before him. He asks her to feed him and to give him shelter. As he eats, he thinks of how he can take advantage of her. But there is a poison in his food, and as he falls asleep, he is drawn into a strange dream. He sees himself going down to the room deep inside Kuromitsu’s home. He hears noises in there. When he looks through, he is shocked.

Yoshitsune’s head is placed on a table, severed but still alive. On the floor Kuromitsu sits, sharpening a sword and telling him how she will resuscitate him by cutting off the samurai’s head and joining Yoshitsune’s head to it. Then, to his horror, he realizes that they are actually speaking to him. Realizing his peril, he tries to escape but loses his consciousness before that.

The story now shifts back to the Kamakura period, with Yoshitsune recalling their story in a dream. Having lived there for a long time, Yoshitsune and Kuromitsu fall deeply in love. They decide to be together forever. But things change one night, when he hears strange sounds coming from Kuromitsu’s room. He peers in, only to see her sucking the blood out of a man’s corpse. Enraged, he barges in, breaking his promise.

Shocked at his sudden appearance, Kuromitsu begins to cry and remonstrate with his breach of promise. She tells him that sooner or later he would’ve come to know, and that she is glad he has seen her. He tells her that he will not care for her nature as long as she is truthful with him. Their conversation is interrupted, however, by the arrival of flaming arrows, which burn down the hut. Simultaneously, a samurai wearing a fox’s mask appears, and asks to fight Yoshitsune, who demolishes him. He defends Kuromitsu valiantly, saying that even a blood-sucking monster can be a woman, and that he will not abandon her. Impressed by his gallantry, she rushes toward him, when her arm is suddenly cut off by another samurai.

Simultaneously, a warrior jumps on to Yoshitsune’s back but is killed by an arrow beforehand. Now surrounded, Yoshitsune tries to fight back, but is stabbed by the samurai that dismembered Kuromitsu. His body failing, Yoshitsune is on the verge of giving up when, to his surprise, he sees Kuromitsu behind the giant warrior. The vampire lady promptly kills the samurai, and picks Yoshitsune up, taking him to the forest behind her hut./p pInjured, Yoshitsune tells her that she must run away for her own good. But she refuses, and asks him to come with her, “to the end of time”. The bewildered Yoshitsune asks her how, and she says that she must suck her blood, then have him suck hers, so that both share a part of each other. Kuromitsu then explains how she got this power, from a dying vampire who had been washed up ashore and had saved her from some men who had tried to rape her.

As Kuromitsu sucks his blood, Yoshitsune feels elated at the current of power flowing through him. He then sucks some of her blood. Weakened, he rests in her arms until suddenly the band of samurai they had encountered before appear. They stab Yoshitsune, and drive a knife into Kuromitsu’s stomach. They debate on who will get to take what. But Kuromitsu’s anguished cries awaken the young warrior, and he rises, armed now with incredible speed and strength. With his body tingling, he dives into battle, killing all the samurai in horrible ways. As he deals with the last of them, the priest who was leading this pack lunges on Kuromitsu, wanting also to drink her blood.

Suddenly, Benkei appears from nowhere, and slices the man’s head off. As the lovers rejoice at his return, Benkei walks up to his erstwhile master and asks him if he is hurt. When Yoshitsune replies that he is not, the older man draws his sword and beheads him.

The next thing he remembers is waking up, complete and whole, in a shadowy room with Kuromitsu watching over him. He asks her what has happened, but she tells him to rest while she “fulfills her desire”. But they are interrupted by a fat man who attacks Kuromitsu. When she shoots him, he turns out to be made of iron. As she fights him, Yoshitsune rises and slashes the fat man with his sword. As they begin running, Yoshitsune realizes that he does not remember much about what has happened for the past hundred years. Around them, the city of Tokyo burns under the endless air raids of the USAF following the aftermath of Pearl Harbor.

The next time he awakens, Yoshitsune finds himself lying in a huge room with rubble all around him. Realizing Kuromitsu is not with him, he sets out to find her, and stumbles upon a post-apocalyptic vista. Kuromitsu comes to him from behind and tells him that Earth has been destroyed by a meteorite. Then she gives him human blood to drink, telling him that he is not complete yet. As before, they are suddenly interrupted by their pursuers, this time an armored troop of soldiers who take Kuromitsu down. As Kuromitsu off the edge of a high-rise, they attempt to secure Yoshitsune. Enraged, he turns on them, and savagely terminates them all. Seeing this, a helicopter emerges from the depths of the city and fires on him. But he climbs on to it, and sends it crashing down into the street.

Jumping down to a lower level, he calls out to Kuromitsu but is suddenly surrounded by a gas that knocks him out. Far beneath him, on street level, Kuromitsu’s broken body begins to move.

Kurozuka vol 1
Kurozuka vol 2
Kurozuka vol 3
Kurozuka vol 4
Kurozuka vol 5
Kurozuka vol 6
Kurozuka vol 7
Kurozuka vol 8
Kurozuka vol 9
Kurozuka vol 10 (end)

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The Manga Pensieve #2

February 8, 2009


Gunslinger Girl 51-56
After Angelica’s death, all the handlers are understandably nervous, none more so than Hilscher, who loves Triela far more than he lets on. Back in Naples after a year, he now reflects more and more on Triela’s dependence on the medicine-and what will happen without it.
A new contract comes up, and Hilscher decides not to trouble Triela with it. Instead, he goes to the Oriental Hotel himself and does the job, instructing Triela beforehand to stay put and be a good girl. He completes the job, but returns wounded.

As he walks past Triela, she smells blood on him and tries to take a look. He tries to brush her way but she latches on to his arm. Peering over it, she manages to get a look at his wound. Shocked, she demands an explanation from him. She asks him why he did not let her go along with him. He answers that her task is not to fight, but to live on and be happy. Triela starts crying at this, and runs way. Hilscher tries to follow, but collapses in the doorway. Only then does he notice that Triela hasn’t taken her medicine.

As she wanders the streets of Naples, she is sighted by Camorra from Sicily, whose bosses she had taken out (cf. Volume 9). They corner her in an alley, and she runs from them. However, due to the medicine, she falters and eventually reaches another place to hide. However, the goons manage to catch her easily and attack her. She beats off one of the attacker, but the other manages to capture her. As they celebrate their good luck, Roberta Guellfi passes by in her car and sees what’s going on. She draws a gun at the goons and orders them to leave. As they look at each other, Triela rushes out from between them and gets into the car.

Roberta drives Triela to her safe house, telling her that she has comes to Naples on another legal problem. As they get off, Mimi opens and door and rushes out to greet them. Inside, Triela also comes face to face with Mario Bossi from one year ago.

As Triela suffers the aftershocks of her withdrawal, Mario and Roberta talk in the kitchen. Roberta asks him how long he has known Triela. Mario goes silent, then leaves the kitchen, asking Mimi to step out so he can talk to Triela.

He begins by asking her why she went out without Hilscher’s permission. Triela doesn’t answer; instead she asks him about Hilscher’s past–and his connection with herself. Shocked, Mario is speechless for a moment, then regains his composure as she tells him that she will die soon anyway. Slowly, he begins to tell the story of 6 years ago, when Hilscher was in Europol and had taken it upon himself to break down a child smuggling ring in Amsterdam. He and his partner Rachelle had stormed into the warehouse the children were being used to make snuff films. There, his partner had gotten shot. In spite of her great pain, she had soldiered on, reaching the snuff film set, and in great pain, saving a little girl’s life. Then she died, leaving Hilscher in charge of her. In the end, Mario tells her that that girl was her.nbsp;

Then he begins telling Triela how they had managed to escape the warehouse, her subsequent hospitalization, and how Hilscher had pulled every string in the book to get her out of Amsterdam, eventually agreeing even to give her up to the Social Welfare Agency, which turned her into a cyborg.

As she hears the story, Triela finds that she is crying. Suddenly, the phone rings. As Mario picks it up, he recognizes the voice of Hilscher and tells him that Triela is with him. Then he tells Triela that he is coming to pick her up.

Meanwhile, Mimi and Roberta are sitting on the stairs, the former wondering about her friend’s doomed romance. Suddenly, Hilscher appears before them and asks if Triela is there. As she opens the door, he tells her that they will go back to Rome together.

Roberta drops them off near and the hotel and bids them goodbye. As they start walking, Hilscher suddenly collapses, his painkiller wearing off at last. When they reach the hotel room, he asks her to clean the wound and take the bullet out. But he refuses to take anasthesia, lest she run out on him again. As she goes to work on him, he tells her about his dreams for her, his expectations, hopes and wishes. He also tells her about the risks he has taken, and the devil’s contracts he has made with sundry villains.

Breaking down, Triela asks why, even though she is such a burden to him, he continued to let her live. He does not answer; he just says ‘Sorry’, then faints. Troubled to the point of despair, Triela decides to end her life (?) and tries to run away. But the memory of her interview with the inspectors (way back in the series, Ch.5-6, I think) forces her to come back to him. She hugs him, then kisses him and vows to live-and die-with him.

Claymore ch. 88
The Demons converge on the place where Helen and Deneve are fighting the Abyssal Isley of the North. As they appear before her, Helen tries to cut through one of them, but soon realizes her mistake when she is pierced through by the hideous creature’s organic blades. Deneve, ever the colder one, rushes to her aid and holds the monster off until Helen can regenerate. As she does so, the new Claymore (from two chapters ago) beats it off and tells them to stay absolutely quiet and not move a muscle. True to form, the monster comes close to them, then moves away, finding no movement.

Safe for the moment, they discuss as to the true nature of the demons. The new Claymore tells them that these demons are actually beings created by the Organization to hunt down the Abyssal Ones. These demons, she says, are actually the carcasses of awakened Claymores who were stripped of her humanity and are used for one purpose alone: to find and destroy Isley, whose taste has been pounded into them.

As they speak, Isley fights the demons in his awakened form. He manages to kill three of them, only to find that they regenerate. Stunned, he pierces one with his lance, but finds to his shock that it simply starts curling around his lance. He shakes it off, only to find more of them coming his way, killing him their only objective. He shoots off a bunch of arrows, which causes a huge explosion. As Helen, Deneve and the newbie flee from the blast, the two older Claymores ask her if it will be enough to kill them. She replies in the negative, and tells them that they had better stay downwind and not get involved.

Sure enough, the Demons are not dead; they reemerge and arise again. Then the newbie tells her older sisters these creatures’ name: the Abyss Feeders.nbsp;

Bleach ch. 344
As Ishida burns Yammy, the Arrancar tells him that he will not be stopped by this. Ishida smiles, and tells him it is his bad luck. The ground caves in from under Yammy’s feet and tumbles down a long height.

The Quincy now turns to Ichigo, and tells him that he has come on Mayuri Kurotsuchi’s orders, and that he has taken out all the columns on all the floors beneath them, thus sending Yammy hurtling down to certain death. Ichigo smiles at him, and tells him to protect Inoue, with his life if necessary. He then resumes his battle with Ulquiorra, transforming into hollow form to get advanced powers. But Ulquiorra evades him, and jumps out through a hole in the wall of the central dome.

As Ichigo follows him to the roof of the dome, he asks why Ulquiorra has led him there. In reply, the Arrancar tells him that espada above Quattro cannot release their power inside the dome. Then he unleashes his full power.

Naruto ch. 434
As Naruto and his shadow clones prepare to attack God Realm Pain, the insidious Akatsuki beats him to the punch by using his powers on the clones and destroying one of them, quartering Naruto’s chakra and forcing him to attack himself. But the frogs stop him, and attack them in his stead. Pain, now fully charged, scatters them like a breeze. Finding no choice, Naruto decides to attack.

On other parts of Konoha, the ninjas are wakened to the sound of the ongoing battle, and are told by Katsuyu that Naruto is fighting Pain. Alarmed, Hinata tries to run to his aid, but Neji stops her and tells her she will only be a hindrance.

As Naruto gathers his chakra, he is suddenly possessed by Pain, and finds himself dragged to him against his will. Abruptly, he is hammerlocked by the Demon Realm Pain, who begins to suck his chakra out. God Realm Pain tells him that he will not kill him; rather, he will use him as a host.nbsp;

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The Manga Penseive #1

February 1, 2009


Sorry to start this in the middle of a series, but…

Kurokami ch. 45-58
Keita and Kuro find themselves trapped by Hiyou and Shinobu in a trap where tera-hungry dogs try to rip them apart. After a short fight, Kuro falls to the dogs, which proceed to suck out her tera. Keita, seeing no other way out, disengages his synchro so as to be able to use his Thousand. After they destroy the dogs, they break out of the trap and make their way to the marina to capture a boat.
Meanwhile, on the main island, Makana has been captured by Hiyou’s tribal ends, who force her to unlock the seal put upon the sacred stone in its center. Hiyou arrives on the island and begins the powering-up procedure. Kakuma and Keita’s grandfather turn up on the island, having freshly made their contract. A new, improved Kakuma now proceeds to attack the tribal ends. But the leader is different: he has trained under Keita’s grandfather. Both of them now fight, Keita’s grandfather sustaining injuries after the guy pulls out a gun and starts shooting. Kakuma manages to get him behind a rock, where Keita’s grandfather tells to finish things in one blow. Kakuma agrees, and emerges from behind her rock. As she comes at him, the tribal end realizes she’s actually speeded up; before he knows what has happened, Kakuma’s Exceed, Shining Gallop, hits him like an express train. She carries him with blazing speed through the air over a crevasse, where she throws him down.
Keita and Kuro have by this time reached the island and see Kakuma’s Exceed. Kuro walks up to the gloating Kakuma and slaps her in the face. She accuses her of being careless in the way she uses her partner. Keita’s grandpa shrugs it off, and tells them to hurry. As they set off, Hiyou begins to activate the stone.
A trap stops him from doing so, however. As he tries to break it down, it phases Kakuma, Kuro, Keita and his grandpa into the battlefield instead. Unable to control her rage, Kakuma attacks him with her new-found Exceed, only to be stopped by him. Instead, he destroys her by using his Exceed, causing Keita’s grandpa to collapse as well. As Keita rushes to his aid, Kuro challenges Hiyou to fight her. The latter agrees only too gladly, and initiates his synchro with Shinobu. He then threatens Kuro that he will like to see what happens when a “tomboy is” ahem, sexually harassed, “by a man”.
As Kuro and Hiyou prepare to fight, Keita intervenes with a discharge of his Thousand, giving Kuro opening with which she manages to damage Hiyou. Suddenly, however, Keita is interrupted by Shinobu, who stops him from using his Thousand. Keita asks her to give up the fight in turn, but is told that she can’t. Then, out comes the sordid story: Hiyou tells Kuro and Keita that Shinobu is a minus root, an Alter Ego who has killed the Root and the other Doppel Liner, and has assumed their power.
Meanwhile, Shinobu removes the Thousand from Keita’s finger, and her real self comes out. She confesses to having killed Keita’s mother, and tells him she did it to survive. Enraged at the fact that his mother was to be the Root, Keita leaps at her, but is stopped by her resemblance to his mother, which gives her the chance to hit him with a rock. Realizing his imminent downfall, Kuro rushes to help him, but suddenly realizes that Hiyou is not in front of her. From behind her, he taunts her by telling her that she has left the spirit stone wide open. As Kuro races to stop him, Hiyou puts his hand into the spirit stone, and the power begins to flow.
As negative tera floods the land, calamities begin to occur one after the other. Severe earthquakes shatter the terrain, and the ocean dries up. Bad luck flows through the land, killing thousands.
In the cave, Hiyou gloats over his success in flooding the land with negative tera. But Kuro stops him in his tracks. Before he realizes it, she attacks him with an improved speed and deadly accuracy. Hiyou slowly realizes that she’s drawing energy from Keita’s anger. As Kuro prepares her Megaexe, she suddenly finds herself powerless and helpless. Looking for the reason, she realizes what has happened: Shinobu has grabbed hold of him, and is sucking his tera. As Hiyou grabs hold of her and taunts her, Shinobu continues to suck the tera right out of Keita. He tries mightily to resist her, but the resistance causes him more pain that just letting her suck. Eventually, after a long struggle, he succumbs to his weakness. Kuro also is viciously tortured, after which she falls limply to the ground.
Meanwhile, both Kakuma and Keita’s grandfather awake. As they become aware of their surroundings, they realize the helpnessness of the situation. Kakuma bemoans the loss of the spirit stone, but suddenly a bright light radiates out from the stump. With a jolt, Kakuma realizes there is still tera left in the stone, and diverts her tera to awaken it.
She soon realizes however that all her tera will be required to reactivate the stone completely. She channels all of her tera into it, leaving behind the now-conscious Makana with the words, “You know what to do.” As Makana grieves over her sister, Kuro rises again, fully healed by the stone’s tera. She counsels Makana to stop crying and start fighting. Then she promises Hiyou she will avenge Kakuma’s death.
Meanwhile, Keita recovers from his faintness, to find his grandfather towering over him. As he asks the old man where his mother is, the latter says that he must stop living in the past and embrace his future. Suddenly, his father is pushed back by an attack by Shinobu. Now totally mad, Keita punches her smack in the face. As she falls back, she asks him why he hit his mother, to which Keita replies that she is not his mother and that he will no longer dwell in the past. With that, he and Kuro synchro, now far more powerful than ever.
As Hiyou realizes his danger, he calls to Shinobu for help. But for some reason, Shinobu has lost her ability to suck tera, and watches helplessly as Hiyou eats a full-frontal Megaexe. He survives, however, with a severely disfigured face. Seeing no recourse, Keita transfers his tera to Kuro, who then prepares the ultimate weapon: Gigaexe, a greater Exceed. With it, she destroys Hiyou one and for all. Shinobu collapses simultaneously.
Keita, Kuro and Makana’s troubles are not over though. A wall breaks down because of the force of the Exceed, and the cave begins to flood with water. Keita tries in vain to save Shinobu, but she dies in his arms. Saddened, he leads the two girls and himself to an opening. As the water threatens to engulf them, ropes are sent down from above. As they reach the open air, they see around them reinforcements from the TNO.
Meanwhile, in Okinawa, the tsunami alert is lifted and the wounded Akane lies in a shelter. Suddenly she realizes that Keita and the others might be back, and rushes out to Keita’s grandfather’s house to wait for them. There she finds them waiting for her.
A few days later, they visit the island of the Hiba clan to pay their respects to the fallen. Seeing them, Makana rushes over to them and she and Akane begin to pick out flowers. The leader of the reinforcements walks over to Keita and Kuro and proposes that they should join the TNO to better enable them to protect Akane. Keita refuses, and beats up Kuro when she appears to be dithering.
As they are leaving, Keita hears a voice behind him. He turns around to see, far away on the island, the souls of his grandfather, mother and all the other dead smiling at him. He realizes that they had been protecting him, and says goodbye to them.

Bleach chapter 343

Wow!!! What a new twist!
As the revitalized Yammy comes into the fray, he requests that he be allowed to help Ulquiorra against Ichigo. However, Ulquiorra refuses, and instead tells him to go deal with the captains below.
The Lolicars, seeing an ally, try to approach him, but he brushes them off like flies. The second one tries to fight, but is simply smashed by his bulk. Then as he turns to the helpless Orihime…surprise, surprise! Guess who’s back?
Ishida fires his bow at the hulking Arrancar’s back. Yammy dodges, but Ishida tells him to look underneath him. As he does, Yammy just blows up, all thanks to a ‘land mine for Arrancar’ that Kurotsuchi had apparently given Ishida.

Naruto chapter 433

His sage techniques at an end, Naruto has reached a seemingly deadly impasse. Seeing his chance, Pain attcks him. But the wise frogs have already thought of something, and they remove a scroll from their armory. Unfolding it, they invoke a reverse summoning jutsu.
Deep inside Myobokuzan, two Naruto clones sit in meditation. One of them disappears, and appears within seconds on the battlefield, fully charged with sage chakra. Apparently this is Naruto’s master plan: to leave clones full of sage chakra behind to be available for calling any time.
With this new force, Naruto prepares another Rasen Shuriken. But just as it’s about to hit the God Realm Pain, the Demon Realm Pain appears and absorbs the blow. Surprised, Naruto now realizes the real fount of Pain’s power in the Man Realm Pain. He and his clones use smoke bombs to hide themselves and launch an attack on the God Realm. However, one of the clones transforms into a Rasen Shuriken and takes down the Demon Realm. Now unprotected, the Rasen Shuriken makes its way unerringly to its aim…
…Only to be dispersed by God Realm, whose power has returned.
But Naruto is unfazed, because his third clone has already taken down the Man Realm. The stage is set for a one-on-one between Naruto and God Realm Pain.

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Black God: First Impressions

January 16, 2009


For some strange reason, the awesomely designed manga series has been named Black God, while it’s anime version is called Kurokami (the Japanese version). Suitably impressed by the anime review, I decided to read the manga urgently. However, it was two hours before I realized what was what.

However, now that I am settled and reading the manga series, I can say that I’m truly impressed. No, I’m being overwhelmed. Reading a manga has never been this interesting.


The story is crackling fast! The pace took my breath away; in the very first volume, we have a gigantic fight, lots of blood and a clear demarcation of good and evil. The story’s foundation, too, is intensely exciting. The theory of the Doppel Liners is completely similar to the premise behind the Jet Li-starrer The One, and assumes almost the same dimensions. This is offset by the existence of the Mototsumitama, that mythical race of supermen who seem far more than the weak adjective ’larger-than-life’ can convey. The fight scenes between them are intense to the point of greatness.

And what fight scenes! The drawing is crisp and fluid, and I did not for a second disbelieve that these characters wouldn’t simply jump out of the page (on the screen; yes, readonline!). The cute Kuro, the gruff Keita and the simply excellent Akane capture the frontal lobes very hard with their awesome design and conceptualization. The attention to detail clearly shows here, because there isn’t one body part that has been missed. The villains (mostly rogue Mototsumitama) have been sharply conceptualized, bringing home to us the real evil with which these beings actually plan to take over the world, using the Liners as dupes.

Moments of humor here are simply humorous. Kuro’s innocently moe antics will send you into paroxysms of laughter (as it did to me), while Akane’s childlike crush will have you dithering between intense “Oh, kawaii!” or withering disgust. The fanservice helps, though.

At the same time, the action and drama elements are also realistic enough for manga work. Kuro fights with lusty ardor, reminding one of the magnificent Saber. Her battle with the Baseball Guy and his boss, Seiji, is replete with blood and guys beating up half-naked girls-yet you won’t wanna flinch away for one moment of it. Especially not when she goes, “How do you like this vibration?”

All in all, Black God is a highly entertaining manga (manhua? manhwa?) that deserves your eyes glued onto the computer screen. The awesomeness will no doubt affect all you action-lovers out there, and the cosplayers can get their freak on with little Kuro-with all of us watching agreeably, of course.

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