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MU Wallpaper 2013

August 25, 2013


While working on a list of must read mangas I was going through the last couple
of years worth of posts and while I was unable to recover my old wallpaper,
you are lucky to see our new manga wallpaper.

There is the original psd as a .7z file that you can use,
if you would like to create your own wallpaper.
Feel free to post your own version with your desktop here,
as we’d love to see your desktops.

The biggest feature will however by our own original 2005-2013
featured manga collage that I made for you.
It contains all our series posted in the last years on
one HUGE collage “wall”-paper.
It is so large, that my machine had ran out of
memory several times. Be warned!

Last time I hosted my wallpaper on a new imagehost.
I won’t make that mistake again, this time it’s here forever.

So for ever true manga fan out there, you have a new wallpaper!

MUWallpaper 2013 Collage 2005-2013

MUWallpaper 2013 Gray

MUWallpaper 2013 Color

MUWallpaper 2013 Collage 2005-2013

Download files: psd, original, collage, wallpapers

Manga Underground forever!


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MangaMeeya for Windows Vista & 7 Users

January 17, 2011


MangaMeeya 7 for Windows Vista & 7

MangaMeeyaCE 2 for Windows XP

It’s 2011 already and more users upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7 everyday. A newly translated version of MangaMeeya 7.4b in English (credits to NeoJam) is now available for download. MangaMeeya 7.4b resolves a few bugs in and most importantly: allows you to bind your hotkeys in Windows Vista and Windows 7.

You can download the newest translated version of MangaMeeya Version here:


MangaMeeya English for Windows XP, Vista, 7


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Some cool image uploader

January 3, 2010


Tinypic / Imageshack Uploader 2.02

With this little tool you can very easily upload pictures to, and without having to go through their website. You can enable shell link integration and simply Right-click the file and select “Send to TinyPic/Imageshack/MessyShare“ or drag the file to the app. window and it will automatically start uploading.

Send multiple files in a queue
Crop an area of the screen
Send existing files via context-menu (32-bit only), selecting them from a dialog, or dragging them to the application window
Capture the active window when you press F11
Select a window from currently running applications via Aero live thumbs (Vista and W7 only)
Send your clipboard contents (image)
Send to either Tinypic, Imageshack or Messyshare, and get the direct link copied to your clipboard automatically
Auto-resize pictures and/or lower quality automatically if file exceeds a given size, to speed-up uploads on slow connections (like non-Japanese)
Store captures from cropping or paste etc
Supports multiple monitors in any configurations (spanned horz/vertically etc)
Works in Linux via wine libraries
.net framework is NOT required
Supports specific Windows 7 features (taskbar progress)
Store a log with comments and its link about every upload

Get it here!


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Dom Dom Soft Manga Downloader

October 14, 2009


OneManga, MangaFox, and MangaHut are very good websites to read manga online. But they don’t have a download section.
DomDomSoft Manga Downloader is a software that helps you download manga directly off these sites.


- Don’t need to install, just click and run!
- Easy to use.
- Absolutely free!Actually, there’s a free version and a $5 licensed version available currently. Only difference is genre filtering.

System Requirement:

- Windows OS.
- .Net Framework.

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Image Uploader For Bloggers

June 29, 2009


Today I introduce you to a new really cool tool. It’s called RightLoad and was created by Nils Kölling. With this uploading hundreds of images to, or becomes so much easier! Simply drag and drop hundred of files into the tool box and start the upload! It even supports forum and html tags. This is really convenient for uploaders like me who want to upload images by a right mouseclick via shell command. So what are you waiting for? Get it!

You can get the latest version here: DOWNLOAD

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Samurize – Configure your desktop

April 1, 2009


A  friend recently told me about this program.


Samurize is an advanced system monitoring and desktop enhancement engine for Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista. IT professionals, overclockers, gamers and desktop modders alike use Samurize for system information, weather reports, news headlines and much much more. And best of all, Samurize is 100% free!

Samurize’s rich feature set includes:

• an unrivalled set of built-in meters (Disk utilization, CPU usage, network traffic, system temperatures…)
• ultimate customizing and skinning possibilities with no programming knowledge required
• monitoring your own computer or others over a network
• tiny memory footprint and CPU usage
• the first system monitoring tool with a true WYSIWYG editor
• full extensibility via scripts and plugins with a powerful plugin SDK/API
• minimal software requirements (no .NET or Service Packs necessary)
• multimonitor support
• many usage options (desktop, taskbar and clock clients, server outputting to XML or image formats, screensaver)

Samurize: The Only Limit Is Your Imagination.


More screenshots



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Spotify – Free Streaming Music

March 9, 2009


i’ve been using this for a couple weeks. and i was meaning to do a non-manga/software post at some stage or another.
so here you go:

Spotify Website

the gui looks eerily similar to something that i hate. but dont let that put you off!


you can basically listen to (almost) anything you want, straight away, free. just type in your search. obviously it is not comprehensive, especially for some older or more diverse artists. but even with my special tastes i manage to be kept happy…
artists/groups/albums have clickable names with biogs, similar suggestions. overall very nice interface and easy to find what you want.

genre-specific “radio” stations also feature, with options to combine more than one together and filter out tracks older/newer than certain years (great for getting reggae without being bombarded with SeanPaul/Damian Marley/any other modern tosh)

fantastic for finding new music, listening to your favorites when away from home. or like me, listening while you work :)
you can minimise it to tray too so noone knows you’r online…

you only have to put up with a short audio advert every 30 or so tracks. which doesnt bother me in the slightest!

crazyankan here. I here are some places where you can get invites.
invite place 1
invite place 2
invite place 3
invite place 4

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Hide your girls – here comes CryptDisk 3 for men!

February 23, 2009



It is small (only 330 KB) and it can make your life as man (and woman) so much easier. CryptDisk is a virtual disk based encryption tool that runs under Windows. You can hide your collections of cars, underwear shots, heck even your whole hentai collection right under the nose of your chef! It’s even freeware!

I know hundreds of situation where a fast, light-weighted folder encryptor could be useful. I bet even the C.I.A. know CryptDisk – if not – they will hate YOU for using it! – silv

CryptDisk uses a file as virtual logic drive and mounts it as a real one, everything you write to the created virtual disk will be encrypted transparently, virtual disk in effect is a drive volume that is loaded once you have input the correct password.

Note: All files are stored in an innocent looking .IMG file. Your curious colleagues won’t even know where to look at!

Features: creates a virtual encrypted disk within a file and mounts it as a real disk. Decryption is automatic, as data is read from the hard disk or usb token, CryptDisk.4h automatically decrypts the data before it is loaded. When data is written back to the hard disk, it is automatically re-encrypted. CryptDisk.4h uses two of the most proven encryption algorithms: AES-256, Twofish-256.


Download CryptDisk 3


“I live alone. Is encryption really worth bothering?”

Well, do you really want your future girlfriend or your to-be wife know about your previous lovers?


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