Manga Underground aka lets you read and share mangas!


1. Just drag this button MUv5 to your bookmark bar!

2. Click on the bookmark to share manga.


If your browser currently has no bookmark bar, you can enable it this way:


Newer Opera version:

Opera -> Booksmarks -> Show Bookmarks Bar

For older versions

Opera -> Toolbars -> Bookmark Bar or

Opera -> View -> Show Bookmarks Bar


Firefox -> View -> Toolbars -> Bookmark Toolbar (Or Right Click on Menu Button)


Chrome -> Menu -> Bookmarks -> Show bookmarks bar (CTRL+SHIFT+B)

It’s that simple!




Step one – Click on rectangle in upper right corner


Step two – Create toolbar button


Step three – Create Pin


Extra – Use Pin

You can always edit URL(to head to index/first page) and description/topic and add extra info to the Pin by commenting on it yourself. (It is recommended that you add a board with a broad topic – like “Reading” –  that way you can re-use it for your frequent posts.)