July 3, 2014


Manga Post of the Week (month?)


Haven’t been reading a lot lately, but this manga looks badass.


June 16, 2014


Job Manga

So I have been reading a few new series, but the one that stucked out was

Young Shima Kousaku


Tekken Chinmi Legends

May 26, 2014


Not much to read

I’m sorry for the lack of updates lately. The last 6 weeks were quite a busy time for me as I’m working both in a full-time job, as well as part time on my own startup. So I haven’t exactly read a lot of manga, not speaking of any new awesome manga series. For those who check the site frequently, in case you would like to share what you are reading here, feel free to leave a comment with your email address and I will create an account for you. This blog has always been the combined work for many readers and authors and I’m motivated to keep both Manga Underground as well as jCafe alive, even in the far future.

Leave a comment if you want to help!


April 11, 2014

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madness !


Reiroukan Kenzai Nariya ( new ) chp.1-4 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Reiroukan is a beautiful house that is currently renting rooms to male and female students. Shirai Genta has just moved to Reiroukan, turning over a new leaf in his life. The house is full of other people with strong personalities, such as the nerdy Tokimaru and the careless and uninhibited Mikoto, who frustrates her friend Midori with her messiness. Genta gets embroiled in all sorts of wacky situations. Soon, though, Genta finds that Reiroukan is scheduled to be closed in a year. At least, there is still a year for Genta to build fond memories with the lively inhabitants of the house!

Katsute Kami Datta Kemoto-tachi e ( new monthly ) chp.1 online reader by Maigo

In war, men become beasts. War makes gods out of beasts. When war ends… where do the gods go? Where can they rest their weary heads?
Wolves walk the forest of despair, the wasteland of lamentation, the sea of bitterness, in the time of dark and light. To kill those that were once their friends.

Marginal Operation ( new ) chp.1 online reader by /ak/ scanlations

A 30 years old Japanese NEET joins a PMC in the middle east and becomes the handler of some soldiers.

Wanitokagegisu ( complete ) chp.1-11 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Tomioka Yuji is a 32-year-old night-shift guard for a mall. He works completely alone, so he often slacks off, exercising and hanging out on the roof. In some ways, the job is perfect for him, as he’s always been terrible with people. However, he can’t help feeling incredibly lonely and wishing he had friends.
One night, he makes a wish for friendship on a falling star. Shortly after, he finds a strange note left at the door of the mall. It says, “within a year, you’ll go mad and die.” After this, his solitary life begins to change–some ways for the better, and some for the worse. At work, he notices an ominous silhouette in a nearby apartment building, watching him neglect his job. Who is the mysterious figure? Who sent him the creepy note, and why? [tethysdust]


Tokyo Kushu chp.57-67 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

I am a Hero chp.144-155 online reader by Illuminati-Manga

All you need is Kill ( end ) chp.14-17 online reader by MTO


Doubutsu no Kuni ( end ) chp.50-53 online reader by Hi Wa Mata Noboru

Dorohedero chp.126 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

April 6, 2014


Made out of Quartz

Kishibe Rohan wa Ugokanai
A great series of short stories. All unique. If only the group would translate the title. Translate the frigging title, guys!

Arslan Senki ch 1-8
From the maker of Fullmetal Alchemist. Howdy, finally a new series!

Break Blade ch 1-69
I recently picked up Break Blade, it kinda reminds me of Eden and a bit of Red. I’m still at the beginning of the story and hope the story gets better and doesn’t put too much emphasize on mech fighting.

Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei
I really enjoy this magic manga, which is based on a novel. Usually you can tell the difference as to how good the story telling is by looking at the basic premises for the world. And this is one of the better worlds of magic. I just wish those scanlators would properly translate the title. There are so many manga series with romanized, untranslated titles lately. Really, if you can translate over 100 pages and spend hours on cleaning and typesetting, choose a proper title, so that the readers can remember the title they have just read!

April 4, 2014

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Black Eyes

All you need is kill ch 11
I wish they would add more to that story than what was outlined in the novel.

Apocalypse no Toride ch 31
Finally a new chapter of this slow poke scanlation.

April 2, 2014

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The World Spins Around

Seiketsu no Hagurama ch 1-23

All you need is kill ch 10

Sidonia no Kishi ch 1-49 By the fucking Blame! author!! And he finally learnt to write some kind of dialogues..

7 Seeds ch 1-132
If you still haven’t read that manga, you are a fool. This is one epic read! For the others: time to catch up to the new chapters!

Heat ch 1-28
By the author of Sanctuary, too bad the scanlators are a bit slow.

March 27, 2014


Dragon Roooaw!

Ghost in the shell Original
Damn, I’ve read some of the classics but never had time to read Gist

Toujuushi ch 1-2 Oneshot

Zetman ch 183-193
Another forgotten series that I haven’t read in some time.