February 5, 2014

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Pearls of Ice

Harukoma ( oneshot ) online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

The Dark Myth ( new ) chp.1-2 online reader  by  Hox & HappyScans!

Long ago there were fierce gods of legends who shook the earth to its foundation with their power. There are now prehistoric rivals from the primitive times in Japan, that fought to protect their secrets in the present day. The God of Darkness Susanoah-oh is now sleeping in the shadows of the underworld waiting for his rebirth. However his coming hasn’t gone unnoticed. There are agents from the Kikuchi Clan (descendants of Japans first inhabitants) who have seen the warning signs of the spreading of darkness’s bringing. These investigators are armed with ancient knowledge and artefacts who are willingly prepared to face the God of Darkness. Now they must fight the assembled spirits of hell to find the one young boy who is chosen by fate to grasp the chaotic might of the deadly Gods.

A City for Honests and Heretics ( complete ) chp.1-7  online reader by Gantz_Waitingroom


All You Need is Kill chp.2-3 online reader by Kisu Kissmanga Scans (Kisu KMS)

Gigantomakhia chp.3-5 online reader by Evil Genius

Kuragehime chp.65-67 online reader by Hachimitsu Scans


Yuureitou chp.46 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Wallman chp.12 online reader by Japanzai

Choukakou chp.30.2 online reader by Easy Going Scans

Azumi chp.21-22 online reader by  HappyScans! & Guren no Heya Kara

Btooom! chp.66 online reader by S2Scans

Doll’s Folklore chp.14 ( end ) online reader by Aka to Kuro

Tokyo Kushu chp.33-36 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

Murcielago chp.1 online reader by CXC Scans

AfterSchool War Activities chp.46-48 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

Nana to Kaoru Arashi ( NSFW) chp.42 online reader by nanachanscans

Oh yes , I’ve been waiting for this moment for 2 whole mangas finally !

Centaur’s Worries chp.44-45 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru chp.83 online reader by Kisu Kissmanga Scans (Kisu KMS)

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku chp.3 online reader by Psylocke Scans

Oboreru Knife chp.29a-29b online reader by Evil Flowers

Aku no Hana chp.53 online reader by Based Pedro Translations

Sakuranbo Syndrome chp.59-60 online reader by YandereS

Aka no Sekai chp.2 online reader by Blue Flor

Kodomo no Kodomo chp.20 online reader by Megchan’s Scanlations

January 28, 2014


Goodnight PunPun

Oyasumi PunPun chp.135-147 ( end ) online reader by Hox

January 25, 2014

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All you need is M.U.

All You Need is Kill ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Kisu Kissmanga Scans (Kisu KMS)

Since the alien Gitai invaded the Earth, the humankind has been retreating. Now that Japan is almost surrounded by the Gitai, Keiji Kiriya is just one of many new recruits forced into a suit of battle armour and sent out to kill aliens. On a joint mission with the US special force led by Rita, known as the Bitch of the War, Keiji dies on the battlefield, only to find himself reborn.
After 4 times of “death,” Kiriya realizes that he has to win the battle to get out of the loop…

Beageruta ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Kami Scans

The action story revolves around battles over money between three woman: a “passionate psychedelic revenger” named Nami, a “china dress-wearing killing machine” named Je-Mao, and a female gang leader named Shinobu Aza.

2001+5 ( new ) online reader by Illuminati-Manga

A collection of six science fiction stories.

Innocent chp.1-20 online reader by Utopia

Historical fiction about Charles-Henri Sanson the Royal Executioner of France during the reign of King Louis XVI and High Executioner of the First French Republic.

Mahou Tsukai no Yome ( shounen ) chp.1-2 online reader by Sense-Scans & MEGU-Scans

Hatori Chise is only 16, but she has lost far more than most. With neither family nor hope, it seems all doors are closed to her. But, a chance encounter began to turn the rusted wheels of fate. In her darkest hour, a mysterious magus appears before Chise, offering a chance she couldn’t turn down. This magus who seems closer to demon than human, will he bring her the light she desperately seeks, or drown her in ever deeper shadows?

Murcielago ( new ) chp.1 online reader by CXC Scans

In a city overflowing with heinous crimes and violence, two girls make it their job to kill criminals who can not be dealt with by police

Assassine ( new ) chp.1 online reader by HiranoMoe

As the time goes, bloody wars between gangs over area disputes only poses higher risks to all parties involved. Higher level gangs started to hire well known assassins to settle their problems. Thus, the colosseum of this age is born.


Ninja Papa chp.1-2 online reader by  Colourful Abyss ( not updated since 2011 )

Nobu, a 32 year old salary man, is spreading justice from the shadows as a ninja while maintaining his family and working at his company. What he doesn’t know is that he is being followed by mysterious persons. Can he put everything in order?

January 25, 2014




Kyuusen no Shima chp.5-6 online reader by Rapeman Scans

Birdmen chp.6  online reader by KOMANGA

Yuureitou chp.41-45 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

AfterSchool War Activities chp.42-45 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations


The Dragon’s Seven Adorable Children chp.3 online reader by Blue Flor

Kasane chp.3-6 online reader by Seizon Scans

Gigantomakhia chp.2-3 online reader by Evil Genius

Gringo 2061 chp.4-5 online reader by Kiss Scans

Azumi chp.18-20 online reader by HappyScans! & Guren no Heya Kara

Ran to Haiiro no Sekai chp.36 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Choukakou chp.29-30 online reader by Easy Going Scans

Otoyomegatari chp.35 online reader by Duralumin

Golondrina chp.15-16 online reader by A Miserable Pile of Scanlations

Himizu chp.39 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Hitoribocchi no Chikyuu Shinryaku chp.2 online reader by Psylocke Scans

Kuragehime chp.65 online reader by Hachimitsu Scans

Centaur’s Worries chp.39-43 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Immortal Hounds chp.4-5 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

One Punch Man chp.32v2 online reader by Nerieru-Scans & Deadbeat-Scans

Btooom! chp.64-65 online reader by S2Scans

Destroy and Revolution chp.30-31 online reader by Death Toll Scanlations

Doll’s Folklore chp.10-13 online reader by Aka to Kuro

Natsu no Zenjitsu chp.24 online reader by Maigo

Montage chp.17-19 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Himegoto chp.15 online reader by Megchan’s Scanlations & Krim scans & Kurokishi Scans

Husk of Eden chp.9- online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Noragami chp.14 online reader by Norawgami

Oboreru Knife chp.29 online reader by Evil Flowers

December 28, 2013


Happy New Year !

Well 2013 ends in two days and this is the last update for this year , i hope you enjoyed all the recommendations I’ve made during this months , and hopefully the next year will bring even more awesome manga that I’ll be able to share with you, i had a lot of fun , and i hope you did too.

See you next year guys, have fun !

Lucifer no Migite ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Lychee Scans

Three years ago, Katsumi Yu headed to Africa for a volunteer project as a doctor. However, soon after, a civil war erupted and he was captured by a guerrilla group who was desperate for a doctor to treat the injured. He kept doing what he came to do, help people in need, and he does this for several years. But with the regime change in the country, the guerrilla group was hunted down and Yu was forced into a situation of kill or be killed. He quits being a doctor soon thereafter and gets a tattoo of Lucifer on his right arm as a reminder of his past crimes.
Although Yu returns to Japan, he spends his days drinking. After a night of drunken brawls, he wakes up in a clinic run by Dr. Minatono. This shady looking clinic takes in all patients, even those without insurance or can’t even pay but still maintains state of the art equipments. It turns out Dr. Minatono deals with clients, such as the mob, who are unable to go to regular hospitals due to legal reasons and in exchange receives exorbitant amounts of money to help keep the clinic up and running. At first, Yu rejects the job offer from Dr Minatono, but situations keep coming up that keep him busy in the surgery room.

Manga of the Dead ( new ) chp.1-8 online reader by Illuminati-Manga

A collection of eight Zombie related oneshots by several authors.
Includes illustrations by Hiroe Rei (Black Lagoon), Samura Hiroaki (Blade of the Immortal) and Matsumoto Jiro (Freesia).

Youkai Kyoushitsu ( oneshot ) chp.0 online reader by iemonsy

Dirty Christ Superstar ( new ) chp.1-4 online reader by HappyScans! & OtherSideofSky

A young Japanese man once ran away to Broadway and became the extremely famous actor Hades, who played the role of Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar. Now, he’s back in Japan and living like a bum, using his voice and charisma to trick women. One day, though, he comes face to face with a big surprise– a teenage daughter he knew nothing about! Lisa also longs to become a famous actor, and is currently playing the role of “Maria” in The Sound of Music. However, she holds a deep hatred for the father who abandoned her mother to raise a child alone.


Aku no Hana chp.52 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Yuureitou chp.38-40 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Dorohedoro chp.122 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Kasane chp.3 online reader by Seizon Scans

Rin chp.13 online reader by ryColaa

Natsu no Zenjitsu chp.23 online reader by Maigo

Vinland Saga chp.100 online reader by 4chan

Doll’s Folklore chp.10-12 online reader by Aka to Kuro

Himizu chp.38 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Wood Stock chp.4 online reader by Lychee Scans

Choukakou chp.29.1 online reader by Easy Going Scans &penguinsinthebasement


One Punch Man chp.32 online reader by Nerieru-Scans

Kakukaku Shikajika chp.12-14 online reader by Hachimitsu Scans

Tokyo Kushu chp.28-29 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

Montage chp.17 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Golondrina chp.14 online reader by A Miserable Pile of Scanlations

Devil Ecstasy chp.17 online reader by [NEET]

Kiichi!! chp.14-17 online reader by Gantz_Waitingroom

Darwin’s Game chp.5 online reader by roankun

AfterSchool War Activities chp.37-41 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

ReMember chp.12 online reader by MangaStream

December 25, 2013


Happy Holidays


The team at Manga Underground
is wishing you all: Peace, Love and the Warmest Wishes for the New Year !

May your Holidays be filled with
joyful noise!

and some more songs http://www.youtube.com/user/TheChristmasHits/videos

December 10, 2013


100 million years in the future

Gigantomakhia ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Evil Genius

A six chapter mini-series by Miura Kentarou set 100 million years in the future, it’s about an epic war between the forces led by Zeus and the nether forces led by the giant Alcyoneus.

Waste ( new ) chp.1-2 online reader by Manga Tengu

In a post nuclear holocaust world,it has become a truly sinister dog-eat-dog world where only the strong survive. few humans are left and are easy pickings for mutated creatures but now here comes the mutated humans…

Sneewittchen Geschichten nach Grimm ( new ) chp.1-3 online reader by Hox

Morohoshi Daijirou’s take on the Grimm Fairy Tales. Some are relatively straight adaptations while others have a sci-fi, horror, comedy, or mystery-twist.


ReMember  chp.1-11 online reader by Manga Stream

Finding himself in a war torn Japan that has just lost the war to the US, Zaji wanders the land that used to be a city. Suffering from amnesia, the only thing that he remembers is that he has to remember something important. He quickly learns that he has incredible martial arts combat skills and is able to use it even if he doesn’t realize. It since it seems that it has been engrained into his body through years of training. He is taken in by Gin, the owner of the local bar which occupying US soldiers frequent. Zaji learns the full extent of his strength as he tries to protect the helpless in a devastated society.

Weekly Updates

Onepunch-Man chp.31 online reader by Nerieru-Scans

Kakukaku Shiajika chp.9-11 online reader by Hachimitsu Scans

Wallman chp.10 online reader by Japanzai

Choukakou chp.28 online reader by Easy Going Scans &penguinsinthebasement

Saitenihen no Otoko chp.5 online reader by Shitbread Scans

Otoyomegatari chp.33 online reader by Duralumin

Yuureitou chp.36-37 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Tokyo Kushu chp.25-26 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

Devil Ecstasy chp.14-16 online reader by [NEET]

Death Sweeper chp.9 online reader by Dark Tower Scanlations

Centaur’s Worry chp.38 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Kiichi!! chp.13 online reader by Gantz_Waitingroom

Montage chp.14 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Six Half chp.20 online reader by JShoujo Scans

December 8, 2013


Doubutsu no Kuni


One day a tanuki named Monoko stumbles across a baby abandoned by it’s mother. Having no family of her own, she raises the baby to the best of her ability even though they originate from different species. Hardships and enemies face the tanukis but that doesn’t stop Monoko protecting the baby at all costs. Many trials await this baby as it grows and communicates with the animal world.

Doubustu no Kuni  chp.1-49 + online reader by Hi Wa Mata Noboru

It starts so silly, a comedy manga about a human baby raised by animals, but it’s so much more , the story evolves into a superb action packed sci-fi , filled with philosophical questions about life, hope , tragedy and death, basically man’s ongoing battle with nature trying to conquer it and at the same time to live along side it in harmony.

The art is a bit rough in the beginning, as well as the characters appearances , but give it some time it will grow on you , also the real story doesn’t begin until chapter 20, so have patience.