Old School

A newly translated manga from  Nagai Go, whom you might remember is the author of  Harenchi Gauken , Mazinger and Devilman, really great series in their time. The manga is from 2004 but has an old school look, and it’s moderately entertaining i posted it more for the fans, I’ll wait a few more chapters to see if it’s worth keeping a track.

 Tenku no Inu ( new ) chp.0 online reader by HappyScans!

In this story, Nagai gets his folklore on with every chapter containing a lot on Buddhist lore or Japanese folklore. The prologue introduces us to Heaven, Incorporated, a company with a particular staff that hunts down all sorts of supernatural monsters and protects humanity from them.


Ran to Haiiro no Sekai chp.25 online reader by Futari wa Pretty Anon

Ran gets angry for the first time ,when she finds out they want to kill Outarou and not even attempt to save him.

Tetsugaku Letra  chp.9 online reader by Maigo

Oboreru Knife chp27 online reader by Evil Flowers

Ootomo and Kou seem to have developed a bit of rivalry and i love it , Kou needs a slap in the face from time to time, and to be remembered that you don’t always get stuff for free and you need to fight for your love if it’s really worth it. Great chapter.

Front Mission- Dog Life & Dog Style chp.14-38 online reader by Aizen-sensei

A massive update of 20 chapters , a must read for all mecha fans.

Ketchup Ninja chp3-4 online reader by Boon Scanlation

This is so hilarious a terrorist attack with ketchup guns stopped by a ninja with rubber surikens and wooden swords.