And Seinen for All !

Two new  seinen mangas from Aizen-sensei, and they look promising, I’m beginning  to love Aizen , recently I’m following almost everything this guy posts , check him out.

Choukakou ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Aizen-sensei

Chang An in the Tang Dynasty of China (618-907): The demon star is passing through the sky, calamity is about to befall the Tang Dynasty – because of a woman.

Doreiku –Boku to 23-nin no Dorei ( new ) chp.1-2 online reader by Aizen-sensei

What if you could enslave anyone you ever wanted? Well, this comes close. The SCM lets you enslave anyone who is also wearing an SCM, at a price. One must win over the other, at anything, in order for the other to become their slave.



Yuureitou chp.27 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

The police are hunting the murderers of all those people in the tower cellars and they blame Amano and Tetsuo who are on the run and hiding . This was a really weird chapter and it’s makes me angry that Amano has such a weak personality, i can’t understand how he can instantly fall in love with Tetsuo now that he knows she’s a girl, and claim that he’ll protect her !

Ketchup Ninja chp5 online reader by Boon Scanlation

AfterSchool War Activities chp.8-9 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

Azumi chp.3 online reader by HappyScans! & Guren no Heya Kara

As a final test from the old man , he makes Azumi and the gang eliminate every single member ( including babies ) of the ninja clan.I don’t know how the story will progress but, i have a felling that in the end there will be only one left…

Tokyo Kushu chp.12 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans

Something weird is happening, i think Kankei-kun is being tested to see if he’s a ghoul or if he can handle himself as a ghoul, anyway i doubt it’s going to be pleasant as  he falls into the forest and the guy that brought him there does seem to want to hurt him.

Front Mission Dog Life & Dog Style chp.39- 41 online reader by Aizen-sensei

Nejimaki Kagyu chp.3 online reader by MangaUnlimited