November Updates

Ballroom e Toukoso ( new ) chp.1.1 online reader by Simple Scans

An ordinary middle school student, Fujita Tatara couldn’t find any objective in life and spent his days idly.
One day, a group of delinquents picks a fight with him and he is saved by a mysterious man. After that, the man surprisingly takes him to a ballroom dancing class!
While being inspired by a girl dancer who goes to that school, Hanaoka Shizuku, and her partner, a genius dancer, Hyoudou Kiyoharu, Tatara starts dedicating his youth to dance sport!!
2nd place in the 2013 Manga Taisho Awards.

Oldman ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Nara Scans

Kakukaku Shiajika ( new ) chp.1-2 online reader by Hachimitsu Scans

This is an autobiography of the author, whose real name is Akiko Hayashi, which begins while she’s in her third year of high school. Through her friend Futami, Akiko starts going to an art class led by Kenzou Hidaka, an intimidating teacher who spends much of his time yelling at his students and keeping them focused on drawing with the use of a bamboo sword. Akiko is initially confused by the behavior of the teacher and her fellow students in the class, but she keeps going regardless, eventually becoming the manga author she is today.

Aka no Sekai ( new ) chp.1 online reader by Blue Flor

A boy’s first time trip to a summer camp became more than what it seems, once his fellow campers started to crave for anything with the color, “red”…..

Kyuusen no Shima ( new ) NSFW – chp.1 online reader by Rapeman Scans

Yuuma is summoned back to his home island after the death of his mother and asked to become the next head of the wealthy Nuenaki family. He has certain misgivings though and rejects the offer. However after the current head dies not a day after his arrival, he has no choice but to become involved.

Devil Ecstasy ( new ) NSFW – chp.1-2 online reader by [NEET]

A childhood trauma has left Kusakabe Noboru, a college freshman in Tokyo, afraid of women, especially those with big breasts. Talking to them, let alone touching them is out of the question and it is no surprise that he is still a virgin. After another failed night to talk to girls with his one and only friend Takahashi, the two sees an incredibly large building called the Devil Ecstasy. They learn that it is a brothel and Takahashi convinces Noboru to use this opportunity to lose their virginity.
As the two pick out the girls, Noboru notices Meruru, a cute flat chested girl and chooses her while Takahashi picks the sexy Celine. Noboru’s fear of girls kicks in and nothing happens while Takahashi leaves happy. But when Takahashi dies the next day under unusual circumstances, Noboru learns the terrifying truth that the women at Devil Ecstasy are all succubae, waiting to suck the mojo and life out of the men who dare approach the brothel!


Birdmen chp.5 online reader by KOMANGA

Raqiya chp.17-20 online reader by Japanzai & Illuminati-Manga

Wallman chp.7-8 online reader by Japanzai

The Dragon’s Seven Adorable Children chp.2 online reader by Blue Flor

Aku no Hana chp.50 online reader by Utopia & Futari wa Pretty Anon

Yuureitou chp.32 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Yuureitou chp.33 online reader by LiVelY sCaNs

Dorohedoro chp.120 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Dorohedoro chp.121 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Vinland Saga chp.98 online reader by 4chan

Oboreru Knife chp.28 online reader by Evil Flowers

Natsu no Zenjitsu chp.22  online reader by Maigo

Death Sweeper chp.8 online reader by Dark Tower Scanlations

Montage chp.10 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Afterschool War Activities chp.32 online reader by Supreme Cream Scanlations

Himizu chp.36 online reader by Deadbeat-Scans

Btooom! chp.62 online reader by S2Scans

Azumi chp.14 online reader by Guren no Heya Kara & HappyScans!

Himegoto Juukyuusai no Seifuku chp.13 online reader by Megchan’s Scanlations & Kurokishi Scans & Krim scans

Noragami chp.12 online reader by Fallen Syndicate

Choukakou chp.27 online reader by penguinsinthebasement

Tokyo Kushu chp.21 online reader by Twisted Hel Scans