Ookami no Kuchi: Wolfsmund 1 –

Story about the gotthard pass, and the struggle for independence by the alp cantons. I have to admit this was a bit to hardcore for me at times (lets just say the chars are expendable), but it’s also very an interesting story. Here’s another link if mangahere is not your thing: http://mymangaonline.net/read-online/Ookami-no-Kuchi-Wolfsmund-Vol-001-Ch-001-Lise-and-

Description from batoto:

Europe, early 14th century: the St. Gotthard Pass is the main north-south artery through the Alps. It’s guarded by a merciless tyrant and nobody can cross the border without a thorough interrogation. His impregnable fortress is called Wolfsmund, the “Wolf’s Maw.”