Spirit Circle – ch 1 Page 2 | Batoto!

From the author of Lucifer’s hammer. Reminds me a lot of Rin. 


The not so good description is from Batoto. After chapter 20 you can read it at http://www.readmanga.today/spirit-circle. The art looks like  shounen action in the beginning, but it’s more of a philosophical / historical seinen category. Just finished it, recommended. Have fun.

Fuuta Okeya is a normal 14-year-old boy, except for the fact that he has the ability to see ghosts. A cute girl transfers into his class one day, but acts particularly aggressive towards him. This girl called Kouko Ishigami is followed around by a ghost called East. Fuuta tries to get along with her but ends up failing after she sees the birthmark he usually keeps covered. She then declares him as her enemy, his birthmark as a cursed brand and claims they have a long history, while talking about reincarnation. Who is this girl and how are they connected?