Kanojo wo Mamoru 51 no Houhou

I really Loved the part how the manga explain its name exactly at the last pages………..

After some time i finally found something Entertaining , to the extent to make me Read it in matter of days…….

Its an apocalyptic story which involves a city taking huge damage caused by an earthquake , and in the mid of the chaos , a couple struggle to get out safely and alive………..

well aside that this story not like the other apocalyptic types doesn’t have any supernatural stuff and kinda looks more like a Guide on how to react during an earthquake , only a lot more fun then what they show in school books………..

even though After the 27th chapter a disturbing +18 material shows up in the manga ((Hands off kiddos)) With this manga i was completely satisfied , the start , art , pacing , Characters and even the ending (especially the Ending)

And I would certainly Recommend this to anyone……