Manga updates!

Figured I’d start a new thread, a pretty good release day from snoopycool to start this post off with. As always we’ll keep adding more as the next few days go on and more is released! Also Don’t forget to contact silv if you have an interest in helping out with rome! I know I am looking forward to see the completion!

Hellsing ch92 by Hiranomoe new HQ version, thanks kard.

A manga you must read. Have started to read it again, even better the second time I read it. – crazyankan

Nausicaä vol 1
Nausicaä vol 2
Nausicaä vol 3
Nausicaä vol 4
Nausicaä vol 5
Nausicaä vol 6
Nausicaä vol 7

Dorohedoro ch 14 by GWR

The Breaker Volume 1-3 RAW

Freezing ch 03 by KMTs

D.Gray-man 163 by Basement Scans

One Piece ch504 by Basement Scans

Naruto ch405 by Binktopia

Elfen Lied ch93 by Endless Abyss

Bleach ch -97 by Sleepyfans LQ

Fairy Tail ch 91 by Noizy Scanlations

Kekkaishi ch 180 by Helzone

Elfen Lied ch 86 by Oishii and Illuminati manga

Battle Angel Alita Last Order 78 Script

Change123 ch 8 by Snoopycool
Franken Fran ch 12-13 by Snoopycool