belated xmas & early new year

well we were all pretty busy over the holidays it seems 😀
so, sorry, all the best etc etc etc
here’s some stuff i got over the last week or so..

Bartender – ch. 41 and ch. 42 [Cityshrimp]

Steel Ball Run ch. 68 [JoJo Project & Stardust Crusaders]

Cyber Blue: The Lost Children (The known story by Buronson with new art)
ch. 01 [My personal Scans]

Coppelion – ch. 10 & 11 [My personal Scans]

Takemitsu Zamurai v07 c61 & c62
Takemitsu Zamurai v06 by Hox

All Rounder Meguru c37 & c38 by Kotonoha

Vinland Saga c70 by Mangastream & Binktopia (online)

I am a Hero v03 by Illuminati & GantzWaitingRoom

Tough c138-c150 by Endless Abyss

Koukou Tekken den Tough v09-v11 by Illuminati Manga
yes three volumes

Kenji v20 by Toomin & Tripledraw

Jesus c02 by X-Posed
first chapter here

Claymore c111 by Mangastream & Binktopia (online)