Version 2.4 English with Scrollfix | Mirror

MangaMeeya belongs to one of the most popular tools among manga readers. Since many people seem to had problems with the previous MangaMeeya scrollbar I decided to upload MangaMeeya 2.4 with the scrollfix


-Scrollbar movement was decreased
-Adding reading compatibility with PowerPoint presenters (read manga from your coach)


-Supports imprecated archives (archives within archives)
-Read Image albums ( Mangas, Comics, or any picture/photo album) in RAR (CBR) or ZIP (CBZ) formats, including password protected ZIP or RAR archives
-Read all common picture formats ( BMP, PNG, GIF, JPG), and can be used a standalone picture viewer
-No installation required
-Extract ZIP and RAR archives

I compiled a list of all hotkeys used in the default setting here. Of course you can change the hotkeys in MangaMeeya’s menu (Tools->Customize). I’ve made two settings. Setting#1 is used with a keyboard and Setting#2
for wireless input devices like powerpoint presenters.

MangaMeeya Settings#1 (Default Setting, reload the setting by pressing F1)

((best way to hide your hentai πŸ˜› ))

Next Page SPACE
Previous Page BACKSPACE
1p Forward Shift + ->
1p Backward Shift + < -
Go to FIRST Page HOME ((on some keyboard this is known as ‘POS 1’))
Go to LAST Page END
Scroll Up Arrow up
Scroll Down Arrow down
Scroll Right -> (Arrow right)
Scroll Left < - (Arrow left)
File Navigation:
Open File CTRL+O
Open Folder CTRL+D
Read NEXT File SHIFT+Arrow Down ((reads the next file in the same folder))
Read PREVIOUS File SHIFT+Arrow Up ((reads the previous file in the same folder))
Next Folder ALT+Arrow Down
Previous Folder Alt+Arrow Up
Close CTRL+F4
Exit B
Read Settings #1 F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save Settings #1 SHIFT+F1 (same for settings #2,#3)
Save File As CTRL+S ((if you want to extract an image))
Delete File DEL
Switch to 1/2p Layout CTRL+ALT+ENTER
Change Book Orientation O ((great if you have to change from manga to manwha))
Zoom + ADD(+)
Rotate (0,90,180,270) Z
Fullscreen ENTER
Reading Mode R
Thumbnail Mode T
Explorer Mode E
Lens (Zoom 200%) L
Insert blank title page W

MangaMeeya Setting#2 (Load the setting by pressing F2)

If you have one of those wireless presenters
like Logitech Cordless Presenter 2.4 (Bluetooth)
using Setting#2 will enable you to read your favourite manga
while leaning back in your chair. It starts automatically in fullscreen mode
using 1p layout.

Remaining keys are similiar to Setting#1

Exit DOT (.)